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Teamsters' 2011 $150,000 Club Full Report

Teamsters' 2011 $150,000 Club Full Report

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Published by: LaborUnionReport.com on Dec 04, 2011
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Patrick FlynnChicago$418,725$445,991INTL, L710James DawesChicago$329,307$334,415L710James HoffaWashington$294,285$368,000INTLJohn Coli, Sr.Chicago$294,270$360,938INTL, JC 25, L727Randy CammackCovina, Calif.$293,785$320,054INTL, JC 42, L63Fred GegareMosinee, Wis.$283,748$312,238INTL, WI, JC 39, L662Leo ReedCovina, Calif.$276,422$309,310INTL, JC 42, L399Terrence HancockBurr Ridge, Ill.$276,000$282,172JC 25, L731Thomas KeegelWashington$267,080$348,603INTLLouis SmithNew York$262,637$286,811JC 16, L810George TedeschiWashington$262,315$303,451INTL, GCCGeorge MirandaNew York$251,804$289,556INTL, JC 16, L210Thos R. ODonnellLake Success, N.Y.$250,300$264,445L817Ken WoodTampa, Fla.$242,198$263,878INTL, JC 75, L79Fred PotterHazlet, N.J.$240,780$268,304INTL, L469Rick MiddletonCarson, Calif.$235,534$271,528INTL, L572Robert MoralesDaly City, Calif.$233,900$249,069INTL, JC 7, L350David LaughtonManchester, N.H.$231,449$262,912INTL, JC 10, L633Stephen MackSan Leandro, Calif.$228,210$269,222INTL, JC 7, L843William HamiltonPhiladelphia$227,821$277,927INTL, PA, JC 53, L107Robert LennoxCovina, Calif.$223,614$241,016INTL, JC 42, L495Jos. WojciechowskiNew York$223,466$251,842BREW, JC 16, L812Thos. J. ODonnellLake Success, N.Y.$223,300$246,413L817Fred SimpsonSouthfield, Mich.$217,586$246,892INTL, BMWEErnest YatesDaly City, Calif.$217,423$231,725INTL, JC 7, L665Ken HallCharleston, W. Va.$216,235$269,554INTL, L175Gregory FloydNew York$214,500$221,700JC 16, L237Robert BouvierWashington$213,475$217,357INTLRome AloiseSan Leandro, Calif.$213,390$254,939INTL, JC 7, L853Becky StrzechowskiChicago$210,290$274,032L706, L700Brad D Slawson, Sr.Blaine, Minn.$207,477$246,071INTL, JC 32, L120Fred ZuckermanLouisville, Ky.$205,273$229,777INTL, JC 94, L89Michael SweeneyChicago$203,507$215,029L710Leo DeanerWashington$203,234$217,707INTLGary WitlenWashington$201,606$215,497INTLDavid BourneWilmington, Ohio$198,000$225,254INTL, L1224Richard BellWashington$197,228$211,591INTLDennis PierceCleveland$193,690$232,940INTL, BLETMerle GeigerCleveland$192,746$227,089BLETStephen SpeagleCleveland$192,746$229,574BLETRoger InspruckerCincinnati$192,332$208,531INTL, OH, JC 26, L114Henry Perry, Jr.Memphis, Tenn.$191,670$217,333INTL, L667Anthony CousimanoHollywood, Calif.$191,664$223,633INTL, L399W.C. “Willie” SmithJackson, Miss.$190,800$239,158INTL, JC 87, L891Brian RainvilleChicago$190,526$206,883INTL, JC 25, L706Christopher GriswoldSo El Monte, Calif.$188,845$255,309INTL, L986Richard HendershotNew York$188,546$214,196L237Tyson JohnsonWashington$188,095$224,056INTLJoseph BairosProvidence, R.I.$188,079$224,743INTL, JC 10, L251John LisnerBurr Ridge, Ill.$187,980$190,864L731Daniel Kane, Sr.Rahyway, N.J.$187,647$219,783INTL, L111Fred CorrellFullerton, Calif.$186,060$204,472GCC DC 2Albert MixonCleveland$185,013$193,390INTL, JC 41, L507James McCallWashington$185,000$199,995INTLThomas GesualdiLake Success, N.Y.$181,963$206,224L282Ronald HerreraCovina, Calif.$180,000$199,914INTL, JC 42, L396Alphonse RispoliMountainside, N.J.$178,153$190,270JC 73, L863
NameCityTotal SalaryTotal Comp.AffiliationsNameCityTotal SalaryTotal Comp.Affiliations
$150,000 C
Every year, Teamsters for a Democratic Unionpublishes the salaries of the highest paidTeamster officials in our $150,000 Club Report.Informed members can help root out dues wasteand make sure our money is spent buildingTeamster Power.
