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101811-USA Daily

101811-USA Daily

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Published by Pirocho_Piro_2231

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Published by: Pirocho_Piro_2231 on Oct 18, 2011
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Issue 4
 Team USA won ve medals – two golds and three silvers – Monday (Oct. 17) at the swim-ming nals o the 16th Pan American Games.Winning gold or the U.S. were Gillian Ryan (Kutztown, Pa.) in the women’s 400m reestyleand Annie Chandler (San Antonio, Texas) in the women’s 100m breaststroke.In the women’s 400m ree, Ryan ound hersel in ourth place at the 300-meter mark but wasable to run the pack down in the nal 50 meters or the win, touching in 4:11.58. The Ameri-can women have won this race at every Pan Am Games since 1987.“I’m very proud I was able to represent my country as well as I did,” Ryan said. “I love nish-ing hard. I love trying to catch people. It’s the way I love to race.”Chandler and teammate Ashley Wanland went 1-2 in the women’s 100m breaststroke, turn-ing in times o 1:07.90 and 1:08.55.“We were in that ready room or an unusual amount o time, so that was a little adversitythrown our way, but I think it was a bit o an advantage or me,” Chandler said. “It gave metime to calm my nerves, and I was pretty relaxed once I got up to the block.”Daniel Madwed won silver in the men’s 200m butterfy in 1:58.52. Madwed nished behindBrazil’s Leonardo De Deus (1:57.91), but was initially awarded the gold medal ater De Deuswas disqualied or an illegal logo on his cap. The disqualication was later overturned. Aterward, Madwed said he didn’t really understand what happened concerning the disquali-cation.“First I heard it was the 15-meter mark, then I heard it was the cap,” Madwed said. “I wasreally just conused. I didn’t win the race, so I’m glad it turned out the way it did, because Iwould have elt a little uncomortable taking the gold medal under those circumstances.“I came here to represent the United States and end up on the podium, so I’m glad I ac-complished that goal. I elt really good with the team behind me, and my swim elt good, so
| TeamUSA.org
| USOCPressBox.org
| Facebook.com/USOlympicTeam
| @USOlympic, @USOlyEspanol
| Flickr.com/USOlympicTeam
Mostly sunny 81/62
G S B Total
1. United States 16 16 11 432. Brazil 9 5 7 213. Mexico 6 5 8 194. Colombia 5 3 3 115. Argentina 4 2 2 8
Basque PelotaCycling (BMX)Basketball (W)Swimming (o$pen water)
Badminton* Singles, Mixed Doubles (M & W)Cycling (track) Team Pursuit, Sprint (W)Gymnastics (rhythmic) Group, Individual (W)Rowing L2x, 2-, 4x (M)1x, L2x (W)Shooting 50m Pistol (M)Trap (W)Swimming 200m Free (M)200m IM (W)1500m Free (M)200m Breast (M)4x100m Free (W) Taekwondo +67kg (W)+80kg (M)Gymnastics (trampoline) Individual (M & W)
*Bronze only 
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 TEAM USA 2011 Pan American Games 2
I’m very happy.”Eugene Godsoe won the nal medal or the U.S., taking silver in the men’s 100m backstrokein 54.61.Other nalists or the U.S. included Ashley Steenvoorden, 8th, women’s 400m reestyle(4:20.51); Robert Margalis, 6th, men’s 200m butterfy (2:01.95); and David Russell, 4th,men’s 100m backstroke (54.87). Ater three days o competition, Team USAs medal count stands at 20 – eight golds, eightsilvers and our bronzes.
In shooting, Emily Caruso (Faireld, Conn.) broke away romthe competition with 396 match points to equal a Pan Ameri-can Games record, claim the gold medal and secure a secondwomen’s 10m air rife quota or the London 2012 OlympicGames. Her 101.8 points in the nal set a new nal Pan Ameri-can record, while she held had a three-point gap betweenhersel and the rest o the competition.“It always eels good to win, and it was a ght until the end,”said Caruso.Meanwhile, Matt Rawlings (Wharton, Texas) and Jonathan Hall(Carrollton, Ga.) saw the stars and stripes raised high not justonce but twice in men’s 10m air rife. Rawlings, a Corporal atthe U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit , won the gold medal andset a Pan American record with 595 match points and 101.7points in the nal or 696.7 total points. Rawlings had previ-ously set the record at the 2007 Pan American Games.Hall kept the pressure on Rawlings as he red 594 matchpoints with 102.6 points in the nal or 696.6 total points.Since Rawlings had already won a quota at the 2010 CATGames, he was ineligible or another, but Hall pocketed the
“It eels great to win or mysel, and my amilyand team, but the greatest eeling comes romwinning these medals or my country,” saidJulie Zetlin (gymnastics-rhythmic). “Helpingwith that medal count on the wall gives mesuch a sense o pride or America – I eelhonored to represent the USA.”
 Archery Heather Koehl (Individual, Team)Gymnastics (rhythmic) Megan Frohlich (Grp)Rowing Ty Otto (2-, 8+)Sailing Augie Diaz (Snipe)Clay Johnson (Laser)John Williams (Hobie 16)Kathleen Tocke (Snipe)Squash Christopher Gordon (Team)Maria Elena Ubina (Team) Table Tennis Ariel Hsing (Team) Team Handball Danny KimmichMark Ortega Tennis Nicholas Monroe (Singles, Doubles)Irina Falconi (Singles)Christina McHale (Singles) Volleyball (indoor) Cynthia BarbozaCassidy Lichtman
