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Published by Santhosh Kumar

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Published by: Santhosh Kumar on May 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SAP AMERICAModerator: Margaret AndersonJune 21, 2001/10:00 a.m. CDTPage 1
SAP AMERICAJune 21, 200110:00 a.m. CDT
CoordinatorAt the request of SAP America, this call is being recorded for transcription purposes. If there are any objections, you may disconnect at this time. Iwould now like to introduce the moderator for today’s call, Mr. RonSilberstein. Sir, you may begin.R. SilbersteinThank you, Kelly. Hello, this is Ron Silberstein from the BW Rig in theUS. We’ll be presenting another know how network conference call today.Today, we are joined by Amelia Lo, also from the BW Rig in the US. Andshe’ll be talking about the topic of BW and HR - human resources, sometip, tricks and things you might want to know about using HR with BW.We also are expecting some development colleagues to join us, Alex Hofer and Stefan Mueller. So we’ll see if they’ll be able to join the call as well.So the format of the call will be a brief presentation 20-25 maybe 30minutes, depending on what we cover. And at the end of that time, then
SAP AMERICAModerator: Margaret AndersonJune 21, 2001/10:00 a.m. CDTPage 2
we’ll open up the floor. If there are questions, please feel free to ask themand we’ll see what we can do about answering them. And now I’ll turn thecall over to Amelia Lo to present the topic.A. LoGood morning. Thank you, Ron. Good morning, everybody, and welcome to the BWknow how conference call. I hope you all had an opportunity to downloadthe presentation material from the SAPNet BW Web page. In case youhaven’t, the presentation material can be found at www.service.sap.com/bw,where you can find the link to the know-how conference call under specialservice folder. Today’s presentation is listed under the title of BW HR implementation tips and hints.Within the next 25 minutes, I will review the following five topics.1.One, I will talk about the BW HR content strategy and what iscoming up.2.Number two, I’ll give you an update on what is the latest inupcoming business content in the BW HR arena.3.Number three, I will review a new function related to BW Hauthorization. That is one of the most frequently inquiredfunctionalities for HR authorization in the past.4.Number four; what is new in HR analytics and benchmarking area.
SAP AMERICAModerator: Margaret AndersonJune 21, 2001/10:00 a.m. CDTPage 3
5.Last, but not least, I will review the tips and hints for efficient HBW implementations. Now, if you would turn to page three of your presentation material, the general BW Hcontent development strategy is basically to continue providing R/3extractors for the sub-functional area in HR, provide integration with other functional components and for industry specific business contents. We alsoare focused on providing HR analytics for enhanced analytical capabilitywithin business intelligence and in the SAP portals arena.For the new standard business content in R3, HR development is not only enhancingextractors for additional functional components. We are adding countryspecific contents, providing cross-functional integration, and provide newdata sources to improve the performance, the flexibility, and also added oneof the most requested functionalities as I mentioned. It’s called BW/HR structural authorizations.HR is probably the first R3 functional component providing data source to bring R/3authorization objects into BW environment. This is done through bringingthe R3 HR structural authorizations. Hopefully, you have installed that if you want to use this functionality to extract it into the BW environment.

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