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50 Years of Oligarchy

50 Years of Oligarchy

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Published by api-3742748

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Published by: api-3742748 on Oct 15, 2008
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India has now been engulfed by the fire of hatred among the citizens, by the fire of scam and corruption amongst bureaucrats, by the fire of greed, lust and passion through politician and this is a paradise lost to perpetuate them under parliamentarian system. There is no respect for law, no respect for our cultural heritage and traditional values. The dream of independence by our people has been shattered, battered and broken by unholy combinations of greed , lust and power based on falsehood and violence. The nation is at cross roads with devils workshop on one direction and the deep sea of uncertainty towards the other. There is a dark cloud of uncertainty with complete chaos.

The ideals of peace and non-violence are good enough to be taught, but the same are not applicable for experience as there is complete deterioration of moral values and nobody is interested in a holding them. The leadership are in the hands of those mediocre which are deliberately degenerating the disintegration of the values and are totally independent upon the false projection of their phobia amongst the masses as nobody could even think of resisting them.

The plague of castes amongst the down trodden masses has provided the exclusive monopoly to be ruled by them who demonstrates welfare, but exploit the poverty. There is no check and balance in the game of politics. The spiritual purity of thought is converted into the support from greed and desire by the politicians to their own profit amongst the backward classes. This has provided at tug of war between upper-class and backward class to the larger advantage of our parliamentarian. We have to look within ourselves and find out the answers these problems to build an ideal earthly kingdom to our nation.

Nature has the tremendous effect by its own creation to fight against the prevailing disturbances created by the human errors. The tendency to provide an encroachment over the equilibrium, maintained for necessary check and balance as the phenomena which constitutes the involvement of the ecology on one hand and the potential advancement of the technology on the other hand with restrictions. In such situation there is a violent stroke of the natural calamities having drastic effect on the viability of the mankind and survivability the human race. This was the concept of our Hindu philosophy that since the nature is co-existent to the ingredients of life, as such there should be proper respect to the valuable treasure hidden inside the coverage of the nature. The Himalayan prosperity, the rivers flowing through its and thereby providing the essential water required for the irrigation over the land providing the cultivation for the production of food grains were respected as equivalent to god and goddess in the Hindu religion. There was comparison for animals, who are providing their necessary contribution for the preservation of nature and therefore it was only Hindu religion that the cow has been dealt with as mother for every human being. The cruelty to the nature and even over other the creation of the nature and therefore it was only Hindu religion that the cow has been dealt with as mother for every human being the cruelty to the creation has been prohibited in Hindu sanskriti and they used to worship all the trees providing coverage to the birds , animals and also to human beings. There was offering of the milk to the snakes on Nag - Panchami on account of the fact that even the snake was considered to be a friend of human being and the enemy to the rat who used to consume and destroy the harvest cultivated through human efforts. There was in itself check and balance by the nature and the man was considered to be more happier within the limited resources and therefore from the beginning even the princess were sent to the small huts for their physical and spiritual training under the guidance of the sages ,who have already given up all their comforts for the eradication of prevailing maladies in the societies and these sages were given a status above to the ruler of the particular nation. Thus the ultimate effect of the Hindu mythology was to preserve the nature, which is the ultimate goal of every religion. Unfortunately this message could not be communicated to the followers of other religion and as such the drastic effect has been visualised as the green vegetation was converted into the desert, wherever there was expansion of any other religion in contradiction with ideals and cultural heritage of Hindu mythology . India, which was considered to be the golden country ,is now leading towards the same deserted outlook effect as is evident in the middle Asian countries. It is for this reason that the prediction was being in the earlier 19th century that every religion will lost it\u2019s significance, which is not coexistent with nature and rather detrimental for being co-ordinator to boost up the natural resources which are essential for the survival of human race.

Hindu religion is now on the verge of its extinction as its foundations are based on non- aggressive trend and worship to other religion. The humanity is the sole criteria , and nothing like fanatic aggressive trend is adopted for its expansion, which is prevalent in this religion rather there is the broader perceptiveness for adoption to the followers of the other religion. The qualification of generosity has become at disqualification for its preservation and existence. Thus it has now become a fundamental duty of every citizen having faith in Hindu religion to fight against the divisive forces who are keeping silent over the effective and prevailing encroachment of Hindu tradition and this is

utmost important that if we want to protect violent strokes of nature then the survival of Hindu
religion is necessary.

