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The Success Blockers 5

The Success Blockers 5

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Published by cleo1cleo

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Published by: cleo1cleo on Jun 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The success you’ve always wanted is just on the otherside of five success blockers;1. Your Self-Concept2. Your Belief System3. Your Story4. Your Attachments5. Your AttitudeSince you’re reading the pocket book that will showyou how to manifest the quality of life change youwant, I must assume you are sincere about desiringthat change.What you are about to learn from reading this littlepocket booklet will prove beyond the shadow of a
-1 -
Darel Rutherford - 2 - © All rights reserveddoubt that you DO have the power to bring about thelife-style change you want.And now you are also about to learn how and why, upuntil now, you’ve sabotaged your own good intentions.You’ll learn why you and most others don’t keep NewYear’s resolutions.You’ve always had the power to solve your ownproblems, but you’ve hidden your manifesting powersbehind a victim story (your story about why it hasn’thappened). Instead of creating what you’ve wanted,you’ve used your power to manifest the experience ofbeing powerless.By manifesting powerlessness, your power hasworked by seeming not to work. Your powerlessnesshas now become a barrier to your further success.If you seem to be hopelessly trapped in a situation, job, or relationship that no longer serves or nurturesyou, you will just naturally have serious doubts aboutyour being able to manifest a change in thosecircumstances.But believe me, your powerlessness is nothing morethan an illusion created with the power you’ve alwayshad to create our own reality. What? You hadn’trealized you have the power to create your ownreality?Well, you are that powerful, and if you are truly readyfor a change of circumstances, what you’ll read here
Darel Rutherford - 3 - © All rights reservedwill convince you that you DO have the power tocreate the reality in which that change must manifest.So, if you were certain you had the power to grantyour own wishes with a new BEING commitment, whatwould you choose to manifest—the perfect person orclient for you—or maybe your income doubled?You DO have the power to create a new reality inwhich the desired result manifests for you. And, in thenext few pages, I will be giving you five simple stepsfor transforming the quality of your life and yourcircumstances. If you are truly ready to learn the truthof your being, I’ll be showing you how and why youare powerful beyond anything you’ve ever dreamedpossible!Considering your present circumstances, that promisemay sound incredible, but once you’ve understoodand accepted the true nature of that sleeping giantwithin, you’ll become a believer in your own power.And you will see how you’ve actually been misusingyour power, to sabotage your success efforts.You’ll learn how you’ve used your awesome power tocreate the reality of powerlessness. You’ll see howyou’ve been using that power all your life, oftenmanifesting what you didn’t want, oblivious to the truenature of your own power.Your use of that power, to date, might be compared tothat of a 3 year-old playing with matches, without a

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