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NGFFL Minutes June 2012

NGFFL Minutes June 2012

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Published by Patrick McIntyre

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Published by: Patrick McIntyre on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NGFFL Minutes: 12 June 2012
7.30-9:00pm Eastern
Thurman Williams (DC), Patrick McIntyre (DC), Shane Kinkennon (DEN), LanceBurage (ATL), Sam Lehman (NYC), Phil Clawson (BOS), Chris Cormier (DC), Jared Garduno (PHX)
Shawn Albritton (CHI)
7.34: Meeting Commences (Shane)
Shane read mission and vision
 7.40: Treasurer's Report (Sam)
Everyone has paid other than Seattle and Dallas
Couple of expenditures: fee to the bank, and Hall of Fame trophies
Sam would like to put a budget together for 2013; asked board members to anticipateexpenses moving forward
Shane: New bylaws require us to have an operating budget in place every year by a
specific date. We didn’t do it this year because we still don’t have a sense of what we
should be spending money on. We need to do it next
Sam: Typically, leagues like ours take care of things inside the lines at the tournament;host cities take care of things outside the lines
Jared: It would be good to have an emergency reserve fund; current balance could gotowards that
Shane: Let’s start thinking about how we want to organize and designate our resources
moving forward
 7.44: Gay Bowl XII Update (Thurman)
Early registration deadline is 30 June | $600 flat fee | After 30 June, $600 for 15 + $40 perperson above 15
Team deadline: 15 August
Individual deadline: 30 August
Jared: What’s the fee for guests?
Thurman: $25 per guest
Jared: Team fee in DC was $400. Now it’s $600. Should the Board weigh in on someparameters here? It’s getting pretty pricey.
Shane: Maybe we should revise our RFP on this issue.
Thurman: Parameters make sense, but there’s a tension with convincing cities to actuallyhost. We should be thankful that they’re actually taking on the task 
Jared: Moving forward, perhaps host city should have a conversation with the Board toweigh the pros and cons
7.51: Second Teams (Thurman)
We’re up to 20 cities who have paid dues
Now we’re looking at any potential new cities; there don’t appear to be any at the moment
 At current count, Boston and LA make the cut for second teams (plus DEN, DC, SD, PHX,NYC, and CHI)
Chris: There is movement in Dallas about a Gay Bowl team formed around their new localleague. Lubbock has not been responsive of late
a disappointment but understandable
Shane: Can we possible extend this?
Thurman: We already have, and we need to be fair about the cities that are waiting
PMc: Could we award BOS and LA, and potential expand to 30 if Dallas can do it (andopen up another slot for a current city)?
Lance: Thinks we should award now. It would not require additional officials for a 30-team field, nor would it take additional fields
Phil: We really should work to support Dallas given MillerCoors investment; Chris agrees;Shane wants to leverage this to help start a league there
Shane: Let’s award when we say we would (two days), and continue to work Dallas. We
can expand appropriately if needs be
8.10: Waiver Wire (Thurman)
If there are players that want to be released, those emails have to go back and forthbetween city leaders by the end of this month
Thurman referenced the bylaws
Waiver Wire: Player in question will be available to B teams only, lowest seed to thehighest seed
Jared: This is the worst-case scenario. We really want city leaders to work it out amongstthemselves
Thurman: Waiver Wire is designed as a solution of last resort
PMc: Do we have a mechanism to link individuals to teams in need of players outside anycontentious issues?
Thurman: We’ve handled that informally and ad hoc. Unlike voll
eyball, this is about citycompetition, not individual facilitation
Thurman will supply a draft email to PMc for city leader distribution
8.21: Task Force Changes (Thurman)
 Virtually every city has been contacted. Feedback has been great. Great excitement.There are some isolated concerns (straight-line seeding), but that was from only one city.Thurman put it out for discussion: Board does not think we should revisit our unanimousvote
Educating the Player Community: Shane put together a one-pager/flyer. Thurman: Makessense to put something in the 2MD, as well have a conference call or two to explain thechanges
Thurman will supply quotes from city leaders to PMc concerning the merits of the plan forthe 2MD story
8.29: GBXIII Hosts (Thurman)
No luck yet in finding a host
Jared has been reaching out to some folks about it. PHX might be looking into it
Jared: What about the Women’s Division? Thurman: Task Force took it up. Does not feel
it can support the additional population moving forward. Happy to support the women if they step up and own their division moving forward, but the Task Force does not feelequipped to lead this outside of Denver moving forward
Phil is harassing Boston about it. Also asked about Columbus/Cleveland in 2014. Shane ismeant to speak to Cleveland about that soon
We might explore getting volunteers to with non-member cities to host as well
8.40: Rules (Lance)
 All changes passed but the three-point try
Shane would like share the spreadsheet created by Lance
8.42: Hall of Fame (Jared)
We should have a call associated with Gay Bowl info in the near future
Joe is planning to have enshrinement at closing ceremonies
PMc created a new page on www.ngffl.com to honor those enshrined
8.44: Member-City Bylaws (Shane)
Our bylaws demand that we collect specific bylaws from members cities
Shane wants to start this process early
Jared: This requirement is spurring member cities to move in the right direction, i.e. SoFla,Michigan, and Cleveland are working on theirs. Stated that cities are understanding theneed for accountability

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