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Quran Solution

Quran Solution



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Published by Riaz Ahemad
Quran Solution to Mankind
Quran Solution to Mankind

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Riaz Ahemad on May 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 And We send down of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to thosewho believe (inIslamicMonotheism and act on it), and it increases theZaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers) nothing but loss” [Quran Al-Isra’17:82]“Recite solely for the pleasure of Allah”NoSurah NameBENEFITS FROM SURAHS OF QURANTotalVerses1Surah Al-FatihahCUREDISEASEHadhrat 'Abdul Malik bin Umair (Radhiyallahoanho) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihewasallam)said, "In surah Fatihah there is a curefor all ailments."it has Shifa (Medicinal effect) for all diseaseseither physical or spiritual blow on patients tohealThe Prophet (pbuh) it is more beloved to methan entire world.2. The recitation of Surah Al-Fatiha 111 timesduring the late portion of the night, will-lnshaAllah-be very effective in acquiring Rizq.72Surah Al-Baqara
Last twoAyat helpsto grantduas1:- Ayat al kursi, and last two ayahs of Surahbaqarah every night before goingto sleep, Allahwill make hardships easier and this ayah willprotect youThe Holy Prophet said to Abdullah ibn Masoodthat there are ten Ayat in Surah Baqarah suchthat if any person who recites them satan(Evil)& jinns will not enter in his house & he and hisfamily will be safeguarded from all kind of difficulties & diseases, if the these is blown overa insane person he will get right.These ten Ayatsare 4 Ayats of beginning, three Ayats from themiddle i.e Ayatul Kursi and the last three Ayats286
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of Surah Baqarah.Recite for profit in Wealth andto refrain from Iblis influenceNarrated Abdullah Bin Umar (Allah be wellpleased with him) that our beloved Holy Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) has said,"that if anyone dies amongst you then do notkeep it, send it towards the Kabr, and afterburying it, Stand before its head side and
the first Ruku of "Surah Bakarah", i.e.from Alif Laam Meem Zaalikal Kitaab to HumulMuflihoon; and recite by it's feet side the lastRuku of "Surah Bakarah", i.e. From Aamanarrasoolu till the end of the Surah, Fansurna alalqumil kaafireen. (Mishkaat). Ata' ibn Abi Rabah (Allah be well pleased withhim) said: I heard Ibn `Umar (Allah be wellpleased with him) say: I heard the Holy Prophetsay: "When one of you dies do not tarry, butmake haste and take him to his grave, and letsomeone read at his head the opening of SurahBaqarah, and at his feet its closure when he liesin the grave." (Tabarani) Narrated in a Hadith that the Prophet (pbuh)saidthat Allah has concluded Surah Baqarah on thosetwo Ayats which has been revealed upon mefrom the treasury situated below the heavens.(Mustadrak Hakim,Baihaqi)2:-For
Kidney or Pancreas stones, recite ayat no74(wainna…tamaloon) 41 times & blow on waterand drink it daily. InshAllah the stones will beremoved.3:-Involved in Evils:- If a person neglects hisreligion or is involved in evils one should reciteayat no 5,(aulaaeka….muflihoon) 101 times for41 days, blow on water & make him drink it.Insha-Allah it will be beneficial.4:-To remove the fear of An Army:- If someonefears an enemy or a harmful animal, recite Ayatno18(Swumum….yarjiaun) 7 times and blow onhis chest.InshAllah the fear will vanish.
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5:-For Stain or Mark on the body:-recite Ayat no71(Musalamat-ul la shiyata feehaa) 41 times ,blow on medicines & apply on the mark.InshaAlah the mark /stains will be removed.6:-For Dislocation of Naval:- when someone’snavel is dislocated, recite Al-Bakra Ayat no178(zalika takhfeefum minar rabikum warahmat) & tie it around the navel.InshaAllah hewill be cured.7. Ayat no 72-73 for chest painsAyat no 107 recite for 3 times for shoulders.Ayatul Kursi for eyesAyat no 165 on sweet and feed displeasedpersonLife, property and family protected if recitefirst 4 ayaat+ayatul kursi+last 3 ayaatShade on Qiyama if recited with Aali Imran.3Surah Al-i'Imran1:-To cure Blood Pressure, Recite ayat no 134daily for 101 times, InsahAllah he will certainlyget its benefit.(wal-kazimina…muhsinin)2:-When Something is Lost:- recite Ayat no-9(Rabbanaa…..almeaada) in state of wuzu.InshAllah that item will be found.3:-Afflicted with A Difficulty:-If someone isafflicted by a difficulty then recite Ayat no-173(Hasbunaa Allahu waniamal wakeel)abundantly.InshAllaj it will be removed.4. Fertility treatment for women, Ayat 8 & 9 formigraines.Ayat 145 for backache.If recited on Friday, rahmat of Allah and angelsask forgiveness for recite.Increase in sustenance if worn .2004Surah An-NisaaRecite 7 times for love between two people.Safety from squeezing in the grave176
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