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Epic 2 Data

Epic 2 Data

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Published by TentativeMan

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Published by: TentativeMan on Mar 28, 2012
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Epic 2
Edition Data Page 1
EPIC 2nd Edition Data:
for use with Space Marine / Titan Legions
Space Marine Special Rules
- Space Marines can take any of the following armies as allies
Imperial Guard
Titan Legions
Eldar (if fighting against Orks or Chaos)
General Space Marine Unit-Specific Rules
Assault MarinesJump packs - ignore movement modifiers for terrainAssault ShipCarries up to 20 stands or 10 non super-heavy vehicles.Chaplain
Command unit - standard rules apply
Any Imperial troop stands within 10cm add +1 to their CAFCommander
Command unit - standard rules apply
Any Imperial units within 10cm automatically pass any morale checksDreadnoughts (variation rule from Citadel Journal)All four Dreadnoughts in the detachment must be armed with the same combination of 2 weapons chosen from thefollowing: assault cannon, multi-melta, missile launcher, power fistDrop Pods
This card replaces the Rhinos of 1 whole Space Marine company, but the break point of the company remains thesame. Assign a number to each pod, noting the contents of each assault pod - you cannot take drop pods withoutactually putting troops in them. Also, you must note in which turn each pod will land before the game begins.
If you are using drop pods with a company that has an irregular number of stands (e.g. Space Wolf GreatCompanies, Terminator Companies), increase or decrease the number of assault pods to accommodate all stands.
Drop pods land after orders are placed but before they are revealed. Place all the numbered markers for the podsthat are going to land that turn on a barrage template and hold it 30-40cm above the table. Then sharply flip thetemplate so the markers fall to the table. Place a closed pod where each marker lands, but keep the markers therefor reference.
A pod is destroyed if it lands off the table, in terrain impassable to vehicles or on a Titan. Titans or buildings hitby falling pods take one hit with a -3 save. If a pod lands on any other troops they are destroyed.
Troops on first fire can shoot at the pods as they fall. They fire at the end of the orders phase after orders arerevealed. Intervening terrain is ignored and they cannot fire again this turn. Pods on the ground (open or closed)can be attacked as normal
At the end of each orders phase, test each pod to see if it opens. They open on a 3+. If it cannot open, test eachturn until it does. When it opens troops may disembark and weapons may fire
ASSAULT POD - Carries two stands. When they open, the troops inside disembark and have advanceorders and can move normally in the movement phase. Detachments must remain in coherency betweenstands that are out of pods and those whose pods are still closed. A detachment must remain on advanceorders until all of its stands are free to move.
SUPPORT POD - Contains a plasma cannon which fires during the first fire phase
DEATHWIND POD - As soon as it opens it launches it bombs at the end of the orders phase. Any troopstands or vehicles within 10cm of the pod are hit on 4+. Titans roll 3 dice and are hit for each 4+ rolled.The Deathwinds are one shot weapons only and have no further effect once firedFlamer Marines by Clark Chang
Flamers - ignore to hit modifiers for cover
You can decide whether to use these as a support card (250pts), or as a special card that allows you to replace atactical detachment with a flamer detachment (free)Grey Knights
NOTE: Grey Knights can only be taken if fighting against Chaos
Can be deployed as normal at the start of the game or can be teleported down during any subsequent movementphase. To teleport, select the destination and roll the scatter dice - on an arrow, place the landing point2D6cmaway from the intended landing point. Place the first stand on the point and the other three stands within6cm of the first.
Not affected by morale rolls due to daemons and suffer no penalties for shooting at them or being in close combat.
Their close combat and ranged attacks count as psychic attacksMarine Company HQ Units
Epic 2
Edition Data Page 2
Command units - standard rules apply
All Imperial troops within 10cm of a Company HQ add +1 to their moraleInquisitor
Command unit - standard rules apply
Does not suffer penalties for close combat against daemons
Any Imperial unit within 25cm automatically passes any morale testsLand RaiderMay carry up to two troop standsLand SpeedersSkimmers - can make pop-up attacksLibrarian
Command unit - standard rules apply
Can store force cards for close combat. Remove accompanying Rhino if the Librarian is killed
PURGE PSYKER (5+) - use against any enemy psyker within 50cm. Roll 2D6 for Librarian. Enemyrolls 1D6. If Librarian is higher, enemy is destroyed. If enemy is more than twice the Librarian, theLibrarian is destroyed. Does not work on a Warlock Titan
MIND BLAST (3+) - range 25cm. Model is hit (no save). Targets with shields gain usual benefits. Hitson Titans are worked out by rolling on the head damage table. Can not be used on robots or daemons
DESTROY DAEMON (4+) - range 25cm. Librarian rolls 2D6. Enemy rolls 1D6 (daemon stand, chaosandroid) or 2D6 (Wraithguard and Eldar dreadnoughts) or 3D6 (greater daemons and Avatars). If Librarian is higher, the enemy is destroyed. If the enemy is twice or more the Librarian, the Librarian iskilledMarauder Fighter-BombersDo not combine barragesMedic
Command unit - standard rules apply