Andrew MarshallPhoenix$177,598$187,917INTL, JC 3, L104John DulczakPhiladelphia$177,070$185,691L837Kenneth ColemanAnchorage, Alaska$176,946$184,480L959Michael B. HaffnerWaukegan, Ill.$173,847$190,664JC 25, L301Paul KennyLos Angeles$173,786$200,498L630Patricia StrykerNew York$173,441$191,431L237Dennis RaymondWaterbury, Conn.$172,059$190,234INTL, JC 10, L677Tony CorneliusMosinee, Wis.$172,000$183,745INTL, JC 39, L662Francis ConnollyLake Success, N.Y.$171,300$185,598L817William WalpertCleveland$169,456$202,425INTL, BLETDaniel HannahEl Paso, Texas$169,428$233,453BLETMichael SmithLong Island City, N.Y.$169,360$189,199L810John Coli, Jr.Chicago$169,000$200,013L727Susan MaurenMinneapolis$168,686$207,445INTL, JC 32, L320Louis BisignanoLake Success, N.Y.$167,406$198,611L282Anthony DAquilla IIILake Success, N.Y.$167,406$191,392L282Anthony PirozziLake Success, N.Y.$167,406$195,226L282Keith GleasonPeoria, Ill.$166,986$176,170INTL, JC 65, L627Sean O’BrienCharlestown, Mass.$166,907$200,925INTL, JC 10, L25Lucio ReyesStockton, Calif.$166,507$187,891
Ernest SoehlN Brunswick, N.J.$166,300$187,643INTL, L701Joseph MolineroPittsburgh$165,640$194,156
INTL, PA, PMT, NMP, JC40, L211
James ThomasonLouisville, Ky.$165,599$209,541JC 94, L783Edward Doyle, Jr.Elmsford, N.Y.$165,416$203,006L456Leo CarrollSpringfield, Ill.$164,675$199,133L916Michael SimeoneDenver$163,541$191,218INTL, JC 3, L17Thomas Nelson, Jr.Rochester, Mich.$162,981$173,736INTL, L160Brian BuhleIndianapolis$162,720$195,897INTL, JC 69, L135John WilliamsTukwila, Wa.$162,562$190,776INTL, JC 28, L117Edmund KaneNew York$162,354$183,032L237Gregory NowakDetroit$162,105$193,729INTL, JC 43, L1038Paul SorrowCleveland$161,500$183,329INTL, BLETRobert MachadoLake Success, N.Y.$161,229$161,229L282Donna SantoroLong Island City, N.Y.$160,744$183,939L810Steven VairmaDenver$160,019$182,305INTL, JC 3, L455Howard WellsCollingswood, N.J.$159,769$163,745JC 53, L676Mark HerrmannMadison, Wis.$159,697$172,934INTL, L695Danny BartonIndianapolis$159,550$173,652INTL, JC 69, L135Dennis WatsonCarson, Calif.$159,500$165,806L572Kevin ReddyProvidence, R.I.$159,498$164,052L251Robert LaceyWashington$158,958$185,121GCCJohn HeffernanNew York$157,743$164,465GCC L2Tony BarrSpringfield, Ill.$157,683$187,396L916Frank PerkinsSan Antonio$157,399$183,070INTL, JC 58, L657John KarakianBattle Creek, Mich.$157,198$159,991BLETMichael McHughOrange, Calif.$156,052$165,844L952Gordon SweetonWashington$155,570$187,420INTLRyan SherardFullerton, Calif.$155,478$167,105GCC DC 2Stephen PocztowskiChicago$155,367$160,801JC 25, L705Michael FacklerLouisville, Ky.$155,287$156,624L89Anthony ArtificioUnion, N.J.$154,873$161,949JC 73, L641Patrick KellyOrange, Calif.$153,080$165,907JC 42, L952Michael StapletonOrlando, Fla$153,037$169,243INTL, JC 75, L385Gary TiboniValley View, Ohio$152,906$163,801OH, JC 41, L436Dave LucasBloomfield, Conn.