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Board Informative - Health Graduation Requirements 6-6-2012

Board Informative - Health Graduation Requirements 6-6-2012

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Published by smf 4LAKids
LAUSD Informative from Superintendent to Board of Education re: Health Graduation Requirements 6-6-2012
LAUSD Informative from Superintendent to Board of Education re: Health Graduation Requirements 6-6-2012

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Published by: smf 4LAKids on Jun 08, 2012
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requirement through a different option such as embedding the state required HIV/AIDSprevention education into Physical Education or Biology.ChronologyJune, 2009: An Inter-Office Correspondence was issued from the former Chief Academic Officer to allhigh school principals regarding “Options to Fulfill Graduation Requirements”(ATTACHMENT A). Principals were given the option to fulfill the Health requirementusing various options including providing an online option, providing summer schoolopportunities, or by meeting the state requirement of providing HIV/AIDS preventioneducation by a trained professional.As a result there was considerable concern from Health advocacy groups voiced aboutthis additional flexibility provided to schools. Subsequent communication to high schoolsthen retracted that flexibility and the LAUSD continued to require Health as a courserequirement.Dec., 2009: Pilots schools, through the MOU with the UTLA (ATTACHMENT B), are “exempt from allBoard rules and District policies.” This afforded the pilot schools flexibility whendeveloping their master schedules. Many of our pilot schools exercise their ability to fulfillthe Health requirement through the HIV/AIDS prevention education option.May 7, 2010: Reference Guide 5100.0 (ATTACHMENT C) provided guidelines for providing credit forHealth if schools choose to exercise the non-course options available to them. This guidewas pulled on June 5, 2012 because it contains language that is confusing to the field.May 21, 2010: An Inter-Office Correspondence (ATTACHMENT D) from the former Chief AcademicOfficer was issued to High School Principals re-iterating that,
“Health is and continues to be a graduation requirement 
”. It further stated,
“There should be no elimination of Health classes in the master schedule. There should be no reduction in Health teachers.” 
 However, in the same correspondence, schools were provided flexibility to meet therequirement with various options. The Board of Education was copied on thiscorrespondence.Feb. 11, 2011: Bulletin-5185.0 provides the graduation requirements for the class of 2012 and 2013.Bulletin-5186.0 provides graduation requirement guidelines for the class of 2014 and2015. Both bulletins state students must meet the Health requirement as a 5 creditcourse or equivalent (i.e. pre-approved adult school class or college class).June 2011: A letter from the former Chief Academic Officer to the Chief Executive Officer of thePartnership for Los Angeles Schools (PLAS) (ATTACHMENT E) provided the NetworkPartner schools flexibility to meet the Health requirement through various options.Recommendation:At this point in the year, schools have finalized their budgets, established their masterschedules, made tentative teacher assignments, and have followed existing courseHealth guidelines for the 2012-13 school year. The District will continue to allow schoolsthat are electing to choose an alternate option for meeting the Health requirement tocontinue.
LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICTInter-Office CorrespondenceINFORMATIVETo: High School Principals DATE: June 22, 2009From: Judy Elliott, Chief Academic OfficerRe: Options to Fulfill Graduation Requirements
The purpose of this Informative is to provide Principals with information regarding flexibility forproviding students opportunities for intervention while fulfilling graduation requirements. Theflexibility in graduation requirement is based on data and the belief that it is critical to providestruggling students grade level access to core subject areas during the day. Currently, theadditional graduation requirements in LAUSD preclude our student’s access to interventioncourses to better prepare students for A-G requirements, pass the CAHSEE and successfullygraduate from high school college and career ready.
With the opening of the 2008-09 school year, all 9
grade students were requiredto be enrolled in A-G coursework leading to the completion of all A-G requirements bygraduation. By 2016, all graduating seniors must successfully complete all A-G requirements.Repeatedly this year, data has shown that upwards to 69% of our 9
graders are not beingsuccessful in A-G classes. It is imperative we provide supplemental intervention opportunitiesfor these students in order to reteach, preteach, and front load standards-based content for thesestudents.
As you are well aware, high schools’ master programs face severe scheduling restrictions inproviding academic intervention during the day for students. There are three immediatemandates that all high schools face in creating master programs:1) LAUSD Graduation Requirements (Bulletin No. 307 – Attachment A),2) A-G Requirements (Attachment B), and3) CST testing schedules and requirements.The additional LAUSD Graduation Requirements (20 credits) are notA-G aligned. Additionally, CST testing schedules place restriction on when students must takecertain courses.These restrictions become problematic for many of our high schools where, according to data,there is a high need for academic intervention classes needed to be offered during the day forstudents performing below grade level. For example, in 4-years during a six period day, thereare only 5 or 6 elective opportunities for students to complete A-G courses and take additionalgraduation requirements, leaving little to no opportunity for intervention courses.

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