Imperial troop stands (including cavalry) within 10cm have an unmodified 5+ saving throw if killed. If there aremultiple Medics within 15cm, the stand receives multiple 5+ saves. Medics can save from the effects of Vortex,Warp Hunter and Plague Wind templates. Medics can also save stands killed in close combatMole Mortar
Underground barrage - work out damage as normal. If the target is a super-heavy or a Titan and it survives, rollanother D6 - it is trapped in the crater on a 6. A trapped super-heavy or Titan cannot move while trapped but it canfire. It can attempt to climb out if on charge and then rolling a 3+, if freed it does not move that turn
They can be moved like infantry, and can set up and fire from within a building.Razorbacks
The weapons on the Razorback are linked so they must fire at the same target
Each Razorback carries 1 standRazorback Transport DetachmentReplaces the Rhinos of 1 Space Marine detachment with Razorbacks, they are considered as part of that detachment. Thebreak point and victory point bonus go towards the card (company or support) that the Razorbacks are used for.Detachments that have too many stands to take 6 Razorbacks may not use this card.RhinoMay carry up to two troop standsRobots
Do not need orders or morale checks.
Before the game assign orders to each detachment. Write down the following situations in this order:1.
If there are enemy within charge reach2.
If there are enemy within weapon range3.
If there are enemy within sight4.
In any other situation
For each of these situations choose a command from the following:
Charge -move between normal and charge rate towards the nearest enemy unit and enter close combat if possible
Capture - move between half and normal rate towards the nearest objective
Advance - move between half and normal rate towards nearest enemy and can fire on it during theadvance fire phase
First Fire - fire on nearest enemy in the first fire phase
Fall Back - move directly towards your own table edge, will not move towards any enemy
Ignore - ignore the situation described, go to the next situation
In each orders phase go through the list in order until a situation applies to at least one robot in the unit. Thenimplement the relevant orderScorpion Anti-Aircraft Gun by Clark Chang
Similar to the Tarantula, only that it fires once per round - but it can snap fire
Move or shoot - can be on charge (move up to 10cm, but not shoot) or first fire (not move, but shoot)Scouts
Epic 2
Edition Data Page 3
Infiltration - after all forces are set up for the game, you may move any or all of your scouts once at up to charge rate. Butyou cannot move them closer than 5cm to enemy troopsScythes of the EmperorThe Terminators automatically pass any morale checks that Tyranids may cause them to make. If the detachment is brokenthey must make a morale check as normalTarantula
Fires twice - once during first fire, once during advance
Move or shoot - can be on charge (move up to 10cm, but not shoot) or first fire (not move, but shoot)Tech-Marine
Command unit - standard rules apply
Any vehicles within 10cm (including super-heavies but not troop stands or cavalry) have an unmodified 5+ save if destroyed. Tech-Marines can save from the effects of Vortex, Warp Hunter and Plague Wind templates.Techmarines can also save vehicles destroyed in close combatThunderbolt FightersDo not combine barragesThunderhawk Gunship
Can carry a detachment of up to 6 stands. If the detachment consists of more than 6 stands, the stands can be splitbetween 2 Thunderhawks but they must be in formation.
Vehicles or bikes cannot be carried and any accompanying transports are lost, this does not affect the break point.Detachment must be placed in the Thunderhawk at the start of the game. Thunderhawks are not part of the unitsthey transport and can act independently. Standard rules for transport vehicles apply.
Thunderhawks can start the game off the table and can move on from your edge during any of your movementphases by placing all Thunderhawks that are entering the game that turn on your table edge and immediately giveit a charge or advance order. While in the air they can not be given first fire orders.
Once it has moved it may choose to remain airborne or land. It may take off in subsequent turns but it cannot landand take off in the same turn. Troops with jump packs may not disembark from a flying Thunderhawk.
While in the air it can only be shot at by units on first fire. Thunderhawks fly at medium level where terrain is nobarrier to shooting from or at a flying Thunderhawk.TitansAll Titans are single units exempt from chain of command and do not test morale. Warhounds fight separately. See Titanssection for details (when it's built, that is...)Vindicator Heavy Support Tank Thunderer cannon - ignores to hit modifiers for cover
TROOP TYPE Move Save CAF Weapons RangeAttackDiceTo HitSaveModifyNotes
 Space MarinesTacticalFlamerAssaultDevastatorScoutVeteranTerminatorGrey Knights1010151010101010------6+ f 6+ f +2+3+3+2+2+4+6+6BoltersFlamersPistols/SwordsHeavyWeaponsBolt PistolsBoltersStorm BoltersVarious5015257550502535111211225+4+5+5+5+5+4+4+000-100-1-1IgnoreCoverJumpPacksSpecialRulesCommand UnitsHQ Unit Terminator HQ Commander Chaplain Medic Librarian Tech-Marine Inquisitor 1010101010101010-6+ f -----4+ f +4+7+4+4+2+4+2+6Bolt PistolsStorm BoltersBolt PistolsBolt PistolsBolt PistolsBolt PistolsBolt PistolsVarious2525252525252535222211125+4+5+5+5+5+5+4+0-100000-1ArtilleryMole Mortar RapierScorpion TarantulaTarantula 5510 oc10 oc5------3-3-3-3-3Mole MortarLaserDestroyerLascannonsLascannonsThudd Gun150507575751 BP1112 BP.4+5+5+.0-1-2-20BarrageSnap FireFiresTwiceBarrage

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