*Only those competing Oct. 18
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 TEAM USA 2011 Pan American Games 3
quota or the American team.Just a tenth o a point separated the competitive Americans, yet theyestablished themselves as the top contenders by over seven points.Hall, the quota winner, said, “I came here or the quota and I’m proudto bring it home to my country. Mexico has been an amazing hostcountry and these Games will be a ond memory. The Americans willnow carry a ull air rife team to the London Olympic Games.”
Julie Zetlin o Bethesda, Md. captured the gold once again, as well asa silver medal, ollowed by a silver-medal perormance rom the U.S.rhythmic group at Monday’s (Oct. 17) rhythmic event nals. Ater a close second-place nish in hoop (25.500) between Mexico’sCynthia Valdez (25.800) and Brazil’s Angelica Kvieczynski (25.000),Zetlin was still in search or gold ater winning the all-around title dur-ing the rst day o competition.“I was just as excited to win the silver,” Zetlin said. “But nothing beatsthe eeling o winning a gold medal.”In the second event, Zetlin scored a 24.950 with her impressive ballroutine to win her second gold o the Pan Am Games. FollowingZetlin was Mexico’s Cynthia Valdez (24.825) and Angelica Kvieczynskio Brazil (24.700).“It eels great to win or mysel, and my amily and team, but thegreatest eeling comes rom winning these medals or my country.”Zetlin said. “Helping with that medal count on the wall gives me sucha sense o pride or America – I eel honored to represent the USA.”Shelby Kisiel o Missouri City, Texas, the 2011 U.S. rhythmic all-roundchampion, also competed in the ball event nal with a th-place nish(24.300).In addition to Zetlin and Kisiel, the rhythmic group competition savedone o its best perormances or last as the U.S. six-member rhythmicgroup perormed a dynamic and powerul 5-ball routine to earn thema score o 24.850 and the silver medal.“Ater all this year and in years past where all we have done is prac-ticed, it eels great or it to nally pay o,” Sydney Sachs o Deereld,Ill., said. “We are all very excited and so happy that our hard workshowed and we hope to do it again tomorrow.”
Jerey and Steven Gluckstein are not like most brothers. The Glucksteins, who are three years apart, have a unique relation-ship -- actually, three dierent relationships. They are rivals, competing against each other or a gold medal inGuadalajara. They are teammates, both proudly sporting a Team USAuniorm. And o course, they are brothers, supporting each other’sgoals and dreams. Together, Jerey and Steven (Atlantic Highlands, N.J.) make up theU.S. men’s trampoline team competing in the 2011 Pan AmericanGames. They jumped into competition Monday (Oct. 17), with quali-cations or the individual nals on Tuesday (Oct. 18). The Pan Am games are not a direct qualication or the 2012 Olym-pics. However they are a key international test or the athletes asthey prepare or November’s World Championships in Birmingham,England, which is an Olympic qualiying event.Steven, 21, is the elder o the two -- and also the more decorated.He is a two-time U.S. national champion, winning the title in 2009 and2010.Jerey, 18, moved up to the senior level in 2011. He won the 2011 Visa National Championships.Now, in Guadalajara, they’ll be going head-to-head.“I am excited to compete with Jerey at the senior elite level,” Steventold USA Gymnastics last year. “I think it will push us to be better thanthe other, which will help us both. I always wish or him to do his verybest, and mysel a little better. I think silver looks good on him! Haha.”“It’s good that we compete against each other,’ Jerey said. “Wepush each other to the top o our game. We butt heads here andthere, but what can you say, we’re brothers.”
 They are nine women rom all around the country, their hometownsranging rom Los Angeles to San Antonio, to a small Northern New York city bordering Lake Erie. The youngest turned 17 just last May. The oldest will be 26 next month. They all have one common goal, and this week, they will work theirhardest to make that dream become a reality. The United States synchronized swimming team will dive into actionon Tuesday (Oct. 18), with hopes o qualiying or the 2012 OlympicGames in London. The winning country in the team competition inGuadalajara will automatically qualiy or London.I the United States doesn’t nish rst, there is an additional qualiyingopportunity – the Olympic Qualiying Tournament in London, whichruns rom April 18-22.In total, only eight synchronized swimming teams qualiy or the Olym-pics. There will be a team rom each o the ve Olympic continents(Europe, Asia, Arica, Americas and Oceania) as well as the top-threeteams rom April’s qualier.

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