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Newsletter 2009

Newsletter 2009

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Published by HERAA

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Published by: HERAA on Dec 06, 2011
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 Volume 13, Issue 1Harriet E. Richards Alumnae Association
Letter from the HERAA President 
Dear HER Alumnae,It is with great pleasure that we bring to you this year's Newsletter. Our pleasure stems in partfrom memories of earlier years when we were living in the House as students. We wereinvolved in our studies and in "keeping house" in this incredible mansion that amazed us withits beauty when we arrived here. We learned to live, work and have fun together with otherswe did not know. Our housemates came from other cities and towns, became our friends andin many cases, kept in touch with us over the years as they moved on to other places andimportant careers.For me personally, and for others I believe as well, staying connected to the House and oneanother through our Alumnae Association, HERAA, is an even more heartwarming pleasure.Those of us who serve on the Board are privileged to visit the House about once a month forour meetings. We sit in the dining room at the large oval table. We can look out at the CharlesRiver. We enjoy interacting with current students and hearing how they feel about living in theHouse. (Truth be known, this is an opportunity for us to re-live our own experiences vicariouslythrough theirs!)These feelings motivate the Board members to give time and energy, contributions andencouragement to the women who spend their formative years in this House. It is unique
among BU’s housing options. It is transformative in what we and new students learn here:
opportunities for cooperation, friendship, interacting with respect for the spirit of the group,and not of the least importance, how to shop and prepare meals for 24 people, organize funactivities and live well on a small budget.We have a dedicated Board again this year: Zomana Majid is Vice President, Clara Herrero isCo-Treasurer with me, Rebecca Martin is Database Secretary and Hillary Johnson isCorresponding Secretary. We all have special interests, such as the website development(Zomana), the Red Book, which has current information about our members (Marjorie andRebecca) and archiving the rich history of the House and its activities (Hillary). Clara is re-joiningus this year, but I am sure she will jump back in soon with her special interests as well. Studentnon-voting Board members this year are Katie Bailey, the current House President, and AliRoussilhes, the current House Director. Student representatives are such an important part of the Board; they truly help us to understand what the House and its current members need.You will note that our Treasury is doing quite well despite the downturn in the economy. It isnoteworthy that over the past two-to-three years, we have purchased new furniture for thefoyer, dining room curtains, a digital camera to record pictures with st
udent’s names for our
archives and printers for the Alumnae Room available to students. We have also repaired the
dining room’s antique buffet, tabl
e and chairs in the dining room. We always buy on sale! Ourearly years of penny-pinching are ingrained!Yet there are alumnae who are very generous in their support of HERAA and to them we arevery deeply appreciative. Thank You! This heartfelt idea I started with, as you can see, hasspread to all of you who used to live here and to the women who live here now! The mantle of love and caring about this House and its residents needs to be cast wide to cover all who haveexperienced cooperative living at this special place in the BU community. Please considersharing your presence, reminiscences and current life story
all are a great source of interestand pleasure for each of us.Best wishes,
Marjorie Kettell, PhD, HERAA President 
In this Issue
Alumnae Personal UpdatesThank You to Our Donors
Save the DatesIn Memoriam: Benson Bowditch
State of the HER House ReportStudent Notes from Abroad
Meet this year’s House Women
Red Book Questionnaire 2010
Student Award WinnersClass of 2009 Portrait
Contact Information
: www.her-house.org
: heralums.191@gmail.com
: c/o HER Cooperative House191 Bay State RoadBoston, MA 02215
HERAA Board of Directors
Marjorie Kettell, PhD, ‘47
Vice President
Zomana Majid, ‘91
Clara Herrero, ‘06
Corresponding Secretary
Hillary Johnson, ‘01
Database Secretary
Rebecca Martin, ‘07
House President
Katie Bailey, ‘10
House Director
Ali Roussilhes
, ‘13
Fall/Winter 2009
JuneRitterbusch(L)and Dawn Stapleton(R), both Class of 1992, in theDiningRoom atthe2009AnnualMeeting.
