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Selangor Times 25 Nov 2011

Selangor Times 25 Nov 2011

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Published by uppercaise
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Published by: uppercaise on Nov 26, 2011
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November 25 — 27, 2011
issue 50
Lack ofrespect for theConstitution
PJ hostels: anunregulated,bloomingbusiness
bedridden youth needsfinancial aid
More restrictions onfundamental rights
 av yp
Petaling Jaya:
Putrajaya’s Peaceul Assembly Bill iscoming under re rom various quarters or being even morerepressive and unconstitutional.Te new bill, tabled or a second reading on uesday anddebated this week in Parliament, is to replace current restric-tions under the Police Act 1967.However, the proposed law would allow protesters arrestedby police to be ned up to RM20,000, while organisers acenes up to RM10,000 i no advance notice o a planned as-sembly is given to the police."Te nes urther restrict the ability o Malaysians to par-ticipate in assemblies. It does not guarantee the reedom o assembly, but clamps down on dissent," said Suara Rakyat Ma-laysia (Suaram) campaign coordinator Nalini Elumalai.She said the nes were aimed at nancially punishing the public, despite the act that reedom o assembly is guaranteedunder the Federal Constitution.She also pointed out that the law, i passed, would providethe police with even more discretionary powers to impose re-strictions and conditions.Te new law would require 30 days’ advance notice at “des-ignated areas” dened by the home minister, and can proceedunless there is objection by the police.Te bill restricts public gatherings at petrol stations, hospi-
 Ang Nyet Ngoh, a60-year-old tailorwho has difcultieswalking and usingher right arm,received a motorisedwheelchair romstate executivecouncillor Dr XavierJayakumar (let) ather home in TamanSentosa, Klang onWednesday (Nov 23).Story on page 4.
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tals, re stations, airports, railways,land public transport terminals, ports, canals, docks, bridges, placeso worship, kindergartens andschools, as well as dams and reser- voirs.It states that no street protestsare allowed, and bars any assemblyin or within a 50-metre bufer zonearound the listed prohibited areas.Te home minister can also de-clare any place as a prohibited areaby way o a gazette, while Section15 o the Bill states that restrictionsand conditions can be imposed orthe purpose o “security or publicorder”.“Te bill is written to urther re-strict Malaysians the right to assem-bly and to disrupt the avenues orthem to speak up against unjusteconomic or public policies,” shesaid.Te human rights activist saidthe litany o restrictions barred le-gitimate public protest.“For example, what i the publichas to hold an assembly near watertreatment plants to protest againstthe price o clean water? What i there are water saety issues that wehave to highlight?” she asked.According to legal-reorm andhuman rights group, Lawyers orLiberty, the new ruling still givesthe police too much discretionary powers to approve assemblies.Latheea Koya, the group’sspokesperson, described the regula-tions as still draconian.Te human rights lawyer andPetaling Jaya City councillor blast-ed the 30-day waiting period, de-scribing the move as impracticaldue to the currency and urgency o  public policy issues.“Is this a way or the governmentto orce a cooling-of period? Do we have to wait one month to sub-mit a memorandum?” she said.Social activists also slammed the
(603) 5510 4566
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling,Basil Foo, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan, Brenda Ch’ng
Nick Choo, James Ang
 Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Timothy Loh, Ivan Looi, Tony Kee
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
November 25 — 27, 2011
New measures toregulate cybercafés
To place your
Timothy Loh
019-267 4488,
Ivan Looi
014-936 6698,
Tony Kee
016-978 2798
Police still have too muchdiscretionary powers
RM20,000 ne which can be im- posed on anyone reusing to disperseat public assemblies.enaganita director Irene Fernan-dez said ne was a hey amount that would hurt the pockets o any ordi-nary Malaysian who might join a public assembly to voice their dissentor unhappiness over public policy.Te veteran social activist andnon-governmental-organisationleader describes the bill as “regres-sive”, and did not bode well or con-cerned Malaysians who wanted to participate in democracy.Political activist and universitylecturer Wong Chin Huat called thebill “shameless” in its bid to stiedissent.“he government should notthink o us as brainless,” he said, add-ing that civil society would resist the passage o the bill into legislation.During an emergency meeting at Suaram’s oce in Petaling Jaya on Wednesday night, various civil soci-ety groups unanimously supportedthe setting up o another mass move-ment group called Himpun 2.0According to organisers, it aimsto use social networking sites likeFacebook, witter and blogs to ghtthe bill.
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 Alvin Yap
Restriction on permits or new cyber-caés, which have been rozen since 2006, will be liedonce new guidelines are in place to better regulate thebusiness in Selangor.Under the new rules, patrons will be required to elec-tronically register themselves with their MyKad beoreusing the computers, while owners must use ully trans- parent glass in the premises.
 a dl f th vd cybcfé.
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
