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Jewish Elemental Symbols and Correspondences

Jewish Elemental Symbols and Correspondences

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Published by Ketzirah
More information about this Jewish elemental correspondence list can be found at http://www.peelapom.com/spiritual-practices/elements-of-judaism
More information about this Jewish elemental correspondence list can be found at http://www.peelapom.com/spiritual-practices/elements-of-judaism

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Ketzirah on Apr 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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 Jewish Elemental Symbols and Correspondences
Elements, (CC) Daryl Sim
 The concept of the elements as building blocks for creation has a long-standinghistory in Judaism. It is found in the Sefer Yetzirah, the Zohar, and even Maimomedesutilizes this concept. There are four bodies (
), and they are fire (
), air (
), water(
), and earth (
). They are the foundation of all that is createdbeneath the firmament.
Maimomedes as found on Telshemesh.org
We can take these elements at face value or we can dig deeper. These lists of correspondences are just a beginning to understanding the elements and how to workwith them in our spiritual practices. For each element I’ve assigned a season, a timeof day, a form of the Divine, Patriarchs, Matriarchs, ritual actions, mythical beings,Kabbalistic world, form of being, level of the soul, and more. Many of these arecompiled from traditional sources, and some are my own associations. You’ll noticethat Fire and Water have two options for directions; this is because their locationsseem to vary depending on the Jewish source you read. Along with the four traditionalelements, I’ve also added a fifth – center or void. This is common in many traditions,and I think has always been the unspoken element in Jewish tradition. All thecorrespondences for Aether (center) are my own.
South/North, Summer, Noon, Burning Bush / Pillar of Fire, Strength,Issac, Rebekah, Candles (Sabbath, Havdalah, Yahrtzeit, Chanukiah, Menorah) Ner Tamid, Bonfire of Lag B’Omer Burning Chametz, Sun, Gabriel, Gold, Priesthood, DivineConnection, Cooking, Aaron, Staves, Burnt Offerings, Letters on Parchment,Salamander, Myrtle, Phoenix (
 Job 29:18), Snakes, Spiritual authority, Light, Atzilut,Existing, Chayah (level of the soul), Divine connection
םיִ מַ
North/South, Winter, Midnight, Well of Miriam, Love, Sarah,Abraham, Silver, Michael, Mikvah, Washing, Dipping Greens in Salt Water atPassover, Tashlich, Bat Yah, Moses, The “Whale”, Water libation, Willow Branches,Reeds, Sea of Reeds, Wine, Miriam, Joseph, Noah, Annointing oil, Divination, Intuition,Dreams, Willow Branches, Lotus flowers, Water lillies, Emotions, Leviathin,Darkness, Yetzirah, Feeling, Ruach (level of soul), Creativity
רפָ עָ
West, Autumn, Sunset, Ten Commandments, Raphael, Shekhinah,Rachel, David, Iron, Challah, Salt, Lulav, Etrog, Fruit, Flowers on Shavuot, Trees andtree planting, burying foreskin, earth in coffin, burying sacred texts, shoveling earthon grave, building of stone altars (cairns), bones, gardens, fields, Ruth, Boaz, theShofar (not blown), Stones, Behomot, Life, Assiyah, Doing, Nefesh (level of soul),Resources we Consume
חַ ור
East, Spring, Dawn, Cloud of Glory, Balance, Leah, Jacob,Bronze/Copper, Uriel, Scent, Incense, Blowing of Shofar, Besamin, Sukkah, Greggors,Singing, Chanting, Speech, Spoken Prayer, Dancing, Breath, Blades/Knives (air feedsfire), Tzipporah, Inspiration, Imagination, Bells on Priestly garmets, Keturah, Tzovah,Ziz (aka Renanim, Sekewi), Cloud of Glory, Judith, Solomon, Joshua,Wisdom, Briah, Thinking, Neshamah (level of soul), Community
למַ שׁ חַ
Center, Void, Sabbath, Mt. Sinai, Wilderness,Liminal Space, Transformation, Gestation, Calendars, Mishkan, Temple, Passover Table, Seder Plate, Garden of Eden, Mystery, Sheol, Shamayim, HaSatan, Lilith, Sound
Carly Lesser (Ketzirah) © 2012 / 5772www.peelapom.comhttp://www.peelapom.com/spiritual-practices/elements-of-judaism

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