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Bones and Cartilages of the Head and Neck.doc

Bones and Cartilages of the Head and Neck.doc

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Published by yachiru121

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Published by: yachiru121 on May 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anatomy Tables - Bones and Cartilages of the Headand Neck - Listed Alphabetically
a pyramid shapedcartilage locatedon the superior margin of thecricoid lamina paired; each isconnected to theepiglottis above viathe aryepiglottic m.and to the thyroidcartilage anteriorlyvia the vocalligament; pairedarytenoid cartilagesare pulled together (adducted) by thearytenoid m.
a small cartilagelocated on theapex of thearytenoidcartilagecorniculate cartilageis found in the baseof the aryepiglotticfold; it is yellowelastic cartilage
the inferior & posteriocartilage of thelarynx; it forms acompletecartilaginousring; its arch projectsanteriorly and itslamina is broadand flat posteriorlyconnected: above tothe thyroid cartilagevia the inferior hornof the thyroidcartilage, to theconus elasticus, tothe arytenoidcartilages which sitatop the lamina;connected below tothe first trachealring via thecricotrachealligament
smallcartilaginousnodule located inthe aryepiglotticfoldcuneiform cartilageis yellow elasticcartilage
the superior partof the larynxepiglottic cartilageis covered by amucous membrane
delicate bonelocated betweenthe two orbitshighly pneumatized bone that containsthe ethmoid air cells; forms thefragile medial wallof the orbitcribriform plateperforated portion of ethmoid bone oneither side of thecrista galli perforated for  passage of theolfactory nervescrista gallisuperior midline projection of theethmoid boneinto the anterior cranial fossa; itarises betweenthe cribriform plates"cock's comb";anterior anchor  point of the falxcerebri perpendicular  platemidline process projectinginferiorly into thenasal cavityforms the superior  part of the bonynasal septumsuperior nasalconchamedial projectionof the ethmoid bone from thesuperolateralwall of the nasalcavityforms the superior nasal meatus belowit and thesphenoethmoidalrecess above itmiddle nasal portion of the forms the superior 
conchaethmoid bonethat projectsinferomediallyfrom the lateralwall of the nasalcavitynasal meatus aboveit and the middlenasal meatus (whichoverlies the bullaethmoidalis andhiatus semilunaris) below it bulla ethmoidalisroundedelevation on thelateral wall of thenasal cavitylocated under cover of the middle nasalconcha; middleethmoidal air cellsdrain at its apexethmoidal air cells pneumatizedspaces (3-18 innumber) withinthe ethmoid bone; located between theorbitsthree groups may beidentified: anterior (drain into thehiatus semilunarisin the middle nasalmeatus), middle(drain onto the apexof the bullaethmoidalis in themiddle nasalmeatus), posterior (drain into thesuperior nasalmeatus)ethmoidalforamen, anterior opening in themedial wall of the orbittransmits anterior ethmoidal vesselsand nerveethmoidalforamen, posterior opening in themedial wall of the orbittransmits posterior ethmoidal vesselsand nervehiatussemilunarisgroove in theethmoid portionof the lateralnasal wall between theuncinate process below and bullareceives thefrontonasal ductanterosuperiorly,opening of themaxillary sinus posteroinferiorly,and the openings of 

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