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CHR Proposal

CHR Proposal

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Published by api-26802090
Citizens Health Record Proposal
Citizens Health Record Proposal

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Published by: api-26802090 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Proposal on
Citizens HealthRecord
Anywhere anytime health information and decision support
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala
Park Centre, Technopark,
Trivandrum-695 581
Executive Summary

1.1 Title of the project\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.. 3 1.2 Project objectives\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 3 1.3 Project execution agency and address\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026. 3 1.4 Implementers and contact information\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026... 3

1.4.1 Project Guides\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026. 3 1.4.2 Project Members\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026. 3 1.4.3 Blog Address\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.. 4

Introduction and RoadMap
2.1 Introduction\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 4
2.2 Section roadmap\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.. 4
Problem specification and Solution outline

3.1 Problem specification\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.. 5 3.1.1 Absence of electronic health record\u2026 5 3.1.2 Non availability of central repository.. 5 3.1.3 Lack of interoperability\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026... 5 3.1.4 Lack of authenticity\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026. 5

3.2 Solution outline\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 6
Software specifications

4.1 Eclipse v3.2\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026. 6 4.2 MySQL v5.0.\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 6 4.3 Tortoise SVN v1.4.0\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 7 4.4 Apache Tomcat v5.5.17\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u20267

Project Estimation
6.1 Work Estimation\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026. 7
References\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026... 8
Executive Summary
1.1 Title of the project
Citizens Health Record
1.2 Project objectives

The objective of our project \u201cCitizens Health Record\u201d is to tackle this serious problem. Citizens Health Record (CHR) is a patient's medical record in an electronic format, accessible on the network for the primary purpose of providing health care and health- related services. Information in a CHR includes documents relating to physical and mental health and condition of a patient from birth to death, medical test reports or multimedia images, and financial and demographic information, thereby helping a general practitioner to view patients full details and also help doctor\u2019s giving emergency treatment to quickly determine allergies and previous histories of diseases. The CHR also guarantees security as well as authenticity of the data.

Project execution agency and address

Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala,
Park Center, Technopark, Kariavottam P.O. Trivandrum, Kerala -
695581 INDIA. Tel: +91-471-2700777, Fax: +91-471-2527568.

1.4 Implementers and contact information
1.4.1 Project guides
Dr. Lincoln Choudhury:lincolnchoudhury@gmail.com
Dr. Shailaja Tetali
: shailaja_c@yahoo.com
1.4.2 Project members
Anish S.Anand
: anish-pg5@iiitmk.ac.in
Mary Jain P.A
: maryj-pg5@iiitmk.ac.in
Mary Sindhura
: marys -p g 5 @ i i i t m k . ac.in
Rejoy Bhaskar
: r e j o y-pg5@iiitmk.ac.in

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