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BOMB No. 8. Drawing, Fiction, Poetry: Doubletssue $4.00 and he pulls up outside of my house an sys: make ‘trea hot and bring ao sorsthin 501 Went Upstairs, he seemed almost hystercl so I did ‘ten question et ran stirs, bole Some wate Sd brought back down ins panic coneiner and five ito him. che asked if e could keep and hid yeah and he tok off. went back upstairs nd my bostriend came outa his room and. ‘hats going on? snd I didn know what 20 39 Guy in Music Club 3:30 A.M.(NYC) Man. 1 almost go bed ronighe oe alot pt sched Tas down on Se Set aed [NemeCt went down to cop some sf and T was alin down the sree and about to go into this oorway, I saw tee cop cars down the end of fhe Hock and T knew they were raiding ome brdng but T did shik they were nearby. 1 (ii this cop van in font of the ple pain ‘logs cops Tas about t0 go through ths door Sm some Buy pasing me on he sidewalk goer: dont fo in there man bur already had my hand onthe Moors a dont. know I'was confused or Something, jos iced. did realize he wa alk ineto mer meting open he dor nd a SuL andl could ear these people running op sai creat thi abandoned bung ha they © GE out olson going yp the eas and ths ey Stars yeling st ne: WHY THE FUCK DID YOU COME IN HERE WHO TOLD YOU TO. COME IN HERE WHAT DO YOU! WANNA GET Us ALL BUSTED.”.then he told me to tops fst T wen opto the fourth floox and the whole ‘way is rondd with people and ever bods st ‘vaiing to ether run or whatever ithe cops come yu’ X14". in. everbody was real que thought oh sic maybe I should fin «hiding pot o someting People. mostof hem wer real ol gayshey lod Fel soe fooking. 1 hope thinkin oh shit one wanna get busted fly aer abou 45 minats the op van lf and then hese tough fuckin guy cme si anda ho te ak came wn wre sau bendy Some a pom ate fn I hough of fck they were pe bette sit {of me fo teach me 3 lec oF somethings ts ‘ne guyloks me ovr and he recognized me cause always come down to cop thee and be shrugs and fac: yeah yah guess" anyways | copped and thie tian whea I was ile and ive in the brome ape ie pel ot of te ths ow we wat eying nhac Bein ed someone ald ps oe ayn and the cop burt and red rane Sette hk wae rascal ad we et op {othe thd foo and one by one we pd ote Mindow om tase ra masse ht wee pled Up one on op of he oder ddot wanna jump but il Neyo ch al shew one thee cops anning up the sa ad so Lok 4 breath and" jompedianded on he mattress ‘whoop and didn even hur ysl ths wasn the days beloe all he abandoned buidings are ‘where alltha shi sare where bulge px wreck {land burnt down and shisround he tne Was fares fora bung o be abandoned ike they lly woud jos teardown and fone off or make 2 ‘ark ou off or somethin, . | David Wojnarowicz _ Monologues for the Stage from Sounds in the Distance Young Woman (Lower East Side) Guy in Music Club 0. A.M.(NYC