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Published by GTLIME

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Published by: GTLIME on Mar 21, 2012
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VOL. 6, NO. 6 • March 21, 2012
618 Strouds Lane, Pickering, ON L1V 4S9 • Tel: 905.831-4402 • Fax: 416.292.2943 • Email: caribbeangraphic@rogers.com
REDJet Grounded
Lunch Raises Computer Purchase Funds
BRIDGETOWN – After just 10months in the skies, low-cost car-rier REDjet has been grounded
due to nancial problems. The
Barbados-based airline needs an$8 million injection and govern-
ment support so it can take to theskies once again. Without suchhelp, the future of the airline is un
certain.The airline suspended all ights
to its nine destinations with effect
from 11:59 p.m. on March 16 untilfurther notice. This move placedover 90 employees on the bread
line, resulted in a number of pas
-sengers being stranded and a strain
on regional travel. The latest turn
of events has also raised the ques-tion of whether or not the cost of regional travel will once againincrease, or if air fare will remain
low.The airline which is owned by
father and son Ian and Robbie
Burns took to the skies last May, putting forward a model designed
to bring affordable travel to the
Caribbean from as low as $19.98 before taxes. And the owners havegiven the assurance that they arewilling to continue providing af 
fordable air transport across theCaribbean if they could receive asmall part of the state assistancegiven to other airlines.Tourism Minister Richard Sealy
said the Barbados Tourism Au-
thority was willing to work with
the airline in the area of joint mar-
keting, and expressed hope thatit would soon be up and runningonce again. St. Lucia’s Prime Min
ister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, also not
ed that it was difcult for regional
governments to continue subsidis-
ing carriers.
However, the grounding of theairline has not gone down well
with passengers, some of whom purchased tickets within minutesof the airline’s announcement thatall ights were being suspended.Passengers ooded the airline’sFacebook page expressing their frustration over the airline’s lack 
of communication with them
about what was happening to al
low them to better plan for their travel. Some passengers are alsodemanding their money back.Meanwhile, LIAT has alreadystepped forward and made special
arrangements to assist stranded
 passengers from Antigua, Barba
dos, Guyana, St. Lucia and Trini
dad. Caribbean Airlines indicatedit would adjust its scheduled op
erations by adding additional seats
on its aircraft to accommodate the
numbers. REDjet served Barba
-dos, Trinidad and Tobago, Grena-
da, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts and
announced the launch of serviceto Antigua and Barbuda on Thurs-
day, one day before it closed itsoperations.The Friends of St Mary’s hostedits Fundraising Lunch on Sun
day, March 18
at Scarborough’sTimehri Restaurant. About fty
members of the Canadian Carib-
 bean community turned out in sup
 port of the Group’s efforts to raisefunds to purchase a much neededcomputer for St. Mary’s students inGuyana.Those present, including sev
eral St. Mary’s past students who
attended the school from the
1940’s to the 1960’s, were treatedto a sumptuous Caribbean BuffetLunch.
During her brief welcome ad-
dress, Friends of St Mary’s Chair 
 person Sandra Ann Baptiste ad
vised those present of the Group’sambitious plans for the year. Theseinclude the development of a com
 petition encouraging the kids to
write about their career choices
and proposed contribution to Guy
ana’s development.The Group, which is also spear 
headed by Jennifer Ridley andMaurice Lee, also has plans toimplement a Mentorship Programthat will allow St Mary’s students
access to the knowledge, skills and
expertise of Alumni in Canada andthe U.S. with specialities in areasof study interests.Having also already hosted a Pub
 Night earlier this month, Friends
of St Mary’s will be hosting theseevents annually. The computer  purchased with proceeds from theMarch 18th Lunch will be present
ed to St Mary students in Guyana by Friends of St Mary’s Chairper 
son Sandra Ann Baptiste.