The extinction of Hindu race is evident by the bare factor that our monuments and the place of worship have been demolished or converted into different form by the followers of other religion. The attack is now being made on very foundation, which were maintaining the existence of Hindu religion. The prevailing tendencies of materialistic approach, conceptual deterioration through sacrosanct and contract of marriage , the food habits of non-vegetarian dishes by adopting the cruel method of slaughtering the animals and non spiritual trend of giving up habit of self resistance, are now prevailing in our nation, which is a clear indication that our country, which has been ruled by Mogul invaders and British conqueror by adopting the Roman policy of \u2018Divide and Rule\u2019 again in the clutches of foreign aggressiveness and the time is not ready for, when the policy of appeasement to the divisive forces and advantages to the dishonest opportunist will completely ruin down the basic cultural heritage and the traditional values of Hindu heritage from the scene of Indian continent, from where, it was a originally inherited through the grace of Almighty. The extinction of our cultural heritage to the drastic effect is due to sycophancy and hypocrisy which is always inclined to hero worship tendency in Indians, and has given opportunity to power politics to our leaders and from a promulgate religious domination by the few individuals. Mankind is in the habit of suffering through worst catastrophe by the violent stroke of nature. Nature , which preserves, its preserver; but simultaneously ,it also destroys its destroyer. This is the most complicated phenomena of the omnipotent protector but is seldom treated with respect by the human being. There was individual praise instead of appreciating the benevolent qualities and spiritual knowledge and this is followed by the theory of intelligence through birth. The Hindu religion had classified the four sects of Brahmins, Kshatriya,

Vaishya & Shudra by their symbolic qualification . Brahmins were resembled by the head of the human beings, while both the arms and chests of the individual were regarded as Kshatriya. The abdomen was represented through Vaishya and those who were indulged into the process of cleanliness of the garbage and other waste products were called Shudra and on account of their limited means of creativity they were never indulged into the passionate pleasure through our senses of productivity and therefore they were regarded at the lower berth. The Indian mentality and the vested interests have given the recognition to these qualifications represented by four sects in the society on the basis of heredity hierarchy and the individual is regarded to be better qualified through his berth instead of his qualifications. Thus it has given a predominating factor for the creation of four Varnas . This was route cause of prevailing maladies, which has given way to the foreign ambitions to take the advantage of such hypocrisy and to rule this nation by the policy of \u2018divide and rule\u2019 from the time of Mughal conqueror upto the period of British invaders. The battle of Plassy was further examples of weak characteristic of Indian mentality as India was conquered by an army consisting of 650 British soldiers by defeating an army of 1 lac soldiers of Nawab Shahjadullah by Clive Lloyd .

This has provided an opportunity to the Congress leaders from a very beginning to highlight the status of Shri Mohan Das Karamchandra Gandhi as that of a Mahatma. After the first world war when there was a usurpation of power by some of the dedicated leaders like Lala Lajpat Roy, Vipin Chandra Pal, and Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak. The efforts of Bhaghat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Sarva Shri Pt Ram Prasad Bismal, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Roshan Singh and Rajendra Nath were also undermined before the status of Mahatma Gandhi by then Congress contemporary in the different period of British Empire. Then the pro Mahatma friction inside the Congress have called them as reactionary to the prevailing system and they were to discourage for their aggressive nature. The uprising of our leaders against British domination was assailed from time to time on many grounds as no one could come forward as that of a leader after independence and the power may be enjoyed by few individuals, who were opportunists and remain loyal to Mahatma in his policy of non-invasion as Mahatma Gandhi was always inclined to evade from the British diplomacy. The independence of our nation was prolong to an indefinite period till the rising of Hitler and demolition various stricture on which the British domination was coexistent to the extent that his sun was never dawning in the west, as on the other side of its expansion of its jurisdiction, it was simultaneously rising. After the Second World War the British domination has not only been extinguished from the soil of this nation, but from other 47 nation at the contemporary time period. Thus the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi was really negligible in comparison to the efforts of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ,who fought the battle through his army against British people. The status of Mahatma Gandhi has become a protective umbrella providing shield to the ambitions of opportunists leaders. Those who were associated with him with the sole objective to gain the power after independence . Mr.Moti Lal Nehru being conversant with the inclination of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru towards the leadership has purposely associated him with Mahatma Gandhi as he was very conversant that one day or other these Britishers

have ultimately to depart from the soil of this country and thereafter there are chances of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru gaining the power if he remained associated with Mahatma Gandhi as his successor disciple. The association of Mr Nehru with Tej Bahadur Sapru as an advocate was neither successful nor it would have remained in existence for a longer period. Thus there was no other alternative except to allow of Mr Nehru to join the politics and the associated with Mahatma Gandhi. This ambition of Mr Nehru to remain in power has ultimately led to the process of partition of India to a very larger extent.

