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Stanislav Lunev on Russian Earthquake Weapon and Secret War Plans

Stanislav Lunev on Russian Earthquake Weapon and Secret War Plans

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Published by Freeman_ffe

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Freeman_ffe on Apr 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CIA Files
Stanislav Lunev – Defector reveals Russia’s secret war plans
Interview with Barry Farber  
New kinds of weapons seem to be coming out of Russia, here is a new one on me, maybea lot of other people, what is a
seismic weapon
and was is the Russian government doing toproduce them?
This is actually
artificial earthquake
, which could be
generated by special devices, whichincrease natural seismic waves
, which are under our (Earth’s) surface and
explode like
natural earthquake
with all following circumstances. Its actually, this weapon developmentwas in place for about more than 20 years and
in the mid of 80s there have been severalfields tests of this weapons and maybe you heard this Armenian city Spitak
was totallydestroyed.B: Good lord, dont tell me
that was a Soviet test? L:
It was
an accidental explosion
That was an
artificialy induced earthquake? L:
It was accidental explosion of earthquake which was generated by the test of seismicweapons.
 B: What about Russians production of chemical and biological weapons?
If i understand rightly, they continue this production, but most important that they
acceleratedresearch and development for the creation of new type of biological and chemicalweapons and not only this weapons steps because they are working very hard for low frequency radio waves weapons, for laser weapons and for other types of futureweapons systems.
 full text:
I‘m Barry Farber...When you ask somebody when he was in the service, he says 1941,you say oh, oh, he was at war, if he says, I was in in 1946, then you know he was enjoyingoccupation duty in some place like Germany or Japan, England or Okinawa, when somebodysays, he was in the service in the 1960s early 70s, you say oh, oh, he was in Vietnam, but bymid-70s he was in the peace time army. When you ask a russian spy, when he defected, andhe says 1992, you figure, oh well the cold war was over. Not so fast, not so fast. This can onlybe radio, this can‘t be television, because there is a price on Stan Lunevs head. Stan Lunev,colonel in the russian intelligence setup, defected after the cold war was allegedly over. ColonelLunev, welcome to these procedings, we cannot show your face, but we can certainly hear 
your voice and your message. When you defect, a top russian agent, you were debriefed bythe CIA, all listeners right now, it is as though you are sitting in a CIA briefing because you willhear exactly what the CIA and other American intelligence agencies have heared from
col. StanLunev
. First of all again, welcome to America.
Thank you
I would have said welcome to the free world, but we thought Russia was free in 1992.
Thank you, Barry, but you know to operate information which we have from liberal Americanpress, its not totaly correct, because cold war, we need to undersatnd what is it, it wasconfrontation between two great military powers and fortunately this confrontation does not existin the same form, which it existed for about 40 years, but look around instead of friendly Russiaor somekind of mystical partner China, just now America is facing to strategic military alliancebetween so called democratic Russia and totalitarian China, with tens of thousands of Russiannuclear war heards and actually unlimited numbers of Chinese ground forces, this alliance ismuch more dangerous than it has been in time of you already said cold war, plus now Russiaand China are now very active in establishemnt of partnership, strategic cooperation with suchcountries, like North Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Irak, Syria, Libya, Cuba, actually Venezuela, and inthe nearest time, if American politicans will not take some kind of appropriate policy accordingthis area, america will face to the coalition of powers, extremely hostile to the United States andto the western civilisation.
The United States borders Canada and there is all kind of cooperation between the UnitedStates and Canada, that doesn‘t threaten Russia or China, now turn the page, China andRussia have a very long border, what evidence do we have, that there is anything threatening tous going on between Russia and China