March 21, 2012
Financial Freedom From Natural Health In A BottleCommunity
When many people getsick, their rst instinct is to
rush to the doctor for a di-
agnosis. Then, after beingdiagnosed, they head tothe pharmacy to purchase
medication to ease their 
ailments. Suninia Lochanused to be one of those people who woulduse products from the drug store to combather sinuses and sicknesses. But ever sinceone year ago when Lochan discovered
more natural alternatives, she has launched
a new business from her ndings, and hasnot had to take any tablets to improve her health. Lochan has suffered from sinuses
ever since she moved to Canada from her 
native country Guyana in 1995. Back then,Lochan relied on pharmaceuticals.“I came into this country and I startedworking in the media eld. I was work 
ing with a newspaper company in Guyana.And then, we went into the technologyeld. From there, as you progress, youkind of notice with the everyday run thatyou get stressed out, taking tablets and allof that. For me, if I take Tylenol, I wouldsleep. Because of that, I started lookinginto other alternatives,” Lochan explained.Lochan, the mother of two daughters
aged 8 and 5, started looking into more
natural alternatives to using pharmaceuti
cals in the year 2003 when she was expect
ing her eldest child. Lochan planned to
use some of the remedies that she had seen
growing up in Guyana.“Coming from back home you comewith certain things that you would use back home for babies. Like honey. We give ba
 bies honey and orange juice and all of thatwhen they’re little and just born. Those
are some of the traditions Iwanted to continue because I
grew up with it. And, for mychildren, I wanted that. Be
-cause I know that when the babies are born back home,
that’s one of the things theystart with, honey and orange juice. And, that is when I started out over here I found out that honey is not good for  babies,” Lochan said.Lochan had not anticipated that the foodand nutrition practices that she had beenraised to accept in Guyana were consideredunsafe in Canada. Still, Lochan was eager 
to introduce some of what she learned in
Guyana to her children in Canada.
“I was shocked about that because that
was one of the natural stuff that you woulduse home for little babies, you would usethe honey. But, I went ahead and used it because it didn’t do me any harm. Whenmy children were little, before the age of two, if they would get a cold, there was
nothing we could go and get over the coun-
ter,” Lochan explained.Lochan was working in the InformationTechnology eld around the time her andher husband’s rst child was born. Soonafter her eldest daughter’s birth, Lochanwas laid off from her job. Eager to be anactive and alert mother, Lochan started in
vestigating products that would heal her sinuses and help her to stay awake.“When I would take a Tylenol, I wouldfall asleep. Really and truly, you shouldn’ttake something that would make you sleep.Anything that I took would make me feeldrained, tired, and really nervous. It wouldlast for days. That’s when I started look 
ing to alternatives rst with eucalyptus oil.That’s when I found thecompany. I was intro
duced to Young Living.
That changed the whole
scenario for my family,”Lochan explained.Young Living is acompany that marketsnatural oils to the pub
lic. Lochan started out
as a customer of Young
Living’s Essential Oils products, and she quick 
ly made the decision to
 join the business and
work as an independent
distributor for Young
Living after experienc
-ing life-changing results
with the company’s oils.“It is natural. Youuse a little bit. My little
daughter, she cannot
take any medication. It’snot good for her health.With my other daughter,
I was able to give her some relief when she
had a cold. I would giveher honey and I used the peppermint oil which I used for the fever and all of that. It all came down to wantingmy family to have this relief, but not to beheavily medicated.The Essential Oils have not only helpedwith Lochan and her children’s colds andsinuses, Lochan’s husband Mayraj hasfound relief using the oils to help ease his back pain caused by a car accident.“He suffers from really severe back pain.I cannot stress this Young Living productthat helped Mayraj because he drank the NingXia Red with frankincense. And also,I use the oil to massage and he’s getting somuch relief. Every year, I normally givemy children the u vaccine. This year, it’sgoing to be close to a year now that we’reusing this line of products. Previously, wewere looking at the eucalyptus and pep
 permint oil, and all of that, but we stillhad to take the vaccine. This year, no onetook it in the family. When my daughter started school, she was so proud of herself this year that every week she says to me,‘Mama, every year, I missed school for a week, either November or December.’This year, she went to school every singleday. I use the Thieves Oil on them, whichis preventative. Every morning I put it ontheir foot bottoms before they put their socks on. She’s gone to school, and knock on wood, her class this year, one day theyhad 10 kids who were out from school.They had stomach u and everything. Shewas one of the children who didn’t get it. Itwas massive change for the family.Lochan’s current career mission is toeducate other people about the natural al
