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Physics p2 Essay

Physics p2 Essay

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Published by Josh, LRT

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Josh, LRT on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Physics 4321 [Paper 2 Section B]
Prepared by: En Adnan Shamsudin
Diagram 9.1 shows the effect of a man falls from ahigh position to the ground without opening theparachute. Diagram 9.2 shows a man with the samemass falls from the same height when theparachute is open.Diagram 9.1 Diagram 9.1(a) (i) What is the meaning of free fall?[ 1
](ii) Based on diagram 9.1 and Diagram9.2, compare the acceleration, the rateof change of momentum and the timeof impact.Relate the rate of change of momentumwith the time of impact to makededuction on the relationshipbetween the acceleration and the rateof change of momentum.[ 5
](b) A hovercraft moves on a cushion of airwhich is trapped underneath it, as shownin Diagram 9.3. The trapped air reducesthe friction. The hovercraft starts fromrest and as it starts, the propellerproduces a forward force until it reachesa constant velocity .Diagram 9.3(i) Sketch a velocity-time graph toshow the motion of hovercraft.(ii) Explain why the hovercraftmoves with constant velocity interms of the force acting on it[4
](c) Diagram 9.4 shows a canoeDiagram 9.4You are required to give some suggestions todesign a canoe which can travel faster andsafer . Using the knowledge on motion,forces and the properties of materials, explainthe suggestions based on the followingaspects:(i) the surface of the canoe(ii) the shape of the canoe(iii) the material of the canoe(iv) the material of the canoe(v) the material of the canoe[ 10 marks ]2.
Diagram 9.1 shows a car and a lorry stopping at ared traffic light. When the traffic light turns greenas in diagram 9.2, the car is found to move aheadof the lorry.Diagram 9.1 Diagram 9.2(a) What is meant by
?[ 1 mark ](b) Based on diagram 9.1 and 9.2, compare themasses of the vehicles and their ability tospeed ahead. Relate the mass of the vehicleand the way it can start moving from rest todeduce a concept in physics with regard to themotion of objects.State the physics concept.[ 5 marks ]
Physics 4321 [Paper 2 Section B]
Prepared by: En Adnan Shamsudin
(c) Based on the physics concept stated in (b), (i)explain why a driver lurch forwards when acar he is driving comes to a sudden stop, (ii)describe and explain a method which canovercome the situation in (c)(i).[ 4 marks ](d) Diagram 9.3 shows a water rocket made froman empty 1.5 litre plastic soft drink bottle byadding water and pressurizing it with air forlaunching.Diagram 9.3The objective is to keep the rocket in the air aslong as possible. Using the appropriatephysics concepts, suggest and explain suitabledesigns based on the characteristics of (i) the acceleration,(ii) the shape(iii) the structure(iv) the buoyant force (upthrust),(v) the stability of the motion, to improvethe water rocket.[ 10 marks ]3.
Diagram 11.1 shows ‘Newton’s cradle’ whichconsists of five identical balls suspended in a rowfrom a wooden frame by wires.Diagram 11.1When the ball on left end is pulled aside (Diagram11.2) and allowed to fall, the ball on the far end isknocked away from the others with the same speedas the first ball (Diagram 11.3).Diagram 11.2 Diagram 11.3(a) Name the physics principle involved whichmakes the ball on the other far end is knockedaway from the others.[
1 mark 
](b) Explain, in term of momentum and energy transfer,why the ball on the opposite end is knocked awayfrom the others.[
4 marks
](c) Diagram 11.4 shows five designs of 
, P, Q, R, S and T, with differentspecifications. You are required to determine themost suitable design to make the ball at the endswings up to higher level and at bigger speed. Studyall the five designs from the following aspects:(i) The arrangement of the balls(ii) The type of material used to make the balls(iiii) The number of string used to hang the balls(iv) The position of the ball to start theoscillation
Physics 4321 [Paper 2 Section B]
Prepared by: En Adnan Shamsudin
Diagram 11.4Explain the suitability of the aspects. Justify yourchoice.
10 marks
](d) In a game, a 50 g white ball of speed 0.8 m s-1 hits a 30 g red ball at rest . If the white ballstops after the collision, calculate;(i) the velocity of the red ball after theelastic collision.(ii) the change of the momentum of thewhite ball.(iii) the impulsive force acting on thewhite ball during the collision if it isstopped in 0.05 seconds.[
5 marks
]4. Diagram 9.1 shows the initial and final position of a student sliding down a slide. Diagram 9.2 showsthe initial and final position of the same studentsliding down the slide from a different initialposition.(a) (i) What is the meaning of gravitationalpotential energy of the student?[1
](ii) Observe Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2.Compare the initial position of thestudent and the speed of the student onreaching the final position.Relate the speed of the student onreaching the final position with theenergy gained by the student to make adeduction on the relationship betweenthe initial position and the energygained.[4
](iii) Name the physics principle that explainsthe situation in (a)(ii).[1

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