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In 1985

In 1985

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Published by GeeJay
Heart breaking story of a woman who undertook a job as house-maid.
Heart breaking story of a woman who undertook a job as house-maid.

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Published by: GeeJay on Dec 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A True Story
By The Author ofThe Simple Divine Truth BooksFor Free Books Visit > thesimpledivinetruth.org <
Published on December 25, 2011
In 1985
In1985 I got acquainted with an engineer from Bombay, who was workingin one of the Gulf countries. I knew him well within a very short period of time and found, he was extremely descent and honest.He said: - He had a family friend residing in Bombay not far from hishouse. That man was from one of the southern states of India. He wasmarried and had a daughter also, a small and happy family. He was asmall contractor and was surviving by barely meeting both ends. If hecould invest some more money, he could expand his business and couldbecome very rich within a short period of time. Then one day his wife leftfor one of the countries as a house-maid where many maids were workingin houses.After couple of years, she came back to her home and was not in touchwith the Engineer family as they used to. Then one day he met her andshe came with him to his house. He began to complain to her, how closethose families were and what has gone wrong not to be in touch as it wasbefore. May be because she got lot of money and does not want to carefor those old friends? This woman kept silent for few seconds and thenburst in to a big cry. The engineer became speechless, pale as dead, anddid not know what to do. After few minutes she controlled her cry andbegan to narrate her escapade.She said: One day her husband and she worked out a plan. I don’tremember who originated the idea of my employment.During those times many women were going to Gulf Countries as housemaids. This woman finally decided to go, as a house-maid. She was notmuch educated and was not fit for any skilled labor. They got in touchwith a Labor recruiting agency, got her visa, and went to one of thecountries where many women were working as house maids.The man who employed her was bit elderly and was in extremely goodhealth and well behaving. At convenient time he used to talk to her in half Hindi and half English and finally managed to have sex with her.Helplessly she yielded to him, because she knew, she could not escapefrom her employer until the end of the contract period. If she doesn’t obeywhat he said, she could end up in real trouble.If she ever tried to resist him, he could push her behind the bars for pettyfalse charges. Only the employer has the say and the authorities willnever listen to the maid. As this was going on for some time, more thanmiddle aged son of the employer also got involved with the maid. Thoughshe was getting extra money from both the father and the son, she hatedit for worse than anything else did. As those miserable days were goingon, she just thought of her old days, when they did not have muchmoney. She was just free as the bird with a very happy family life.2
Every night she soaked her pillow with tears, cursing her fate. There wasno one to hear cry and to see her tears, not even the God who createdher. She just thought, God doesn’t help anyone who goes after moneyand get in to all problems related to it. She felt, every minute of her lifewas longer than a year.Her everyday work was not much hard and had a day off, every week.The house was very well furnished and she had her air-conditioned roomand a small television also. She could have the best food because she wasdoing the shopping of all the groceries she needed for the house.Everything was good for her in fact she was the Governess of the house,except the wicked companionship and illicit relationship of her masterswhich suffocated her ill-fated days.As you can imagine, nothing remains a secret for ever. Probably the oldman knew what his son was having sex with the maid or vise versa. Apartfrom these two adventurers a third one crept in, knowingly orunknowingly what his father and his grand-father was doing. The boy washardly sixteen years old who was stout and tall, grown much as big asmiddle-aged man.The maid lost all her patience and control and began to fight with thegrand-kid to resist his lust. This kid was wise and very cool with themaid’s resistance and anger. Finally he said, “I don’t intend to rape you,you better do what I say, if not I am going to tell my father, you tried torape me. This is enough for you remain in jail for the rest of your life;sometimes they could even hang you” The maid was scared to death andbecame pale. The boy left her for the time being and came back to heranother day and lied with her until he got some consolation over hisperversion and proved himself, he was a man who knew much as heshould.The maid realized, she has fallen in to the biggest trap from which shecannot get out until the end of the persecution that is when the contractperiod ends. No human being has ever heard the ill-fate of a woman whoparted her flesh with the devils of three consecutive generations of thesame family. With all the hatred in the mind she pretended to besubmissive to those who came to her and let them do what they wanted.She became immune to all the evilness happening to her. Mean while shewas sending a good sum of money to her husband every month withoutany failure. He never knew his wife was becoming cheaper than a whorewas.She concluded: -- “Now my husband is reasonably rich and have enoughmoney, doing his business well. What I lost is my good old chastity andmorality, which I can never get it back. What is left for me is my grave tohide my miserable flesh used up by these evil men. Will they come to thegrave also for my dead body to have sex? When I came back I told myhusband, because of his greed for money all these things have happened.He got the money he wanted and lost his good old wife. “You remain asmy husband for the sake of name and hold that title for ever, but never~3

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