Hi, here is the requirement for the crawler (each url might be different lets start with eBlaster) url

: http://m.spectorsoft.com/ The crawler should do the following every periodic time interval (once a day): 1. Download version for each blackberry OS, you should get a .jad file. 2. Check if the jad file was changed, if not exit 3. Else, parse the jad file (The jad file is a text file), for each jad file I should supply u with the name of the cod file u should look for. extract the RIM-COD-SHA1 (this is the signature), and add a new entry to the Spy shield server DB. "RIM-COD-URL: net_rim_app_mgr.cod RIM-MIDlet-NameResourceId-1: 0 RIM-COD-SHA1: fd d7 2d cf 5a 26 5f 3a fb 11 d9 9b a0 86 53 d4 03 ad 23 54" Tx, AviB