“When God passes judgment on all he created, He’ll seek vengeance first on all those who hated!

” “You must not exist on the same level as your haters. Theirs is a desolate existence, driven by an empty heart, a closed mind, and a hollow spirit. They that willingly seek this existence, will surely destroy themselves from within, For I say, A hollow spirit cannot support a heart weighted down with hate!” “When you use God’s words to validate your messages of hate, it is no different than spewing fuel into open flames With your mouth. It not only wastes the fuel that would otherwise bring light or warmth, but it scatters the flames needlessly, as well as, with most foolish acts, it opens the possibility that you only succeed in burning yourself, blinding your eyes, and scarring your body; marking yourself to all others, as the true fool you chose to be. And as such, so it will be in the end, Your punishment from God.” “He who would incite hatred in God’s name, instead of love and understanding; as God intended, are far worse the sinners than those they choose to condemn.”

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