HERAA Newsletter
HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 20092
Shoshanah Rothkopf Garshick, 1947
This is our third year in Newton. We movedfrom a close-knit neighborhood of 54 years to acondo development! At least we're notshoveling snow! Someone else's job now!
Kathleen Sheehan Davenport, 1949
I live on the "left coast" so I'm very far fromBoston. The memory of life at the HER Houseremains vivid - the friends I made there are stillclose in touch - most of us are over 80 years oldnow, but still able to enjoy life. Our life at HERwas very special! I wish I were close so I couldrevisit scenes of my youth more often. The spiritis willing, etc. But long-distance travel is such abig hassle! (Alas.)
Mary Castellano White, 1951
I'm suffering from Reverse Memory Syndrome -the older I get, the clearer are my youthfulmemories. Otherwise, I am in good health andspirits here in the frozen north.
(Callicoon, NY)
Winifred Bruce Luhrmann, 1956
My memories are of us all being emotional,social and active. We certainly made eachother's lives richer.
Marilyn Estabrook Downes, 1957
I’ve been keeping very busy directing all music
at First Baptist Church in Westwood (since1965!). I am leaving 1-11-09 for a three-weeksafari vacation in South Africa.
Dian Peterson Robbins, 1964
Six years ago Ed and Dian moved to a new home outin the country. They own 65 acres alongside theNippersink Creek in NE Illinois, 53 of which they rentto a local farmer who raises corn and soybeans. Onthe remaining acres, they have planted 2600 mixedhardwood trees for conservation purposes incooperation with the Illinois Department of NaturalResources. Ed is an actuarial consultant in insurancetaxation at a midsized accounting firm and hasalready retired from three other positions! He planson final retirement in 2010 at 70 ½. Dian has helddown the home front all these years and done muchvolunteer work. We have three children, fourgrandchildren and two grand-dogs. All lives morethan five hours away so we do not see them asoften as we wish.
Janette Misdom Kline, 1966
Do you still do the Dante bowing during initiation of new girls? We had to kowtow on hands and kneesbefore the bust on a pedestal (reputed to be Dante)saying, "I know my heart, I know my mind. I knowthat I stick out behind."
Kathleen Foley Bennett, 1969
I work as a school nurse and health teacher in anelementary school. Plan to go on a missionary tripto Africa in June. I have eight children
youngestentering college this year. I have been married 40years this August, and we have 17grandchildren.
Noreen Grice, 1985
 I continue to make astronomy accessible topeople who are blind or visually impaired. Mywebsite is www.youcandoastronomy.com.
Karen Scher, 1995
Engaged to be married 9/5/09 at BiltmoreEstate, Asheville, NC!
Audrey Lucero, 1996
I live in Seattle near my two best friends andfellow HER alumnae Gaylynn Turnage and JenOschner.
Alyssa Amico Richard, 1997
Expecting our first child in March 2009! Hopingto see you all at the April Tea!
Rebekah Kilman Liu, 2006
This year was exciting as I was married to Kai-Ping Liu on 4 April 2008! I am also continuingmy work in the domestic violence movementat the Center for the Pacific Asian Family in LosAngeles.
Hannah Warner, 2007
Getting married in June 2009 to my best friend
and high school love! Not sure where we’ll end
up just yet!
