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Private Kenneth Murlin who was in the 746th Railway Operating Battalion.

1944-1946 Unit History of the 746th Railway Battalion printed in Nurnberg

746 Railway Operating Battalion Company C names and addresses of enlisted men book printed in Augsburg USAHS Wisteria troop ship paperwork - How to have fun, Christmas Dinner Dec 25 1945 Troop assignment card Notice of classification card March 14 1946 Thanksgiving Dinner menu 1945 Annex 348th Station Hospital Fort Dix Separation Center document February 14 1946 Military Railway Service US Army Clearance Form A May 25 1945 extra movement Hersfeld Germany (3) Military Railway Service documents Marburg and Kassel movement Yankee Boomer Newspaper Vol 2 No 37 June 14 1945 (5) Honorable Discharge documents Overseas cap Transportation and US lapel pins

1 button

2 dog tags with chain

Good Conduct Medal with ribbon bar Freedom Medal

EAME medal with ribbon bar Buddies book with loose cover that has names address and 13 pictures of friends 1944 Harrisburg Academy


French liberation money



Picture of engineer Norman Cole in camo locomotive

Picture of camo locomotive 45 pictures of various items