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The Educrats Issue #11

The Educrats Issue #11

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Published by Akshay Patri

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Published by: Akshay Patri on Dec 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Career Launcher 1
tender account of a chance visit toher alma mater (“College”, Page 3)the reader will be treated to hersubtle observations and a freshhonest voice.The editorial for this fortnight written by Kundan Lal Parginhadeals with the FDI in Retail Debateand attempts to provide answers tothe pressing questions in it. AdityaBhale writes on reality shows likeEmotional Atyachaar and writescandidly and unabashedly.(Schadenfreude, Page 5) Without any  words minced or sweetened withpoliteness, his boisterous voice takeson the reality shows by the scruff of the neck and makes it clear whichside he’s on.Like all journeys, this would have not been the same without our fellow travelers, our readers and therefore we owe this to you, Thank you for your support.
Mayanagari Mumbai
“Dream on, Dream on, Dreamuntil your dream comes true…..” screamed my nokia phone and blatantly a…
Page 2
Culture Vulture-Schadenfreude
 It is my first article for anynewsletter and I have no ideahow I am going to present mythoughts. I…
Page 5
My sister’s school exhibition washeld today. Just a little after noon, I took her to the school. It had rained ..
Page 3
Tapra Chronicles
 Bhangi and HeMan take it tonewer heights.. Read their conversation inthe Kha-Mat section..
FDI:An Opportunity Squandered
On July24 1991, whenMr.ManMohan Singh completed his budget speech in Lok sabhaby saying..
Editor’s Pick 
 Find a selection of Gadgets, Books,Websites, Movies & Music, exclusivelyhandpicked by the editors of THE  EDUCRATS..
Featured This WeekA Fortnightly Newsletter Issue # 11 - December 1-15, 2011
Eleven issues old and still going strong, The Educrats has now ensurednot only its survival but also is well onits way to grow into a bigger and more widely publication. With copies being read in almost every major School inthe steel city, the next big step is surely to take it to all major colleges.The eleventh issue brings together asalways a motley group of writers,subjects and styles. In Ankit Purohit’sendeavor to decipher and interpret themystic of Mumbai (‘MayanagriMumbai’, page 2) there runs througha strange fascination and thecharacteristic urge to see beyond thecliches associated with the City by theSea. In first time contributorThejaswini Pradhan’s nostalgic and
- Benjamin Franklin
Career Launcher 2
Pen Route
-Ankit Purohit 
“Dream on, Dream on, Dream until yourdream comes true…..” screamed my nokiaphone and blatantly announced its 01:20pmand that my cell is down due to a series of snoozes and alarms since 09:00am. I am anavid somnolent person and even my phonesays: Dream on..! But it’s time to jump off my train and enjoy my trip to the MayanagariMumbai. This is going to be my first trip toMumbai and I have always fancied living insuch a beautiful city. Hence I had a differentMumbai in my mind beforehand, which Iexpected to be quite similar to the actual city.I had heard a lot about the city and the fastlife it has, but it was the first time I thought- what made people go on so fast with theirlives – when I first saw the local train full with people hanging out from the doors andthe others pushing them in order to getinside. ‘Might be fun’, I told myself and wenton. As I went outside the railway station, thestreets were as crowded as I had expected. ‘Noissues’, I said again and went on to my relative’s place. On the way, I saw what whatI had expected: ‘Mumbai was happening’.Roads lined with tall buildings, modernrestaurants, Mac Donald, Pizza Hut, andmany more that I didn’t even know about.There were wide roads with sluggish traffic yet people were not driving rash; I liked itthis way. But just as I reached home, I wastold to write about my first experience of Mumbai. I was puzzled. What should I write?After all, the city was quite normal and asexpected. But then, I decided to look into thecity with another perspective andscrupulously examine the life in MayanagariMumbai.
A Fortnightly Newsletter Issue # 11 - December 1-15, 2011
every skyscraper. There seemed to be aconnection between these two opposite facesof Mumbai. It was as if one was feeding theother as a host feeds a parasite; as if one wassupporting the other as a pillar supports amonument. But who was the host and who theparasite? Who was the pillar and who themonument? Should we consider the educatedas the host and the uneducated as theparasites? or vice versa..? I was not satisfied with either. To me Mumbai looked more likea battlefield and not any ‘mayanagari’. Onefights every day for existence, survival, wealth,glory, name and fame. This battle is neverending. It has persisted ever since the manexisted on the earth and is not confined toMumbai alone. But Mumbai teaches you theessence of this fierce battle by showing you thetwo extremes. But then this battle due to itsinevitable nature has been the success story of the mankind. Had there been no competition,none of us would have tried hard and would be nowhere near the present situation. So, Ifinally got my answer; this is what makespeople of Mumbai go so fast; and it is no way ‘a fun’; it’s a bloody battle and a battle cannever be fun. I was mistaken the last time, asNext day I took an auto to the JuhuChaupati. It was a beautiful beach with theArabian sea roaring on its shores. There werefew hawkers selling ‘barf ka gola’ whichlooked interesting and I had one for myself.I and a few people around me made a‘pssrrrrrr’ noise in chorus while having thegola. Mumbai seemed to be so down to earthnow. Enjoying the sea breeze I started walking towards the Marine Drive. I had seenthe place a number of times in many Bollywood movies and seeing it first hand wasa beautiful