$152,902$170,465INTL, JC 10, L671David RobinsonSaginaw, Mich.$152,739$180,175INTL, JC 43, L486Robert RobergeElmsford, N.Y.$152,545$179,942L456Eddie AllersNew York$152,108$169,159L272Ronald GermanaNew York$151,680$182,597L237Ferline BuieWashington$151,580$167,241INTL, JC 55, L922John F. MurphyBoston$151,222$195,000INTL, L122Steve MazzaRochester, N.Y.$151,083$160,520JC 46, L118Randall PetersonHollywood, Calif.$150,736$184,332L399Mark KennyWall, N.J.$150,152$165,917BLETStephen NagrotskyWashington$150,000$166,369INTLRichard SmithDes Plaines, Ill.$150,000$156,013L781
Paul Kennydouble-dips
Apparently Kenny’s$200,498 compensationwasn’t enough. Hesiphoned off $154,929over four year for mealsand top-shelf liquor. Hoffaknew since 2009 butfailed to act.
Coli and sonsgross over half a million
John Coli added his sonsJohn Jr. (left)and Joseph(right) to the Local 727payroll. Their combinedtotal compensation lastyear:$586,690. In 2010, Coli Senior wasthe fourth-highest paid Teamster official.
John Perry’smultiple salaries
Perry (left)was busted bythe IRBfor embezzle-ment, hiring felon JoJoBurhoe to control hiring(right), and suppressingmembers’rights.Hoffa knew about theviolations—and spent more than$100,000 paying Perry an extra salarywhile the scandal was public.
TDU Gives You the Facts
Teamsters for a Democratic Union believes membershave a right to know where our dues money goes.Each year we undertake a major research project,analyze hundreds of financial reports, and make theinformation available to all members.
Teamsters have been hit hard by the continuedrecession and corporate attacks. Pensions cut.Layoffs. Wage freezes and cuts. Union busting.These attacks have hit our union’s finances too.Most locals have lost income.The International Union, which gets 22 percentof most members’dues, has been hit because wageconcessions have reduced dues and the union haslost membership.The International’s total dues income frommembers has barely increased at all in recentyears: from $159 million in 2007 to $160 millionin 2010.Alarge component of dues expenditure goes toofficer salaries. Our study of union financesshows:
123 Teamsterofficials made over$150,000 insalary in 2010; 35 made over$200,000.
Thetotal paid to that group went up $259,636 overthe previous year.
129 Teamsterofficials got paid a multiplesalary by the International Union,
most of them appointees of James Hoffa.
Forthe first time since he took office, JamesHoffa did not get a salary increase.
This isbecause his salary goes up by a percentage equalto the rate of inflation, and inflation did not rise.Hoffa did take a $6,000 hike in his total com-pensation: Hoffa is paid a very lucrative “housingallowance” on top of his salary.