Shoshanah Rothkopf Garshick, 1947
(IMO: Thalia Callichy Mandel)
Marjorie Kettell, 1947*Virginia Peterson Lamana, 1947Kathleen Sheehan Davenport, 1949*Barbara Lowe Stewart, 1949Elaine P. Bowditch, 1950Mary Castellano White, 1951Helene Edel Buker, 1953Lorna Lecrenier, 1953Irene Gesiak Kelley, 1954^Winifred Bruce Luhrmann, 1956Marilyn Downes, 1957Elaine Moore Kirk, 1960Betty Athanasoulas, 1961Hope Reilly Tyler, 1963Dian Robbins, 1964^Laura Barros Bumpus, 1965Janette Misdom Kline, 1966
(IMO: Jenny Alma Mignault)
 Karen E. Daly, 1967Carol Gerjuoy, 1967Elizabeth Waldron, 1968Kathleen Foley Bennett, 1969Pam Hixon, 1977*Theresa MulQueeny-Stern, 1978Denise Alix Kinsley, 1981Lisa Macdonnell, 1982Alicia White, 1982Wendy Fitzgerald, 1983Mariann Bonarrigo, 1984Noreen A. Grice, 1985Denise McCool, 1990*Jennifer Mathieu, 1993Karen Scher, 1995Audrey Lucero, 1996Alyssa Amico Richard, 1997Shellie Dacko Rucinski, 1998Jaime Gillette, 2001Clara Herrero, 2006
(IHO: Class of 2006 HER Alums)
 Rebekah Kilman Liu, 2006Holly Masek, 2006Carol Masek
(Mother of Heidi Masek, 2001 and Holly Masek, 2006)
 Stephanie Frana, 2007Rebecca Martin, 2007Hannah E. Warner, 2007
*contributed $150 - $299^ contributed $300 or moreIMO: in memory of IHO: in honor of 
All donors listed gave between 12/08 and 11/09
 Alumnae Personal Updates
(Listed below are alumnae and respective years of graduation. Updates are from 12/08
Thank you for your generous gifts to HERAA
Since December 2008, you have collectively contributed approximately $5000 to HERAA. We use your dues and donations to fund this newsletter,continually furnish the House, provide current residents with scholarships and awards, maintain a House archive, offer assistance for Houseactivities and events and more. HERAA and the HER House greatly appreciate your contributions. Thank you!
This year, we would like to dedicate a special thank you to Irene Gesiak Kelley, Class of 1954. Irene has been exceptionally generous in her giftsto HERAA and the HER House. Since December 2008, Irene has donated $2000 in gifts; and over the past few years, she has given more than$10,000 total. We are grateful for her altruism and her continuing cooperative spirit.Thank you, Irene.
Listed below are donors and respective years of graduation
HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 20093
 Alumnae at the 2009 AnnualMeeting and Tea
Back Row (L
R): Zomana Majid,Diana Pupillo, Laura Kloepper,Marjorie Kettell, Carol Guerjoy, LydiaWitt, Barbara Dougherty, RachelFletcher, Martha Munoz and MaryBreckeridge.Middle Row: Hillary Johnson.Front Row (L
R): Kendra Engel,Nora Rasman, Clara Herrero, MaryPike and Rebecca Martin.
Please consider joining us next year! 
Save the Dates!
Please join us for the
Annual Meeting and Alumnae TeaSaturday, April 17, 1-4pm
and a
Valentine’s Day Tea
 Sunday, February 7, 1-3pm
You can expect your invitations in the coming months. Please call or email the HER House with questions at
(617) 352-7000
In Memoriam
Elaine Panaretos Bowditch, Class of 1950, recently informed us of the passing of her husband, Benson. Below is a short announcement about her husband as well as a special note to Elaine from her former housemates at HER.
Benson Bowditch, age 90, W.W.II
Marine Corps veteran died April 4, 2009 at the Soldier’s Home in Holyoke.
He was agraduate of Swarthmore College and received a Master's degree in education from George Washington University in1942. Then he joined the Marine Corps, served the South Pacific, and later was in occupied Japan, retiring after 20 yearsas a Major. He taught history and geography at Muzzy Junior High School in Lexington, MA. He was an avid biker,canoeist and kayaker, exploring the Canadian Arctic, and at age 70, biking across the country from Seattle, WA toConway, MA.
Dear Elaine,We send you our love and compassion at this time of loss. We have fond memories of you at HER, when your beautiful voice could be heard as you sang at the piano in the foyer and in our Christmas pageants. You wrote us that you aretrying to decide what to do with the rest of your life. We wish you happiness and peace, creativity and fulfillment. Onbehalf of all of us who were housemates at HER, 1945-1950.Marjorie Kettell, 1947 

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