feeling. I went through the crowdmaking ‘psrrrr’ noise again with my ice ball; while a few people eyed me like I was the only one oblivious of the urbanity one should havein such a big city. I was indifferent. But nosooner did I see a group of beautiful girlscoming towards me I bid my adieus to the ice ball. We boys are always the same. As the girlspassed by without even noticing me in thecrowd, I shrugged and went on smiling at my foolish act. I told myself, ‘Huh! People hereare really too busy’. I had had a long walk by now and I decided to sit down facing therough Arabian Sea. Looking at the sea, Ithought about the question: What makespeople go so fast with their lives? I could stillfigure out the chaupati and huge buildingsnearby. They were symbolic of the fast life of the elite of the mayanagari, but my question was still unanswered.But then, I started noticing something peculiar in the city. On my way to Juhu I hadseen a huge number of ‘chawls’. If the buildings were symbolic of fast life, I wondered what these chawls were symbolicof. They couldn’t represent slow life after all.But then I noticed something, these chawlshad a habit of being situated nearby almostthe city looked to be quite similar to the one Ihad in my mind, but it wasn’t. At least Iunderstood it now. Giving a sigh of relief as Iturned around, I saw the huge Oberoi Hotel which one of the victims of the horrendousterror attack of 26/11. But Mumbai faced thisattack bravely and the two extremes, who once were rivals, worked together and supportedeach other in their time of need. Now this wassomething peculiar to Mumbai and its cultural beauty which was very much lacking in theMumbai I had in my mind.
Career Launcher 3
think.) To my immediate left is my classroomfor the 2
year. One of the non-teaching staff  was cleaning out the staff room. She comesout.Me : Isn’t anyone here?The cleaner : None right now. They just left.Me : Oh. Ok. Anyone in the labs? SumanaMam?The cleaner : Ah.. She must be there. Not sure.I look at the newly fitted notice board on the wall. It’s filled with notices on the cricketteam. Mostly. I smile.I enter my classroom. The computer labattendant is writing down the registernumbers on the desks. I look around at theempty room. To me, it seems as if I’m actually IN it. At the moment, I’m in THAT moment.I smile again. I withdraw myself from theroom.Me : Come on. Lets go to the 4
floor.Sis : I’ll show you my yoga class.She runs up the stairs. I take my own time. Itake the immediate right at the 4
floorlanding.Sis : Here. Come on.She opens the second door on the rightcautiously.Sis : This is my yoga classroom!Me : Hmmm.I walk a few steps ahead. The most secludedspot in the college, just near my 1
yearclassroom. It was huge.That brought back many memories. We’d put up a bench-desk there outside. Or maybe it was already there.Saturday mornings were the best. We hadclasses from 12 then. Physics class. We usedto arrive leisurely... sit there on that bench.Gossip. Talk. That corner was the best.I stand there and text everyone telling themabout my location. Mixed types of replies Igot.One even asked if I was pms-ing when I saidI got nostalgic. :DI walk towards the physics and chemistry lab.I stand at the center of the corridor and look ahead. Below me I can see the ground. Infront of me on the third floor I can see theclassrooms. Directly in my line of sight, onthe other side, I can see indoor games room.I slightly look up.The grey clouds. The wind. The light rain. JUST like how it was in those days, standing there outside our classroom.The physics lab had a few students inside. I walk past it without looking in. My sisterpeeps.Me : Don’t look inside like that!Sis : You were asking about some teacher!Me : Not HER!The chemistry lab. Meera Mam is inside. Soare a few students. I see that there’s no otherlecturer. I walk a little ahead and stop. I cansee inside of the lab. Students are working.I tuck my hands inside my jackets’ pocketsand stand. The chem lab attendant comesfrom behind me. He recognizes me.Him : How are you?Me : Sir. Fine. Yourself?*Tilts his head to his left and slightly closeshis eyes. A gesture to be taken as “Everything fine here too”.Him : How are things going for you?Me : Great.Him : You had come to the exhibition?Me : Yes.Him : Do have relatives studying here?*I put my hand over my sisters’ shoulder andsay,*Me : Yes. My sister.Him : Your sister? Own?*I nod my head*Him : Which standard?Sis : I’m in third.Him : Ok.Me : Ok bye Sir.I turn around.*My sis spots an open door.*Sis : That’s the terrace!Me : Hmmm.We climb down the stairs and reach the groundfloor. I look around. I miss the place. It wasn’tmuch. But then again, maybe it was.Memories. Lots of them.The girls, the guys, the crushes, the tears, the bunking, the classes, the lecturers, the crushesagain, all that. I miss it. A lot.:)One of my friends said, “I swear that place stillhaunts me in my dreams”. I second hisstatement.
A Fortnightly Newsletter Issue # 11 - December 1-15, 2011
My sister’s school exhibition was held today. Just a little after noon, I took her to theschool. It had rained in the late morning, so we couldn’t leave earlier. Unfortunately forus, the exhibits were dismantled and theclassrooms closed by the time we arrived there.My sister didn’t mind it. Now, my pre-university college is in the same campus asher school. Same building if you want me to be more specific.Sis : Lets go upstairs. I’ll show you my computer classroom!Me : I know where it is.‘Course I knew. It’s on the same floor as my classroom in 2
PU. As I climbed the stairs behind the stage, I had a rush of mixedemotions. I expected them. But I still didn’tknow how to deal with them.At the landing of the third floor, straightahead of me was, well, the loo. But just beforethat is the staff room. (It’s not as bad as you
Photos Courtesy:
Anupam Diwan
-Thejaswini Pradhan

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