The Past and the Present
Over the years TDU’s publication of the Cluband the reform movement’s efforts to put unionresources to work for members have had a verypositive effect on union priorities.Before we won the Right toVote, top officers took salaries upto $500,000.But we still have a long wayto go.When Hoffa first ran foroffice, he promised to “cut andcap” salaries at $150,000 andlimit perks, but he has not livedup to that promise.Instead, he greatly increasedthe number of multiple salaries,and invented new perks, includ-ing for himself.If every official making over$150,000 took a 10 percent cut,that would free up over $2.3 million, enough to putdozens more organizers in the field.
Cracking Down on Dues Waste
Our International Union should have zero toler-ance for dues waste. But in the past year we haveseen the Hoffa administration tolerate and evencover up embezzlement of members’money bykey Hoffa supporters.In L.A., Paul Kenny had a total compensation of $200,498 in 2010. It wasn’t enough for his lifestyle.Over a four-year period, he siphoned $154,929 of union funds for top-shelf liquor and meals.Kenny went to expensive watering holes on 63percent of all business days, according to adetailed report issued last May by the IndependentReview Board (IRB). Hoffa had a report way back in February 2009 from his own InternationalAuditor detailing this embezzlement, but took noaction to stop it.In Boston, Hoffa’s Trade Show Director JohnPerry was busted by the IRB for embezzlement,hiring a felon to control hiring, and suppressingmembers’rights.Hoffa knew about all these violations, becausecourageous members reported them to him in writ-ing. Hoffa could have acted on the charges report-ed in detail by
Teamster Voice
.Instead Hoffa covered it up, told members hecould not protect them, and spent more than$100,000 paying Perry an extra salary during theperiod that the scandal was public.
The Right to Know
Many Teamster officers work hard for mem-bers. They know that members expect officers touse union funds to advance the union, not to bene-fit a few at the top.TDU believes that officers and members have aright to know the facts. Some offi-cials say giving members the factshelps employers, who can useinformation about salaries or cor-rupt officers like Paul Kenny orJohn Perry against the union.The truth is employers have plen-ty of resources to look it up on theirown. The information is public.It is only members who are keptin the dark when the union hidesinformation, whether about con-tracts, members’rights, grievanceprecedents, or union finances.Informed members can root outdues waste and corruption where itexists and make sure our dues money is spentbuilding Teamster Power.
The Teamster Rank & File Education and LegalDefense Foundation (TRF) analyzed hundreds of LM-2 financial reports and IRS 990 tax forms for2010, which have been filed by locals, joint councils,conferences, and the IBT. The information is factualand nonpartisan, and as thorough as possible.
Want the Financial Report on Your Local?
If you would like the 2010 LM-2 financial reporton your local union, contact TDUat info@tdu.orgor 313-842-2600, and we will email it to you.The Department of Labor has financial reportsavailable at www.unionreports.gov.
$150,000 C
If every officialmaking over $150,000took a 10% cut, thatwould free up over$2.3 million—enoughto put dozensmore organizersin the field.
