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Aliens Persuasive Speech

Aliens Persuasive Speech

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Published by x_killereyes_x

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Published by: x_killereyes_x on Mar 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Good morning. My name is
 Awf Ghaleb
and today I am going to talk about the fact 
that we’re not alone and
that there are
among us.
I’m gonna start with
the possibilities of an earth-like planet.
Next, I’ll talk about 
Ancient Aliens and visitors from thousands of years ago. Some people need facts tobelie
ve in so we’ll talk about facts and examples of structures
that we have no ideaon how they were built.
And finally, I’ll talk about sightings as
some people need tosee to believe.
With this information, I hope to persuade you that we’re not alone in this world.
The Milkyway Galaxy
has about 
400 billion
stars and planets and our sun is one of sextillion stars estimated by NASA
so we can’t 
be the only planet that has
.Stars provide light as a source of energy, which helps promote Photosynthesis.Secondly, stars provide heat, which helps creating atmosphere through evaporationand other processes. With sextillion stars and possibly multiple planets per star, youcan imagine the possibilities for life on other planets.According to universetoday.com, experiments show that nearly 2/3 of knownplanets have a Goldilock zone or Habitable zone meaning that conditions are perfect for life on those planets.Given billions and billions of possibilities for life there must be an intelligencepopulation on other planets, and with enough time it seems that intelligence mayhave travelled to earth.Talking about Ancient Aliens, the Mayan Popol Vuh (which means the Book of People) states that Men came from the stars, knowing everything and theyexamined the four corners of the sky and the Earth's round surface. Beingsdescended from the sky in flying vessels, white men in flying rings, who can touchthe sky.Another case is a medieval map known as the Piri Reis Map that shows the Earth as
s seen from above. How is this possible in medieval times?Also, Sumerians had a great knowledge of the solar system, they described Planet Xbeing very far from earth and they talked about their gods Anunnaki who hadhelpers known as Android Beings, those helpers helped them fly their crafts andmine gold from earth.
An example of massive structures with no explanation of how they were built is acomplex in Peru named
. It’s made of granite stones that weigh up to
360 tons each that are perfectly cut and placed. These stones were quarried 35 KMaway from where they were placed, and evidence of melting is shown on thesestones.

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