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Poem for Two

Poem for Two

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Published by St. Stephen

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Published by: St. Stephen on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Okay. I have a poem prose... I will try to sing it and send it to you both, but or... perhaps even putit to the medley i sort of hear when i read it... butter, sill embrace the digital reader! but don'twait for that... that might never happen, what is more important to me, is not who sings it, whocan sing it or make it sing the sweetest most suitable to its expression of transformation in time...or beetle juice, Happy Halloween (soon!)...Here is the "song" in the meantime... perhaps you could improve it, that is if you are interested...if you are not, or have too much to do (cause i would like to do this rather quickly by Xmas)...anyway, make this email big so you can see the formatting properly (as intended my thee author,you author, you author, me author, we authored that text (its not 1,2,3... its 1, 1, 1)... anyway, myone needs work if you are game to play words with me...)Here is the lyrics, you will see why I am asking you ;)Michake, i think you too will know why is sent you this particular peice that sprang from myhead to the screen... unplanned, just started writing and this is what came out, a few adjustmentsnow when writing to you both. So, anyway... Jason, Mickale, I would be honored if we couldperhaps make time to do this, but if its not to be, you know me... lol... i'm not a poet silly rabbit,tricks are GMO and so am I... weird world... the techique called the baterial phage can be usedon both the genetically modification of food, plants, and animals, as well as Human beings, inmedicine such as regrowing bones, vital important for mobility and survival. (maybe that shouldbe in the song too?)
Idiot lire, sacrifice fireSpecial Camps Special CampsGot you're boots, Get you're pants (original first line: "Get your boots, Get you're pants")Special Camps Special CampsGot your boots, Got your pants (original first line: "Get your boots, Get you're pants")Running Away is not EscapeIn the hills, you just avoid with daysForest hide away, they'll be around (like this stanza, sort of don't like it, but i like the first line, and thethought)What is coming your wayhas not face, but carries a cane (the first line was: "Has no face, but carries a sound")death in breath brings (first line was: "Breath in death and begin")The escalationsOur worlds go under
It’s a ground ball
 From within growsa humming station
23… 37… 32,
Why do you feel thee vibrations (first line was: "Yeah feel that vibration")
23… 37… yeah… yeah, and that's our station

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