ternatives they can use to feel better. ManyCanadians rely heavily on using medica
tion to combat their illnesses, and Lochanhas started letting people know that al
-though there is nothing wrong with using
medication, there are other options.“With our Young Living product, yes,you have a 15 ml bottle. It’s concentrat
ed. That 15 ml will take you three to four weeks because you just need to use a drop.When I approach people, I say to peoplestraight up ‘I wouldn’t tell you aboutsomething that I haven’t used in my fam
ily.’ They start asking ‘what do you use?’I introduce them to the different products,this is what it does. One of the ones that
are most common among individuals is
the Peppermint Oil and the Lavender oil.Those have been around, I’d say, forever and incorporated into everything thereis. That’s the rst thing I’d say to people.Say, for a headache. I do not take a tabletanymore for headaches. Obviously thatis something I have all of the time in my bag. And not because of the business sideof it; I have it for personal use. I wouldsay to people, ‘try it.’ It gives you immedi
ate relief, especially with the cold season,”Lochan said.Lochan has shared the benets of theEssential Oils with the parents of her chil
dren’s classmates, and she hopes to expandher business to the Caribbean. The NingX
ia Red is helpful for chronic pain, energy,and it works as a cleanser, a supplement,and an antioxidant. Lochan’s husband
used to take Red Bull and he no longer 
does because of the energy boost foundin NingXia red. The Lemon Oil from theYoung Living line has cured Lochan’s acidreux and heartburn and has helped her toenjoy eating spicy foods again. The Lav
ender Oil has helped Lochan’s children fallasleep and clear skin blemishes. Lochanwants her family and friends in Guyana togain more access to the opportunity she hashad to be an entrepreneur in Canada.“I have family still back home in Guy
ana. One of my uncles, he is close to 70and he has knee pain. I send him the Win
ter Green Oil for that. I am looking to ex
 pand starting in the Caribbean. We haveall this fantastic, natural stuff back home. Iwould like to see people back home beingable to have that opportunity to enjoy someof these alternatives.Lochan hopes to help people build their own businesses and develop better physi
-cal health through introducing them to
Young Living.“It’s educating people to what this prod
uct can do. It does not solve everybody’s problem. If you have to use your medica
tion, if it’s necessary, I’m all for it. Butagain, I’m also into looking at alternatives.These products are not new. They’ve beenhere for generations. With our oil, it’smore natural. It’s not mixed with any other oil. And you can just use a drop. You can blend it. That’s what makes us unique; the purity of the oil,” Lochan said.
Suninia Lochan
March 21, 2012
Spring Has Sprung
 a r i    b b e a n
 e w e l 
Shivon is a WI Canadian top model and a former Miss West Indian Canadian Pageantcontestant 2010. She says her Pageant participation allowed her to gain self condence.It also enhanced her stage presence and helped her to become a better performer. Shehas also met some pretty fabulous people along the way. As lovely as she is, of that weare not all surprised.
The Concerned Citizens Against Do-
mestic Abuse Corp. (CCADA) will behosting a “Spring Has Sprung” Fund
raising Dinner Dance on Saturday, April14th at Burrows Hall, 1081 Progress Ave,Scarborough. CCADA is a Georgia- based charitable not-for-prot organiza
tion formed out of a desire to provide as
-sistance to abused adults and children in
South America, particularly Guyana.The organization is presently workingto assist with funding for the “Help andShelter Pickney Project” and related proj
ects. Providing psychosocial support for 
children who have been abused or are at
risk, developing parenting skills educa
tional workshops to transfer skills aboutnon-violent parenting and ensuring that
the needs of children with disabilities areconsidered in all activities are some of 
the objectives the organization hopes toachieve.
CCADA also intends to collaboratewith governmental agencies, non-govern-
mental agencies, community leaders and
religious leaders in the sharing of infor-
mation and knowledge. By this means,it hopes to strengthen referrals, monitor school attendance through the Ministryof Education Welfare Department and de
velop initiatives to resolve issues of childabuse. Abuse is a global problem that vio
-lates basic human rights and silences the
voices of its victims. It can be inictedon anyone regardless of race, age, sexualorientation or religion.This year, while continuing to work with Help & Shelter, CCADA will also
 be reaching out to other organizations
in Guyana to encourage them to have a
shared commitment to focus on educa-
tion, which is vitally important to the pre
vention of abuse and neglect. CCADA believes that prevention is the best choice
for reducing child abuse and neglect and
it will certainly help to improve the livesof children and families.Music for the Saturday, April 14 Fun
draising Dinner Dance will be provided by the ever popular Fuh Fun band. DJ TeeCee will also be in attendance. Tickets are$25.00 per person.

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