“Tese are some o the require-ments that cybercaés have to sat-isy to either apply or a licence oror renewal,” said state executivecouncillor Ronnie Liu.Liu, whose portolio includeslocal government, said the state hasbeen working with legitimate cy-bercaé operators to regulate theindustry.Illegal cybercaés, which pur- portedly allow teenage patrons togamble online or download por-nography, have mushroomed acrossthe country. Tese illegal outlets arealso believed to be a ront or gam-bling dens.Te state, along with the Selan-gor Cybercaé Association, is at-tempting to rehabilitate the imageo cybercaés.Liu said 20 cybercaés in Selan-gor have been testing the MyKadregistration system or six monthsnow, and another 100 premiseshave signed up to test the system.Te system tracks users andalerts a database that will recordtheir visits to pornographic web-sites, together with their name,MyKad number and address.It will also automatically limitthe time that an under-18-year-old patron may spend on the cybercaécomputers to two hours.“Aer the allotted time, thecomputer will restart and lock the person out rom using the acilitiesagain,” he said.Liu said authorities will be able tocheck the data to identiy those whohave carried out illegal activities.He quickly dismissed the ideathat the system and equipmentcould be hacked, or that personalinormation could be retrievedrom the database.Liu said the system has received positive eedback rom cybercaéoperators, and that the study onthe cybercaé monitoring system isin the last stages.“Once the study is nalised, andthe details and bylaws are ready, it will go to the exco or approval bylate December,” he said, adding thatthe state would not ully enorce thesystem until problems have beenironed out.According to Liu, the new by-laws will act to cull illegal cyberca-és in the state – said to be around2,000 in number – and will give achance or the 650 legitimate op-erators to survive.He said eedback showed thatcybercaé owners welcome the pro- posed ruling, and hoped that ille-gal and unlicensed operators willheed the new regulations as the with enaga Nasional Berhad andSyarikat Bekalan Air Selangor tocut both electricity and water sup- ply to the shops,” he said.Liu did not mention i the state would give a grace period or illegalcybercaés to adopt the new system,but said premises are given two years to carry out renovations ontheir premises in accordance withthe guidelines.He urther said cybercaés willhave to install closed-circuit televi-sion cameras as well as light up the premises.Liu reiterated that local govern-ments in Selangor still have theirhands tied on the matter, as the Lo-cal Government Act does not givelocal municipalities and councilsenough power to bring to book il-legal cybercaés.He said unlicensed outlets oenreopen in new locations even aerhaving their premises sealed andhardware conscated, as they usu-ally operate with ewer than vecomputer units.“Te action taken by local au-thorities doesn’t ‘hurt their pock-ets’,” Liu said, adding that the newruling species that operators musthave a minimum o 40 computers inorder to get the cybercaé licence.He said Putrajaya should con-sider heier nes and longer jailterms or those caught running il-legal cybercaés.state would not hesitate to comedown hard on them.“We will go all out to seal the premises and will set up a task orce
State ready to work withfederal govt on projects
an Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s adminis-tration is willing to cooperate with Putrajaya to ensuredevelopment projects in the state proceed smoothly.Te Menteri Besar, who was speaking at the JointAnnual Conerence o the Malaysia-Japan EconomicAssociation (Majeca) and the Japan-Malaysia Eco-nomic Association (Jameca) in okyo, said politicaldiferences between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Na-sional should not get in the way o developments thatbeneted the people.“he state has proven that it can work [with theederal government]. I’m part o the committee onthe Greater Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley Project,and I work with them to provide land in Selangor ordevelopment projects," said Khalid during the con-erence.He pointed out that cooperation between ShahAlam and Putrajaya has ensured that the projects arecarried out with accountability and transparency.He added that the public deserves the best benetrom money allocated or development.“For example, I know that RM5 million has beenallocated to develop and construct new sewerage sys-tems in the Klang Valley. I hope that the tenders orthe project will be open or local [companies] as wellas those rom Japan,” he said.Part o Khalid’s three-day working trip, rom Mon-day to Wednesday, involved nding a way to cut redtape or Japanese companies who want to do businesshere.He gave the assurance to Japanese investors thatinvestment projects in Selangor will have the ull sup- port o the state and will not be delayed, and said in- vestors need not lobby or pay commission to any party in order to invest.“I the investment isbenecial to all, bringsclean prots and boostsSelangor’s economy, we will approve the project without bureaucracy,” hesaid on uesday.He asked his Japanese counterparts to continue in- vesting in Malaysia, especially in manuacturing, bank-ing and nance, and said taxes rom new investments would ultimately be utilised or public benet.He told Japanese investors that they would benetrom starting up business in Selangor, which he said isadministered with accountability and transparency.Khalid said the Japanese business community rep-resent the largest investors in Selangor, with someRM1.2 billion worth o projects as o August 2011.Selangor, rom January to August, had approved 18 Japanese investments, which created 1,000 new jobsin the state, he said.Khalid also visited the headquarters o electronicsmanuacturing giant Sony and met its vice-president,sugie Miyashita. He also met representatives o carmaker oyota to discuss plans or the company to starta actory in Rawang.During his inaugural visit to Japan since becoming the Menteri Besar, Khalid also visited industrial andnancial group Nomura in okyo.Khalid was accompanied by state executive councilor investment, industry and trade eresa Kok, Selan-gor Selangor State Investment Centre chie executiveocer Datuk Mohd Jabar Ahmad Kembali, and ShahAlam Mayor Datuk Mohd Jaaar Mohd Atan.
 ⁄ November 25 – 27, 2011

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