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Profil of Aisyiyah

Profil of Aisyiyah

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Published by Muhammad Zaki

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Published by: Muhammad Zaki on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Aisyiyah is a Muhammadiyah women movement born almost at the same time with the birth of biggestIslamic organization in Indonesia. By one century of its development in Indonesia, nowadays 'Aisyiyah hasowned 33 Regional Boards (provincial level), 370 Regency Boards (regency level), 2,332 District Boards(district level), and 6924 Sub-district Boards (sub-district level).Besides, 'Aisyiyah also has charity works carrying out many programs in various sectors, those are :education, health, social welfare, economy and social productivity. There are 4560 charity works ineducation including Play Group, Early Age Children Education, Kindergarten, Children Entrusting Place,Elementary School, Junior High School, and many others.While there are 280 charity works in health including Hospital, Maternity Hospital, Health Center of Mother and Children, Medical Clinic and Integrated Service Post spread all over Indonesia. As a movement concerning with social welfare, 'Aisyiyah nowadays also has more or less 459 charityworks in this sector including Homeless Children Transit Hoise, Orphanage, Social Sympathetic Fund,Cadaver Treatment Team and Intergrated Service Post.
'Aisyiyah realizes that Indonesian women’s dignity wi
ll not be improved without the progress of economyability among the women. That is why, various charity works in economy productivity are developed,including
cooperation, Baitul Maal wa Tamwil, shop/stall, 'Aisyiyah Family’s Economy Business
Establishment, Save-Borrow, Home Industry, Skill Course, and Regular Social Gathering. There are 503amounts of this charity works.'Aisyiyah as the biggest religious women organization in Indonesia also has various programs basedon social productivity especially the awareness of the Indonesian Moslem social life. There are 3785programs including religious preaching,
Qoryah Thayyibah
, Association of Hajj Guidance, bureau of tithe,
, and musholla.HISTORYince founding Muhammadiyah, KH. Ahmad Dahlan concerned so much with the leadership towardswomen. The first very young women who really got the character building and were prepared to be theboard of Muhammadiyah women are six women in the following :1. Siti Bariyah2. Siti Dawimah3. Siti Dalalah
4. Siti Busyro (his own daughter)5. Siti Wadingah6. Siti Badilah Zuber  Although they were still children, with 15 years old as the oldest, they had been invited to think about socialissues.Before 'Aisyiyah was concretely founde
d, the form of that women’s leadership movement was just a group
of children gathering and having religious guidance from KH. Ahmad Dahlan and Nyai Ahmad Dahlan. Thischildren group was not an organization form yet, but a group getting religious preaching.Besides the young girls, old women were also concerned by KH. Ahmad Dahlan, because Islam teaches us
not to ignore women. Remembering that women’s role deserves the proper 
place, Nyai Ahmad Dahlanwith KH. Ahmad Dahlan founded a women religious preaching group which members are girls and older women. As the day went by, this women religious preaching group was called SAPA TRESNA. It was not anorganization yet, but only an religious preaching movement. In order to give a concrete name to be anassociation, KH. Mokhtar held a meeting with KH. Ahmad Dahlan, attended also by KH. Fachruddin and Ki
Bagus Hadikusumo and the other boards of Muhammadiyah, in Nyai Ahmad Dahlan’s region.
The first name suggested for the association is FATIMAH, but it wasn’t accep
ted by the meeting. Then KH.Fachruddin suggested a name 'AISYIYAH. Apparently, it is the most suitable name for this new women
organization. Why is it thought to be the suitable one ? Because this association’s struggle is hopefully
expected to follow the struggle of Aisyiyah, the wife of Prophet Muhammad SAW, who always helping him
to perform the da’wah. After 
giving a name Aisyiyah by acclamation, they held an official ceremony.
The official ceremony was held on the same day as the celebration of Isra’
Mi’roj Prophet Muhammad SAW
in 27 Rajab 1335 H or 19 May 1917 M, which was held by Muhammadiyah for the first time. The seat of thefemale students and the mothers were separated by the pink curtain. KH. Mokhtar was opening the curtainof this ceremony.The following is the board of 'Aisyiyah based on the agreement decided :Chairwoman : Siti BariyahSecretary : Siti BadilahTreasurer : Siti Aminah Harowi Assistant : Mrs. H. Abdulah Assistant : Mrs. Fatimah Wasool Assistant : Siti Dalalah Assistant : Siti Wadingah Assistant : Siti Dawimah Assistant : Siti Busyro After that, KH. Mukhtar gave the administration and organization guidance, while KH. Ahmad Dahlan gavethe religious character building guidance directly.
 After the board of 'Aisyiyah was formally established, KH. Ahmad Dahlan gave some struggling spirits asfollow :1.
Sincerely carrying out duties as Islamic women that conforms with their talent and ability,withoutdemanding praise and going back one step because of criticism.2.
Fully realized that delivering good deed should be balanced with good knowledge.3.
Never creating any reason not legally taught by Allah, just to avoid some kinds of unwanted duties.4.
Strongly resolving to defend the purity of Islam.5.
Preserving the sisterhood and the unity in friendship and partnership.
Identity, Vision and MissionIdentity
'Aisyiyah is a women organization of Muhammadiyah, which is an Islamic movement and amar ma’ruf nahi
munkar preaching, based
on Islam and have Al Qur’an and As Sunnah as its source.
Ideal Vision
 The existence of Islam and the realization of the actual Islamic society.
Development of Vision
 The realization of 'Aisyiyah efforts directing to the strengthening and the developi
ng of amar ma’ruf nahi
munkar preaching to be more qualified to reach the madani society, the righteous Islamic one.
'Aisyiyah’s mission is realized in the field of charity works, programmes and activities, which consists of :
To implant the religious conviction, to deepen and to broaden the understanding, to improve thegooddeeds and also to spread the Islamic teachings in every aspect of life.2.
To increase the rate and the value of women based on the Islamic teachings.3.
To increase the quality and quantity of the Islamic preaching towards the Islamic teachings.4.
To strengthen the faith and the religious service, and to improve the moral.5.
To increase the spirit of religious service, to perform the tithe, the alms, the religious foundation,the bequest/grant, and also to build and maintain the religious service places and the other charityworks.6.
To lead the AMM Puteri to pioneer, implement and perfect the 'Aisyiyah’s movement.
To increase the education, to develop the culture, to broaden the knowledge and technology, andto encourage the research.8.
To improve the economy and entrepreneurship to reach the qualified better life.9.
To increase and develop the activities in social field, prosperous life, health, and environment.10.
To increase and endeavor the maintenance of law, justice, and righteousness, and to foster thespirit of national unity and integrity.11.
To increase the communication, Islamic fraternity, cooperation in many fields and with many kindsof people either domestic or foreign ones.12.
To perfor 
m the other efforts in accordance with the organization’s aims and objectives.

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