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1.a)Draw a system architecture of DBMS. Explain each component in detail.(15) b)What is the role of DBA in the DBMS?(5) Or 2.

a)Explain Briefly about Data Models (15) (i) E-R model (ii) Relational Model (iii) Object-Oriented Model b) Describe the three-level architecture of DBMS ? Also explain its importance in a database environment.(5) 3.a)Discuss concept of database languages and interfaces.(5) b)What is relational algebra ? Discuss the various operations of relational algebra.(15) Or 4.a) Discuss the various normal form in normalization with suitable examples.(15) Explain Decomposition and its properties ?(5) 5. a)Explain briefly how Insertion and Deletion can be done in B+ tree(15) b) Explain Dynamic hashing technique in detail(5) Or 6. a)Discuss RAID File Organization techniques in detail (5) b)Explain any two Indexing Technique in detail.(15) 7.a)Describe the Hash join Algorithm for handling bucket overflows.(15) b)Explain briefly the implementation of Selection operation(5) Or 8.a)Discuss the concept of Query Processing .What is a parser ? Why it is used ?(5) b)What is Query optimization ?What are different techniques used in it. (15)
9. a)Explain the Two Phase Locking Protocol in detail(5)

b) Discuss the concurrency control in transaction processing with suitable example(15) (Or) 10.a)Explain the Timestamp based Concurrency control.(15) b)Describe the process of database modification in log based records.(5)