Michael ScottNorth Miami, Fla.$149,212$151,752INTL, JC 75, L769Charles RothGreensboro, N.C.$149,192$174,402INTL, L391John BulgaroAlbany, N.Y.$149,082$191,525INTL, BREW, JC 18, L294Jeffrey FarmerWashington$149,071$176,878INTLBrian MeidelChicago$149,022$150,958JC 25, L734Edward DuffyHollywood, Calif.$149,014$172,585L399Shanda LaurentHollywood, Calif.$148,944$182,196L399Fitz Verity SilveraLong Island City, N.Y.$148,820$193,484L808Jeffrey PadellaroManchester, N.H.$148,786$166,146JC 10, L633Edgar PruittCleveland$148,540$188,715BLETLourdes GarciaCarson, Calif.$148,225$153,233L572Steven DayanHollywood, Calif.$147,886$171,567L399Bret CaldwellWashington$147,749$167,763INTLRigoberto TiradoCovina, Calif.$147,128$157,175L495Dale BoltBurr Ridge, Ill.$146,900$147,884L731Ken BryantDallas$146,616$158,960INTL, JC 80, L745Michael ManleyWashington$145,994$157,734INTLJohn TolmanCleveland$145,795$182,791INTL, BLETMichael O'TooleLake Success, N.Y.$145,572$168,103L282Benedetto UmbraLake Success, N.Y.$145,572$168,041L282Raymond WhitmerBellflower, Calif.$145,260$165,364INTL, L911Willard KnightSalem, Va.$145,171$186,719INTL, BLETNWRRMichael BourgalLake Success, N.Y.$145,033$164,130L282Harvey JacksonStratford, Conn.$144,836$151,146INTL, L1150Dominick MarroccoLake Success, N.Y.$144,493$161,980L282Mark GleasonDaly City, Calif$144,341$162,541L665William MooreTopeka, Ka.$144,050$183,375INTL, L696Daniel Kane, Jr.Bronx, N.Y.$144,000$169,759INTL, L202Fred AlstonNew York$143,895$162,332L272Lamont ByrdWashington$143,822$160,703INTLDonald ArnoldNew York$143,744$169,644L237Malcolm Patterson, Jr.New York$143,744$176,784L237Gil GoreCleveland$143,295$172,061BLETMarcus RuefCleveland$143,295$193,815BLETMichael TwomblyCleveland$143,295$188,138BLETRichard GibsonWashington$143,096$153,494INTLEdward GleasonWashington$143,096$158,726INTLKevin CamdenPark Ridge, Ill.$142,930$177,453L700Sean HarrenSo El Monte, Calif.$142,693$172,382L986Denis TaylorSouth Boston, Mass.$142,177$154,080INTL, JC 62, L82, L355John KoonceSpring Grove, Ill.$142,059$147,495BLETJesus GonzalezLos Angeles$141,978$155,773L630Edward KeyserWashington$141,910$162,029INTLThomas FeeleyLong Island City, N.Y.$141,841$162,736L810Neil DitchekWashington$141,769$154,835INTLJohn A. MurphyBoston$141,694$200,711INTL, L25John BurnsNew York$141,642$161,210L237Donnie WestBirmingham, Ala.$141,360$166,192INTL, JC 87, L612Russell SteppAmarillo, Texas$141,252$150,852JC 80, L577Patrick Williams
San Bernardino, Calif.
$141,136$219,150BLETSFRRJoseph MattesiNew York$140,778$158,481L272Iain GoldWashington$140,661$157,525INTLGerald GrossManchester, N.H.$140,553$152,896JC 10, L653Victor TerranellaKansas City, Mo.$140,462$145,557JC 56, L41Joseph MuckleWilmington, Ohio$140,004$151,418L1224Richard DalyNew York$139,985$142,092GCC L2Kevin MooreDetroit$139,855$173,271INTL, L299
NameCityTotal SalaryTotal Comp.AffiliationsNameCityTotal SalaryTotal Comp.Affiliations
