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Angels Messages

Angels Messages

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Published by Godis Watchin

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Published by: Godis Watchin on Jun 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Single Messages Concerning Angels
"Much evil lingers in this world, so please call upon the Holy Angels and Saints."
Internet Archive Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
MESSAGE #2908 from the Blessed MotherAugust 11, 2006 Call upon all the Holy
and Saints, forthey are truly there to assist you. God hasprovided much protection for His children, butthey in turn must do their part. Pray to yourGuardian
often so you stay on the paththat will lead you to holiness. Prayer andfasting are needed, so please do your part forthe salvation of souls. Do all that youMESSAGE #2874 from the Blessed MotherApril 10, 2006 Mercy for souls, for many, many are sufferingdue to lack of prayer. Pray day and night andthe Holy
and Saints will join in withyou. Pray throughout the day, for prayer,prayer dear children, is your protection. Now,please take time to kneel and pray and invitethe Holy
and Saints to be with youeach new day. Amen
MESSAGE #2564 from the Blessed MotherDecember 12, 2003 God has provided for them. The Holy
 and Saints are truly there for those who ask fortheir assistance, so remember to call upon St.Michael and all the Archangels. Remember toask for their protection and assistance.Remember to invite all the Holy
andSaints into your homes. The enemy will flee ifyou pray and do what I am asking of you.
MESSAGE #2385 from the Blessed MotherOctober 2, 2002 Satan and his followers. Many
, manySaints and your Guardian
are watchingover you. Be grateful, for you are not aloneand be glad for this time to go forth and savesouls. Be thankful for each new message, formy words are truly, truly imbedded in yourheart. Those who listen with an open heart willknow that these messages are from Heaven.
MESSAGE #2533 from the Blessed MotherSeptember 29, 2003 God will protect you. Believe in all theheavenly
and Saints, for they too willassist you. St. Michael and all the Archangelsare truly here to protect ... I ask that you teachothers the St. Michael prayer. I ask that youcall upon all the heavenly
and Saintsand take them with you wherever you go.Satan is very powerful at this time and this
MESSAGE #1288 from Jesus December 7,1997 
, they will have to fight many battlesalone. Those who choose to do what is rightwill have protection and My
will betheir source of light. So be wise, take refugenow and pray for those who are walking alone.For in time you will need My strength in orderto stay strong. Be wise, surrender only to Me,for then the enemy will flee. Your armor
MESSAGE #1248 from the Blessed MotherNovember 2, 1997 
and Saints to surround you, for thenyou will feel a heavenly presence. I, yourMother, will intercede for those who ask ... soplease open your heart all the way, for thenGod will enter in a much deeper way. Believethat all the
and Saints are always athand for each of you. Believe that God hasprovided much assistance for you. Prayer willhelp
MESSAGE #2524 from the Blessed MotherSeptember 8, 2003 Jesus and all the Holy
and Saints.This earth is temporary, so please take hold ofyour life. Do all that you can to serve Christ.Do all that you can to light the way for others.Begin by truly living the Gospel. Begin bykeeping your focus on Christ. Begin today andrespect and cherish life. Treat all your brothersand sisters with love and
Single Messages Concerning Angels
MESSAGE #2682 from the Blessed MotherOctober 6, 2004 Archangel will protect those who call uponhim. Much evil lingers in this world, so pleasecall upon the Holy
and Saints. Use theprotection God has given you so you areprotected on this earth. Prayer is yourprotection so gather as a family and pray theRosary each new day. Do not wait for any newmessages; live the ones that have been soMESSAGE #2974 from the Blessed MotherMarch 19, 2007 Holy
and Saints, they are with you.Each time you pray, ask for their prayers andthey will truly intercede for you. Today, I askthat you call upon Saint Joseph, for he wastruly obedient in fulfilling God’s Will. He trulysheltered My Divine Son and myself from theworld. Families today need to ask for SaintJoseph’s assistance because there is
MESSAGE #2253 from the Blessed MotherDecember 18, 2001 His
to protect and watch over each ofyou. Believe and trust in God so that the evilone cannot discourage you. All is in God’shands, so please stay strong so that you donot lose hope, or confidence in our Lord. Godwill truly assist you through all trials andtribulation. All that you must go through, willstrengthen you, so you are prepared for
MESSAGE #2526 from the Blessed MotherSeptember 12, 2003 
