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45041608 Debilitated Planets and Cancellation of Debilitation Vedic Astrology

45041608 Debilitated Planets and Cancellation of Debilitation Vedic Astrology

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Published by Himanshu

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Himanshu on Mar 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Planets are considered to be debilitated when they are placed inthe 7
sign from their exaltation sign. Any planet, when it is indebilitation, causes great amount of anguish, pain, loss of memory,loss of health, diseases, diseases of abdominal region, perversion insex, loss of self esteem and overpowering enemies. Also, it alwaysmakes the person a subject matter of falling pray to any kind of wrongsituations and having a malechha interest respectively from Sunonwards for all the nine planets. Here the particular characteristic willhave prominence only if a planet has got perfect debilitation. Here,what I mean by perfect debilitation is not exactly degree part.Jupiter is exalted at 5
of Cancer. So, it is debilitated at 5
of Capricorn. If it crosses the 5
degree of Capricorn, the first point willbe indicated as giving ‘raja-yoga’ as far as Jupiter is concerned. Till itreaches the 5
of Capricorn, it would be considered approaching hisdebilitation point. Thus, its natural characteristics would getdiminished. After the 23
degree of Sagittarius, till 5
degree of Capricorn it will not be considered as very good, that is, in thenakshatra of Sun (Uttrashadha). Here, it would not be considered asvery good though, in Sagittarius, it is in his mool-trikona sign. Beingplaced in the last degree of Sagittarius, it is approaching itsdebilitation point and he is not considered very good there.For any other planet, the mooltrikona and debilitation would notfall in consequent rashis. Only for Jupiter it is so. It is because, forkaalpurusha (dkyiq:"k), Jupiter is Dharmadhipati (/keZkf/kifr).Dharma, in kaliyuga (dfy;qx), would always be discounted for karmas.Kreta (Øsrk) was the first yuga (;qx), then Treta (=ksrk), Dwapar(}kij) and last was Kaliyuga (dfy;qx). What is generally known asSatyuga (lr;qzx) is actually Kretayuga in which all the four dharmaswere followed. Then, subsequently, it reduced to three, then two andnow, in Kaliyuga, only one dharma is followed and Jupiter holds thatone dharma. For karma, we discount our dharma. Suppose, we haveto go early morning to somewhere, we will spare our pooja first of allto save some extra time. Whenever we come late at night from someparty, we leave our pooja and postpone it to other day instead of leaving the party early as it may spoil the joy. That is why, forkalapurusha, dharmadhipati gets debilitated in karma house. it couldhave been there in other yuga also, but it is more prominent inKaliyuga that we would be discounting our dharma and in givencircumstances, we would not like to perform our dharma. If we get

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