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Collection Information

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Published by: Velvet Purdy-Ferrari on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Analysis of Current Collection at East Central Elementary
This analysis is to determine where to allocate any remaining funds before thefiscal year ends.
In evaluating the reference collection for currency and coverage, I used my Follett TitlewiseAnalysis. In looking at the general collection information, I can see that the average age of thecollection is 1996.
Below is an order I prepared using Follett Titlewave:BooksFLR# Author: Title -- Publisher : Year Bnd Qty PriceExtended--------------------------------------------------------------------------------07629S2 Parker, Steve, 1952-: 100 things you HRD 1 20.0020.00should know about endangered animals -- Mason Crest, 2009.(591.68)07635SX De la Bedoyere, Camilla: 100 things you HRD 1 20.0020.00should know about nocturnal animals -- M.C. Pub., 2009,c2008. (591.5)0140QW8 Niver, Heather Moore: 20 fun facts about PAP 1 8.988.98bats -- Gareth Stevens Pub., 2012. (599.4)0140TWX Niver, Heather Moore: 20 Fun Facts About PAP 1 8.988.98Crocodiles / (Fun Fact File-Animals) -- Gareth StevensPublishing, c2012. (597.982)0140WW1 Niver, Heather Moore: 20 Fun Facts About PAP 1 8.988.98Dolphins / (Fun Fact File-Animals) -- Gareth StevensPublishing, c2012. (599.53)0140ZW3 Shea, Therese: 20 Fun Facts About Hippos / PAP 1 8.988.98(Fun Fact File-Animals) -- Gareth Stevens Publishing, c2012.(590)0141CW2 Niver, Heather Moore: 20 Fun Facts About PAP 1 8.988.98Penguins / (Fun Fact File-Animals) -- Gareth StevensPublishing, c2012. (590)0141GW1 Niver, Heather Moore: 20 Fun Facts About PAP 1 8.988.98Sharks / (Fun Fact File-Animals) -- Gareth StevensPublishing, c2012. (597.3)22879U6 Kalman, Bobbie: The ABCs of animals -- HRD 1 20.0020.00Crabtree Pub., c2008. (590)04888Z8 Kalman, Bobbie: The ABCs of endangered HRD 1 20.0020.00animals -- Crabtree Pub., c2009. (591.68)00811D4 : The American heritage first dictionary HRD 1 12.2112.21-- Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, c2010. (423)25348R1 : DK first Spanish picture dictionary -- HRD 1 13.6413.64DK, 2005. (463)J551XX6 [Set/Series] Encyclopedia Of Presidents - HRD 1
190.80Second Series (8 titles)18368Q6 McCollum, Sean: Bill Clinton : America's HRD 1 23.8542nd president -- Children's Press, 2005. (973.929)27973PX DiConsiglio, John: Franklin Pierce : HRD 1 23.85America's 14th president -- Children's Press, c2004. (973.6)17854Q3 Donnelly, Matt, 1972-: George W. Bush : HRD 1 23.85America's 43rd president -- Children's Press, 2005.(973.931)23800PX Kent, Deborah: James A. Garfield : HRD 1 23.85America's 20th president -- Children's Press, 2004. (973.8)19056Q3 Kent, Deborah: Jimmy Carter : America's HRD 1 23.8539th president -- Children's Press, 2005. (973.926)24379P7 Santow, Dan: Millard Fillmore : America's HRD 1 23.8513th president -- Children's Press, c2004. (973.6)17625P2 Otfinoski, Steven: Rutherford B. Hayes : HRD 1 23.85America's 19th president -- Children's Press, 2004. (973.8)28686P6 Kops, Deborah: Zachary Taylor : America's HRD 1 23.8512th president -- Children's Press, c2004. (973.6)12111Q5 Ganeri, Anita, 1961-: First atlas -- DK HRD 1 14.4914.49Pub., 2003. (912)05106X2 Burnie, David: First dinosaur picture HRD 1 9.399.39atlas -- Kingfisher, 2008, c2007. (567.9)0305AK2 Taplin, Sam: First encyclopedia of PAP 1 8.548.54dinosaurs and prehistoric life -- Usborne ,EDC, c2010.(567.9)0305CK7 Denne, Ben: First encyclopedia of seas & PAP 1 8.548.54oceans -- Usborne ,EDC Pub., 2011. (551.46)24544Z4 : First science encyclopedia. -- DK, 2008. HRD 1 14.4914.49(503)37869X0 Farndon, John: Kingfisher first FBG 1 15.8115.81encyclopedia of animals -- Kingfisher, 2005. (590)36826W0 : Kingfisher first thesaurus. -- FBG 1 15.8115.81Kingfisher, 2004. (423)10852X4 : Macmillan first dictionary -- Simon & HRD 1 15.3415.34Schuster Books for Young Readers, c2008. (423)01587UX Sharp, Katie John: My first atlas -- HRD 1 12.7812.78Publications International, c2004. (912)03017U7 Aguilar, David A: Planets, stars, and HRD 1 21.2621.26galaxies : a visual encyclopedia of our universe -- NationalGeographic, c2007. (520)

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