and Saints surround you. Whereverthere is truth, the evil one cannot survive.Wherever there is love, the enemy will flee.Prayer is your protection, so pray, pray moreand stay close to Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart.Pray and prepare, for this time is a time ofGod’s great mercy and Grace. Be loyal toJesus and serve Him with love, love in yourMESSAGE #2710 from the Blessed MotherDecember 15, 2004 These messages are touching hearts allaround this world. The
surround youeach time you write, so do not be afraid ofSatan’s vicious attacks. Do not allow fear toenter your heart. Evil is loose all around thisworld, so my children must be on guard at alltimes. They must stay close to Jesus and takerefuge in Our Heart. They must use theMESSAGE #2521 from the Blessed MotherSeptember 2, 2003 God’s protection is truly needed. Call upon allthe Holy
and Saints and say, say theSt. Michael prayer. Wear a crucifix andblessed medals, for this will truly keep evilaway. Do not leave your homes until you areproperly armored. Now, please listen to mywords and take these messages seriously.Listen and respond so you are protected onthisMESSAGE #2810 from the Blessed MotherSeptember 6, 2005
Please listen to my words and respond,respond now. Open your hearts and turn toGod for assistance. Call upon all the holy
and Saints and they will intercede foryou. Pray to the Holy Spirit and you will be ledin the right direction. Please listen to myheavenly plea and begin today to live thesemessages. Time is running out and you needto become
MESSAGE #2680 from the Blessed MotherSeptember 30, 2004
God will not abandon those children who say‘no’ to the enemy. The Holy
willsurround you with Heaven’s light and they willguide you to higher ground. Blessed will bethose who say ‘no’ to the world and whoremain faithful to Christ. Blessed will be thosewho obey God and remain open to life. Thechoice, dear children, is yours. Will you
MESSAGE #1248 from the Blessed Mother November 2, 1997
 My daughter, Come together as a community and pray, for your prayers are needed in these times. Come to Mass,not as a sleepy people, but as a prayerful people. Individually you must seek God, but when you gather and pray,your prayers are most powerful.That is why I, your Heavenly Mother, am gathering my children, for many more Rosaries need to be recited, butfrom your heart. Your prayers are your weapon to combat evil, so do not rush through your prayers. Learn to taketime to meditate on the mysteries, for then your prayers will have more meaning and you will stay more focused onChrist. Pray slowly and from your heart and ask all the Angels and Saints to surround you, for then you will feel aheavenly presence.I, your Mother, will intercede for those who ask for my motherly assistance. I will protect all who pray, pray fromtheir heart. I will join hands with you if you take my hand and accept all that I can do for you. So be not afraid tocome to me, for I, your Heavenly Mother, will help those who take refuge in My Immaculate Heart. I am ever sonear to my Son and I will be ever so near to any child who consecrates themselves to Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart.Our Hearts are open, so please open your heart all the way, for then God will enter in a much deeper way. Believethat all the Angels and Saints are always at hand for each of you. Believe that God has provided much assistancefor you.Prayer will help you understand our love for you, so pray more fervently. Pray for all those who are suffering fromlack of faith, for your prayers are their protection. Pray more consistently so you stay focused on Our Lordthroughout the day. Pray not just when you are happy or excited, but pray no matter how you feel, for then you willnever have to walk alone. Pray together as a family, for this will keep you strong. For evil will flee when you callupon Our Lord. So be not foolish, spend more time in prayer, adoring Our Lord.Soon, many will know the importance of prayer, for without prayer, one will not be able to survive on their own.For Satan will become more vicious if evil is allowed to enter your state, community and homes. For whereverthere is disbelief in God, Satan finds a new home. Wherever there is division and unpeaceful hearts, Satan willlinger. That is why one must join hands; so that hate and envy cannot enter. One must love all of God’s children,even your enemies, for then Satan will lose power, for wherever there is love, there is God.Now, let us pray more sincerely for the living and the dead, for through prayer, Satan cannot win. Let us pray forpeace amongst nations, for many nations are unpeaceful and live in disharmony. Let us pray for conversion somore can come to know God, for without God, many will suffer, suffer greatly.Now, become followers of Jesus, for then you will become warriors for Christ. Believe in the importance of prayerso you are not fooled by the enemy. Believe that God and I are ever so near. Believe, so you take refuge in OurHeart, for then you will never have to walk alone. Your lives will then become more peaceful, for love will thenenter, enter your heart.May God’s love now enter your heart and soul as you go forward in Jesus’ name. Amen. See companion message 1249 from Jesus 

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