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Assisted Suicideds or Euthanasia

Assisted Suicideds or Euthanasia

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Published by Saami Malik
Euthanasia can be defined as the way of relieving from severe and intolerable pain through some deadly agent.
Euthanasia can be defined as the way of relieving from severe and intolerable pain through some deadly agent.

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Published by: Saami Malik on May 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Euthanasia can be defined as the way of relieving from severe and intolerable painthrough some deadly agent. Researches revealed that in many countries euthanasia have beenpracticing frequently. According to the survey countries like US and are Belgium are practicingeuthanasia. Different cultures have different rational and irrational justifications for theacceptance of euthanasia or assisted suicide. Greeks were the first one who derived the wordeuthanasia, meaning; good death. Some cultures believe that to choose death for oneself is rightof a person (Philippa Foot 85).The issue of 
Euthanasia is
under discussion in the field of 
According to theresearchers some cultures give freedom to die whether from natural way or to get relieved fromunbearable pain. They can also choose a medicated way to end up their lives. According to theauthor an argument has reflected that it is not just the matter of personal choice to choose theway a person wants to die, but in euthanasia there is a need of another person to practicallyimplement the particular way to end-
up one’s life
(Philippa Foot 85).In many civilized societies it is considered to be an act, which is against the laws andmedical norms because it has reduced the human life importance. Some cultures emphasize theconcept that death of human is considered as totally a natural process. Euthanasia will allow aperson to handle and control the other factors such as the place, the time to be dead or the wayhe/she wants to die (Philippa Foot 86).
Euthanasia leads to a silent death to the people who choose their own way to end-up their livesin order to gain relief from unbearable pain. Doctors and physicians feel that it is theirfundamental responsibility to give relief and painless life to their patients. To heal their wounds
and to give them soothing treatment to those pains that could be relief only by death. The cure togive less painful death is euthanasia and it has been argued that it is immoral and unethicalpractice to give this type of treatment. The (CEJA) Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairsconcluded after an open discussion that the euthanasia can be adopted as one of the ways of treatment for different patients, their level of fatal diseases, and the pain they are suffering from(Philippa Foot 87).According to the American Medical Association (AMA) in the
Code of Medical Ethics,
two points of views were described about the treatment providing ways to attain the death. Thefirst step is to give euthanasia death to the patient, who allows the other person to give himtreatment to give relief from painful and uncontrollable condition of life. The other way is
physician-Assisted suicide
in which the patient’s doctor or his physician would recommend or 
give him a treatment
to finish patient’s life. This could provoke the patient to become agree on
the acts which would end-up his life. The research has points out that these both attitudes are notrecommended or are against to the profession of doctors (Philippa Foot 88).Other issues are related to ethical values of cultures and the norms practiced in thosecultures. Euthanasia is also considered equivalent to murder someone. In the context of euthanasia, there are two views, the
traditional views.
James Rachels, aphilosopher
favors the libertarian view. According to him there is no such difference between thetwo forms of euthanasia, i.e.
active euthanasia
passive euthanasia
(James Rachels 79).The
traditional view
demonstrates that there is a very distinct and clear differencebetween the active and passive euthanasia on the basis of moral values and norms practiced.

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