First of all, American people are not informed, that confrontation between former SovietUnion and China, which was based on ideological difficulties and differences, between twocommunist parties, doesn‘t exist anymore. Yes, in the 50s and 60s, there have been severalopen military conflicts between two countries, but they were based on ideological differencesbetween communist party of Soviet Union and Chinese communist party. After communistparty in Russia was removed from power, there is no ideological problems. This countries aredeveloping very close, economical, political and military cooperation during last ten years, anduntil now they reach level of strategic military alliance, which could not be directed to nowhere,it would be directed against America and American friends and allies worldwide, and this is realdanger for the United States national security.B: Is this your interpretation or are you aware as a former Russian spy that there is a deliberate,premeditated, forward moving, forward marching attempt, to take on the United States anddestroy the United States.L: Barry, you know how many billions of dollars Americans spent for the support of Russiandemocracy and free market economy, and of course American people, American taxpayer, theyare expecting something in return from Russia, but its not point of view of Russian government,because Russian government spent all this money received from the United States and thewest in total for their own purposes, deposited at private accounts in western banks, and theytried to explain Russian people why just now Russian people living so bad, and they repeathistory just like that, they told Russian people, by Russian government propaganda -you know,that from last month there is no any more independent press in Russia, everything is under 
control of government- and they are telling to Russian people, that they are living so bad, notbecause of corrupted government, but because of foreign enemy, Russian propaganda tried todeliver to Russian people idea that this foreign enemy which already destroyed former SovietUnion, destroyed Yugoslavia, organises separatist tension in Russian northern Caucasus, andnext step this foreign enemy would like to destroy mother Russia itself, they fix the fingers at theUnited States and American friends and allies, first of all by NATO organisation.B: Here you are Stan Lunev, first of all was it a difficult decision to defect, or did you intent todefect as soon as you saw your opening and bang, the opening came in 1992.L: Barry, it was a difficult decision, it was very difficult decision, and of course it was not like, just like that. But because you know my biography, that when I was young, I been a student of the ? school of military political academy in Moscow and I, like other students of this academy,had the privilige to work in the archives of Soviet Communist Party and when I worked inthese archives on my dissertation, I found out, that very well known leaders of internationalcommunism and socialism, they were actually insane, they were not normal people, I saw a lotof papers with hand written notes, when Lenin, Stalin, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotzky they sacrificemillions of Russian people, for mystical ideologial, which could not be realised, ideas, and after this I didn‘t work for any kind of ideology, I worked for my country only, until I came to the UnitedStates, where I found for myself that Soviet propaganda lied to me, to other Soviet people about America, American way of live, American society, about everything, so I changed my mind of course not in 1 day, in 2 days, but in some time my mind was dramatically changed.B: What are the 5 most important things, that you had to tell, not just the CIA but now the American people, about your experience, let‘s do this like a news room, which I‘m sure wouldplease the CIA, if they had it laid out formed, the 5 most important messages that Stan Lunev,Russian spy, now on our side, brings to the American people.L: Barry, I would like little bit continue previous question and answer, because when I came to America, I remember this date, it was August 18, 1988, when I fly by Aeroflot flight from NewFoundland to Washington D.C., and Soviet propaganda explained to me and to other Sovietpeople, that America as a leader of international imperialism, is living very different way of livethan Soviet union...B: Was that your first taste of the west 1988?L: Yes, and they explained us, that in the United States only few people living very good life andother people living very bad and need to work very hard, to support these rich people to becomemore and more rich, and when I fly from New Foundland to Washington, I found that a lot of lights are coming from the ground and I asked my neighbor please put yourself on my place,american people living very bad, they need to work very hard, they need to save everything,so my question was, is it reflection lights from solar battery or something like this ones, andfor my surprise my neighbor who fly here several times, he told me no, its not solar batteries,they are swimming pools. If you can see thousands of swimming pools only from one windowof one airplane, so American people are not living so bad like Soviet propaganda told us, andit was some kind of eyeopener, that in the United States, really there is a limited number of very rich people, there is number of people who are living very bad, but between them there ishuge middle class, who live in this country not bad, and I would like to say, that major treasureof America is this middle class, and this middle class needs to unterstand, that as a base of fortress for the western democracy, this class has to be as a developed as a very important and

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