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Answers to Senior Quiz

Answers to Senior Quiz

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Published by DerekShelly

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Published by: DerekShelly on Oct 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Canadian Citizenship Challenge – Senior 1. The Constitution of Canada was amended in 1982to include the:
a)Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
 b)Magna Cartac)English Common Lawd)French civil code3. Two responsibilities of Canadian citizenship are:a)helping others in the community andcompulsory military service b)protecting and enjoying our heritage andenvironment and recycling all recyclables
c)obeying the law and voting in elections
d)serving on a jury and belonging to a union5. The Right to vote comes with a responsibility tovote in:a)Federal elections b)Federal and Provincial or Territorial electionsc)Local elections
d)All of the Above
7. Canada is referred to as the land of immigrants because: 
a)over the past 200 years millions of newcomers have helped to build anddefend Canada’s way of life
 b)only immigrants live in Canadac)the majority of Canadians are immigrantsd)Canada’s founding peoples were allimmigrants9. The Metis are descended from:a)Aboriginal peoples and the Inuit
b)Aboriginal peoples and Frenchand English traders and settlers
c)Aboriginal peoples and Frenchtraders and settlersd)Aboriginal peoples and Englishtraders and settlers2. Since the 1970s, most immigrants to Canada havecome from:
a)Asian countries
 b)African countriesc)South American countriesd)European countries4. The first settlement in Canada, about 1000 yearsago, was: a)the French from France b)the English from Englandc)the Spanish from Spain
d)the Vikings from Iceland
6. The completion of the Canadian railway from seato sea: a)allowed British Columbia to join Canada inConfederation b)increased immigration to Canada’s Westc)became a symbol of Canada’s unity
d)all of the above
8. The present day border of Canada and UnitedStates is partly an outcome of: a)the rebellion of 1837 b)the abolition of slavery
c)the War of 1812
d)the Constitutional Act of 179110. As social values changed in Canada, these peoples who were previously denied the right to votewere gradually allowed: a)Women b)Aboriginalsc)Japanese Canadians
d)all of the above
11. The Official Languages Act of 1969 has whichmain objective:
a)to establish equality between French andEnglish in Parliament, the Government of Canada and institutions subject to the Act; b)to maintain and develop official languageminority communities in Canadac)to promote equality of French and English inCanadian societyd)
all of the above
13. Which of the following is NOT a branch of Canada’s parliament: a)the Sovereign, as represented by the Governor General b)the Senatec)the House of Commons
d)the Supreme Court
15. You are eligible to vote in a federal election if you: 
a)are a Canadian citizen, are at least 18 yearsold on voting day and are on the voters’list
 b)are a Canadian citizen, are at least 21 yearsold on voting day and are on the voters’ listc)work for the government, are at least 19 yearsold on voting day and live in Canadad)lived in Canada for at least 5 years, are atleast 18 years old on voting day and are onthe voters’ list17. Canada’s economy depends on:a)trade with other nations b)service and manufacturingindustriesc)natural resources
d)all of the above
19. Modern Canada has several different socialassistance programs. Name three of the four outlinedin the Discover Canada Guide.
All Four: the
Canada Health Act / 
Public HealthCare, Unemployment / Employment Insurance,Old Age Security/ the Canada and Quebec
Pension Plans, Public Education.
12. Canada’s justice system is founded on all of thefollowing EXCEPT:a)the presumption of innocence in criminalmatters b)respect of the legal rights of all people under the law
c)the police are above the law
d)all people are free under the law14. The national motto of Canada is:a)“With glowing hearts b)“The maple leaf foreverc)“God save the Queen”
d)“From sea to sea”
16. The words to the National Anthem of Canada are:a)the same in French and English
b)different in French and English
c)only in Englishd)only in French18. Canada’s use of two official languages is animportant part of Canada’s identity as explained inthe Discover Canada Guide. Name two Canadiansymbols that reflect both official languages.
All: The National Anthem, the Royal Anthem, theCoat of Arms and Motto
20. The rights and responsibilities of Canadiancitizenship explained in the Discover Canada Guidecame from a variety of different sources. Name twoof them.
All: Our history, laws passed by parliament andthe provincial legislatures, English Common Law,
the civil code of France, the unwritten constitutionthat we have inherited from Great Britain, theMagna Carta, the Canadian Charter of Rights
and Freedoms

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