Mr Subash Chandra Bose was elected as president Congress by defeating Mr Pattavi Sita Ramaya a nominated candidate of Mahatma Gandhi. Mr Nehru and his other associates become very perturbed by the victory of Netaji. Thus the conspiracy was fetched to remove him from power. It was declared that the victory of Netaji was personal defeat of Mahatma Gandhi. The lobby associated with Mr Nehru lead by Mr Govind Ballabh Pant resolved on 3rd March 1939 that Netaji will not be empowered to choose his nominated member, but those having solidarity in Mahatma Gandhi will be the nominated member of Congress working committee, there was such humiliation to Netaji that he was to submit his resignation from president\u2019s post in order to protect his dignity and self respect and there after he constituted the forward block. There was general feeling among the Muslim fundamentalists including Mr Zinnah that in this manner nobody will allow be allowed to share in power and it has lead to the adoption of Pakistan resolution in Lahore in 1940. Thus the ousting of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as the president of Congress by the diplomacy of Jawahar Lal Nehru and is other associates has ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan to the greater extent. This was the fraud with the people. Muslim league supremo Mohd.Ali Zinnah ring from tuberculosis and he could have survived only for six months on the eve of partition of our country in 1947. The celebrated writers namely the Larry Collins and Dominique Lappire have found Mr Zinnah as unyielding obstacle to Lord Mountbatten and the basic cause behind his obstinacy was the excessive greed of congress leaders to remain in power, if there was no partition India may be the most innovative national philosophy to have emerged in the post independence period. India was having attitude if we were equipped with the problem and there was unique solution, if the kids of the present generation were sharing global dream of Indian continent, who ever may be the responsible for the partition of the country, but certainly these ambitions have played the role of a traitor inside of our country and the present generation may not forgive them.

Acharya J. B Kriplani was elected President of congress working committee. great planning was elected president of Congress working committee, but Mr Nehru condemned him by saying it is better to talk with a devil than to talk to Kirplani. This was the characteristic of individualistic approach which has ousted many patriots like Mr Ballabh Bhai Patel, Mr Purshottam Das Tandon, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia ,and Babu Rajendra Prasad their active contribution for the prosperity of our nation. It is well-known if Mr Patel would have not taken the drastic decision of unification of 650 princely states and the state of Jammu and Kashmir as the integral part of our nation for which Mr Nehru provided obstacles at every stage, we would have not living in our nation and rather slaughtered like animals by the aggressive attitude of our counter part of nation called Pakistan. Mr Ram Manohar Lohia once regarded \u201cRising star\u201d by Mr Nehru was arrested 16 times during the Nehru\u2019s 16 years this has started from the movement when Mr Lohia provided resistance and talk against .Mr Nehru policy of Panchsheel and condemned that at the time acquisition of Tibet by China this Panchsheel was shattered and scattered into pieces after the Chinese aggression in 1962,when India could only save his territories from further acquisition by the timely intervention of Soviet Union.

The parliamentarian system adopted by our ambitious leaders to gain powers through to any means fair or foul, has dragged our nation towards confusion coercion chaos crime and corruption. We now are proudful that we are most corrupt nation of the world living below poverty line with the maximum criminal providing shelter and production through our corrupt politician. This was the foundation which we have witnessed during first 16 years of independence under Prime Ministership of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru. Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri has protected the large interest of our nation only within a period of two years when the people of our country were dying of starvation, running in bankruptcy, insecurity and control through foreign ambitions. The green revolution for self autonomy of our people has not only provided them sufficient bulk of food, but also provided the export of food articles during Shastriji period. The successful in recapitulation over the territory of Pakistani aggressor during the year 1965 war were the that tremendous achievement of this real patriot, who maintained idealistic approach throughout his regime but shown his determination to fight against divisive force acting detrimental to the interests of nation and never allowed to perpetuate corruption in any manner, as such it is well established that here are the hopes of getting the rectification of the prevailing errors committed by the politicians and the country has got the vital resources to maintain its reputation among the other countries of the world.

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