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May 29 2012 Hampton Herald WEB

May 29 2012 Hampton Herald WEB

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Published by Ossekeag

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Published by: Ossekeag on May 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 12, No. 21 www.ossekeag.ca May 29, 2012
Delivered free, reachingover
Residentsacross SouthernNew Brunswick everytwo weeks!
Hampto Hrald
Sussx Hrald
Vally Viwr
Sponsored by Ossekeag Publishing
 Relay For Life
June 9th, 2012
Beth Herron 832-7158 jbeth@nbnet.nb.ca
Come see what all the excitement is about. Join the many teamswho will be staying up all night to show that cancer never sleeps, soneither will we! Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life SaturdayJune 9 at Hampton High School Soccer Field 7:00 PM
Hampton Herald May 29, 2012 2 www.osseea.ca
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Pblished BiWeely Net Isse: Jne 12Deadline: Jne 5
By Mike Hickey
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With thousands o readers, there has to be at least two people whoare interested in tractor articles. So I need just one person besidesmysel and we are good to go!!Te workhorse o my small tractor eet, is my second oldest, butat 32 years old, it is still going strong and is my go-to tractor orthe heavy work. It’s the one that ventures o o the woods road toblaze new trails and to haul out wood. It is also the only tractorthat has the space to carry the many items needed or the hard jobs.My chainsaw sits in a case out on one rear ender, while an axesits inside the cabin beside my seat. Outside on the loader, I havea bracket to hold my peavey or moving logs or trees around i needed. Until I nd a logging winch or wench, I have a 20 plusoot hunk o chain hanging o brackets on the other side o theloader. Also hanging o the loader are lopping shears or trimmingbranches (instead o using chainsaw), a two-ton manual winch orhauling me (hopeully) out o places I shouldn’t have been, and ashovel (or sel burial i nothing else works)!!Inside the cab, I have a hard hat with ace shield, that I shoulduse but never do, two or three pairs o gloves, a small maul-likehammer (protection rom coyotes and angry wie), numerousbolts and pins, tools and a airly short eight oot chain, along withgas and chain oil or my chainsaw.Te tractor started out lie weighing a little over 4,000 lbs butnow weighs somewhere in the vicinity o 120,000 lbs and canbarely move (just kidding)!!It is amazing, when I think about it. With all o the problems in theworld both near and ar, why would I write about a tractor?? Wellor one thing, tractors aren’t depressing!! One o the great thingsabout our publications is that with possibly a rare exception, allo the news is positive. And believe me, that can be very hard tond today. While there is nothing wrong with getting the “real”news on lie, a continuous barrage o bad news is depressing andso people begin to eel hopeless about the uture and that there isnothing that can be done.Fortunately, our publications are just loaded with people andorganizations being very busy trying to solve at least some o theworld’s problems and believe me, that is a good thing. Changealmost never occurs out o depression, but rather hope andinspiration.
Hampton Herald May 29, 2012 3 www.osseea.ca
(8) Bob Nolan had one child – Roberta Irene (Bobbie”) Nolan.She was an issue rom his rst marriage. She married KenCoburn. [Earl Nolan, brother o Bob Nolan, “had one daughterand so the line o the ‘Nolan’ name, borrowed by Harry B. Noblesin 1917, has become extinct.”](9) Roberta Irene (“Bobbie”) Nolan had one son; his name isCalin Ray Coburn. He is Bob Nolan’s only grandson. Calin wasborn in 1953. On the computer site Calin has established onereads: “Bobbie had planned to name her son Colin Coburn.Just as he wanted his music to be dierent rom everyone else’s,Bob wanted his grandson to be dierent, too, and he suggestedshe change the spelling but not the pronunciation o the name.‘Just to be dierent,’ he told her. Bobbie spelled the name o herson C-a-l-i-n. His ather, Ken, was a handsome and personableyoung man rom a large amily in Arkansas.”(10) Calin Ray Coburn has three children: Cayleen Coburn,Miles Ray Coburn, Connor Nolan Coburn.Our series, “Hempstead, Hateld Point, HollywoodConnections”, has centered on Bob Nolan (born ClarenceRobert Nobles). He spent three years o his early lie at HateldPoint with his paternal grandparents. It was his music in lateryears or which he will be remembered.Research reveals the ollowing – Bob Nolan “wrote songs thatwere entirely original – oen pure poetry set to unusual anddicult melodies. An admirer once told Bob that he painted theWest – and his brush was music.”Bob’s only grandson, Calin Coburn, once wrote: “Bob was notas complicated a man as you might think. His lie was devotedto one person – himsel. Bob was Bob. An island unto himsel.Bob was internal. Bob was just writing music, enjoying his lie,making songs, making words. And the way they go together isthe gi o Bob to us.”Why not dig out your old records, cassettes and discs andenjoy a ew songs o Bob Nolan and the “Sons o the Pioneers”?Remember he had a Kings County connection.Sources: or “Hempstead Hateld Point – HollywoodConnections”: Canada Census – 1901 Census o SpringeldParish, Kings Co.,NB; Canada Census– 1911 Census o Winnipeg Manitoba;www.bobnolan-sop.net; Spragg Genealogy (see Internet – “Sprague Database – Te Sprague Project”);Wright, Esther Clark. Te Loyalists o New Brunswick, 1956;Sprague/Spragg Family … genealogy at the Kings County Museum, Hampton; Graham, Ernest G. C., Mills, Hills andEarly Settlers o Springeld Parish, Kings., NB; Graham, ErnestG. C. Education 1792-1970 in Springeld, NB; Kings County Retired eachers Association. Early Schools in Kings County,New Brunswick. 1985; “Roy Rogers Jr. and Special Guest DustinRoy Rogers”; live perormance in Branson, Missouri, October2011. [At this perormance I had an opportunity to talk withRoy Jr., Dustin (grandson o the original Roy Rogers) and othermembers o the cast. Also in the audience that day were two menwho had been part o “Te Sons o the Pioneers” in earlier days.In Branson the current “Sons o the Pioneers” were perormingat a dinner theatre. “Te Sons” will be perorming in westernCanada in 2012. … DGK]; Johnson, Daniel. “New Brunswick Newspaper vital Statistics” (Internet); Files o Hateld PointSchool Registers (private source).
A Roast Bee Supper will be held at the Markhamville Hall (o Rte 111) on
Snday, Jne 3
rom 3:30-6:00pm. Cost or thesupper is $10/adults and $5/children.

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