Charles RightnowarLiberty, Mo.$139,438$139,438BLETUPRRTherese CasaletteLake Success, N.Y.$139,111$150,354L817Nancy ShawAnchorage, Alaska$138,972$142,390L959William LoganBurr Ridge, Ill.$138,820$139,014JC 25, L731Antonio ChristianSan Leandro, Calif.$138,460$166,610INTL, L853Michael QuinnHauppauge, N.Y.$138,403$139,225BLETThomas MarchettiHollywood, Calif.$138,327$160,456L399Todd ThompsonWashington$138,262$156,615INTLSpencer ThalTukwila, Wa.$137,944$152,474L117Robert PaffenrothCovina, Calif.$137,700$178,237INTL, L63Rocco CaloStratford, Conn.$137,431$159,127JC 10, L1150Sydney GoldsteinElmsford, N.Y.$137,427$160,348L456Robert BayusikNew Haven, Conn.$137,400$147,831L443Dean ModeckerDenver$137,235$157,151INTL, L455Tracey ThompsonTukwila, Wa.$136,975$159,591BREW, L117Wesley JenkinsForest Hill, Texas$136,919$150,909L767Jim KabellSpringfield, Mo.$136,907$146,598
INTL, MO KS, JC 56, L245
Tom VincentLouisville, Ky.$136,849$164,294BREW, L783Michael BergenCovina, Calif.$136,768$167,196INTL, JC 42, L166Robert HahnOrange, Calif.$136,243$154,404L952Robert GartnerSt. Louis$136,228$144,093
BREW, MO KS, JC 13, L6
Bradley JohnsonMinneapolis$136,009$149,117INTL, L638Clacy GriswoldSo El Monte, Calif.$135,738$182,743INTL, L986Frederick McLuckieWashington$135,580$149,707INTLThomas LauerSo El Monte, Calif.$135,096$145,100L986Larry DaughertyDaly City, Calif$134,884$153,689INTL, L350Thomas MillerCleveland$134,187$152,848BLETBrad Slawson, Jr.Blaine, Minn.$134,122$161,635INTL, L120Nick NardiCincinnati$134,032$150,442OH, L416Robert Warnock IIISouth Bend, Ind.$133,406$143,008JC 69, L364Eddie JacobsonWashington$132,834$161,036INTLJoseph EspositoBridgeport, Conn.$132,787$140,432L191Dean CypherSt Paul, Minn.$132,521$148,023L120Steven GordonNew York$132,384$149,340L237James GiocastroNew York$132,372$146,041L237Richard GierutJoliet, Ill.$132,370$153,556L179Anthony LeporeBloomfield, Conn.$132,192$141,318INTL, L671Curtis ScottNew York$132,114$151,408L237Scott HeglandWashington$132,000$185,368INTLThomas PontolilloCleveland$131,786$145,781BLET, DIV 71George GardnerKansas City, Mo.$131,708$137,780L41Linda GilesKansas City, Mo.$131,708$133,855L41Cynthia ImpalaWashington$131,664$147,677INTLBrian Carroll
East Providence, R.I.
$131,558$136,957L251Joseph Boyajian
East Providence, R.I.
$131,554$140,134L251Steven Labrie
East Providence, R.I.
$131,536$142,198L251Douglas Teoli
East Providence, R.I.
$131,469$140,426L251Thomas NoonanManchester, N.H.$131,442$144,296JC 10, L633Thomas ConeliasValley Stream, N.Y.$131,132$149,117L295, L851John PerrySouth Boston, Mass.$130,850$141,573INTL, L82Steve StoneLouisvile, Ky.$130,279$132,210L2727Matt WilsonGalesburg, Ill.$129,948$166,561BLETBNRRMatthew CondronNorristown, Pa.$129,771$140,223L384Louis SanchezMountainside, N.J.$129,600$138,068L863Osvaldo LoVermeLong Island City, N.Y.$129,463$152,740L808Thomas RatliffWashington$129,396$145,665INTL, JC 55, L639Colvin BoltonLouisville, Ky.$129,314$138,472JC 94, L89Richard WhitworthWashington$129,152$143,595GCCJoseph O'ConnorWashington$129,150$156,233GCCW BonSouthfield, Mich.$129,012$134,830BMWELFenhausSouthfield, Mich.$129,012$160,241BMWED GriffinSouthfield, Mich.$129,012$137,823BMWER InclimaSouthfield, Mich.$129,012$141,072BMWES PowersSouthfield, Mich.$129,012$134,117BLETJames DentSan Antonio$128,871$147,749BLETMichael FillerWashington$128,825$150,103INTLPGeller, Sr.Southfield, Mich.$128,811$164,668BMWE
Every year, Teamsters for a Democratic Unionpublishes the salaries of Teamster officials whomade more than $120,000.This listing includes all officials who make over$120,000 in salary and is for the informationof Teamster members.

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