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I am from a free spirit, That taught me to be myself.

I am from this boring town, But its all Ive ever known. I am from a crazy, party animal To a settled down mommy, That wouldnt have it any other way. I am from driving aimlessly On country roads, To free my mind And let go of all my troubles. I am from a strong woman That did it on her own, But still loved with everything she had. I am from a life without boundaries, I was left to choose who I have become. I am from a crazy family, But crazy is okay Because we are who we are. I am from a relationship with A boy from my dreams, I cant wait to see what our future holds. I am from a dedicated personality, Always trying to reach for the next goal. I am from a stubborn ram, Standing firm for what I believe in, Even in the stars. I am from a strong family tree, But some of the branches and leaves have fallen, Someday they do planned to be found.