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Classroom Management and Equity Plan

Classroom Management and Equity Plan

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Published by amanda_weeks25

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Published by: amanda_weeks25 on Feb 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Classroom Management and Equity Plan
In order for students to learn best, an atmosphere of respect and equality must beestablished. At the beginning of each year, rules must be set in place so that students know whatis expected of them and what consequences they may incur. The following plan has beendivided into two sections: routines (every day practices) and procedures (courses of action).
Beginning of classStudents will be greeted at the door to encourage a positive atmosphere. To begin class,students will work on a warm-up activity to activate their thought processes. During the warm-up attendance will be completed and any previous business will be finished. The warm-upexercise will then be discussed. After the warm-up, any announcements will be made and theorder of business will be discussed. Once all matters have been settled, the large groupdiscussion, small group discussion, or in-class activities will begin.End of classIn order to gain the most amount of class time, students must wait until the bell to pack up their belongings. In order to be dismissed, students must stay in their seats.Laboratory RoutinesAll laboratory activities will be set up ahead of time for ease of use to the students. Labgroups will be assigned at the beginning of every semester to establish consistency. On lab days,students will meet in the classroom in order to discuss the lab activity. Students will be expectedto enter the lab and acquire a pair of safety goggles. Once the students are ready, they should goto their work table and begin the lab.SeatingIn order to maintain an effective learning environment, students in the classroom will be provided with a seating chart. This will allow for ease when learning student names and alsolessen the chance of unnecessary talking. On the first day of school, students coming into theclassroom will sit wherever they choose. During the order of business portion, assigned seatswill be given.Objectives and AssignmentsDuring every class, the agenda for the day will be written on the board. This will givethe students an idea of what to expect from the lesson. All homework for the week will bewritten on the board at the beginning of class on Monday. This will ensure that all students areaware of assignments even if they are not in class on a particular day.
Student-Teacher and Student-Student Interaction

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