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Complete Decision One Doc

Complete Decision One Doc

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Published by: api-3727814 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Decision One

On working days we had discuss lot about the tools used for Database
monitoring and where are the servers and what was the gateways used and the databases
naming conventions used and where to made concentration and where to look up for the
particular error and how to resolve that or what are the steps to escalate and whom to
mail about the issue. And he let me to know where does the password file exists and the
password for that file database.kdb. And the purpose of each databases and he made me
to identify which are the production databases and which are the development databases.

Duane updates me what are the things done on the database, for ex,
Updating patches for the DST issues and about the weekly maintenance done on the
databases and about recycling the database.

Duane had sent me many documents regarding the instructions of how to get into the tool and how to monitor etc. He let me know what the fog light messages are and which one to keep and which one to delete. Duane drives always and some time I used to drive to dig around the issues by his guidance.

The following introduction was just the juice of our discussion made till now.
First of all, we need to make a VPN connection with DecisionOne VPN Server to
access the servers in Decisionone.
Following were the tasks needed to be performed in the daily basis
1. FogLight Monitoring: Need to Monitor the health of the databases [Production]
using the Foglight Operations Console [FOC].
2. Control-M Monitoring: Need to monitor the daily backup scripts scheduled with
in the Control-M.
3. BCTOP Database Status: Need to monitor the BCTOP database data load has
been finished successfully.
4. Crystal Reports: Need to send the crystal reports scheduled in the reports server.
Let us see the above tasks in detail:
1. Fog Light Monitoring

Monitoring is mainly need for Production Servers which runs Oracle
database in it. Duane had sent me a document which talks detail about Messages for
Monitoring from Fog light tool. For example, which messages need to attend and which
message need to clear from alert area.

We noticed one alert message (Checkpoint Not Complete) comes
everyday from development databased1m id01 from serverdsdbfra002. We need to
resolve this error so first we plan to change the parameter. On 14th Feb we change the init
parameter LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL to high value and the database has been
restarted with the new parameter file. Alert message continues to come so we plan to add

log groups and increase the size of existing redo log files. On 21st Feb we increase redo log files size from 1M to 20M and we add 3 redo log Groups each having 2 files with 20M to resolve the issue.

Another warning message also comes frequently which is \u201cLog files are
not copied more than one location\u201d, Duane said in Decision One we don\u2019t have such a
policy to copy the log files more than one location so on 21st Feb we remove the mail
sending option from the agent Ora_Archive_Multiplex rule.
We update the file \u201cFog light Product Change Log\u201d from the shared
directory about the changes made to the tool.
We need to check the health of the databases on a daily basis. For this we use
1. Foglight Monitoring :
Foglight Install.
DBA Script - Foglight monitoring.doc
Review critical errors (a published list has not yet been compiled, this may be
developed as we go through the review of this document).
2- Review functionality.
3- Monitoring needed only for production databases.
4- When an issue is worked, document the resolution, send an email to
duane.wilcox@decisionone.comand david.baker@DecisionOne.com.
5- To get the description of an error, right-click (rc) on the message, click \u2018show
6- To clear the error (like the one above), rc the error and select \u2018clear event\u2019.
7- To look at an agent\u2019s rules (like oracle_FS80PR), highlight the agent, rc, select
\u2018edit\u2019, click on \u2018rules\u2019.

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