Florian Mueller

15-09-18 Partial Final Judgment Over 548 Million Dollars
15-09-18 Order Denying Google Motion to Preclude
15-09-16 Samsung Reply in Support of '915 JMOL or Stay
15-09-10 EPO Letter to SUEPO Munich Chair
15-09-11 Apple-Samsung Joint Case Management Statement
15-09-09 Apple Opposition to Samsung Motion for Stay
15-09-08 SUEPO Flyer on Investigation
15-09-07 SUEPO Flyer on Suicide
15-08-26 Samsung Motion for JMOL or Stay
15-08-20 Oracle Opposition to Google Motion to Preclude Willfulness Evidence
15-08-19 Samsung Motion to Stay Issuance of Mandate
15-08-05 Non-final Rejection of Apple D'677 Patent
15-08-06 Oracle v. Google Supplemental Complaint
15-07-31 Oracle v. Google Case Management and Mediation Order
15-07-27 Corel Software v. Microsoft Patent Infringement Complaint
15-07-23 Joint Oracle-Google Status Report
15-07-22 Oracle Letter Re. Supplemental Complaint Against Google
15-07-20 Apple Response to Motion for Rehearing
15-07-02 CCIA Amicus Curiae Brief
15-07-01 Dell HP Google Facebook EBay Et Al. Brief
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