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Assigned on 28th July 2012(Saturday) To be submitted on 4th August 2012(Saturday) 1.Explain ASK,PSK AND FSK with diagram.

(Amplitude Shift Key, Phase Shift Key an d Frequency Shift Key). 2.Explain Binary FSK(BFSK). page 145 part 2 3.Explain Amplitude Modulation,Frequency Modulation and Phase Modulation with di agram. Conversion Techniques of analog to analog signals. page 153 part 2 4.How many bits per baud can be sent in each of the following cases if the signa l constenation has one of the following number of points i)4pts ii)8pts iii)32pts 5.What is multiplexing? page 161 Explain the 3 multiplexing techniques with diagram.Frequency Division Multiplexi ng,WDM,TDM. 6.Explain interleaving with respect to time division multiplexing. 7.What is spread spectrum? Explain the two types: Frequency hopping spread spect rum and direct sequence spread spectrum. 8.Give the comparision between twisted cables and coaxial cables. 9.Write a short note on fiber optic cable. page 198 10.Explain different unguided media with diagram. - Radiowaves,Microwave and Inf rared. page 203 11.What is switching? Explain a circuit switching with diagram. 12.Explain packet switching with diagram. - Data gram and virtual circuit networ k. -_Advanced Java assignment 1 assigned on - 31/07/2012 to be submitted on - 04/08/2012 1. Explain the GUI with it's features. 2. Explain the Swing API components. 3. Explain the difference between AWT and Swing. 4. Explain the implenting action interface with example. 5. Explain the color and file chooser with example.