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 What is Transactional Analysis  Structural Analysis of Ego States  Functional Analysis of Ego States

 Rules of Communication
 Life Positions  Script  Games

 Gives a picture of how people are structured psychologically. .What is Transactional Analysis  Theory of personality and behavior and a systematic psychotherapy tool for personal growth and personal change.

 We decide our destiny and these decisions can be changed. .PHILOSOPHY OF TA  We are all born OK. as princes and princesses  All of us have the capacity to think.

attitudes. values and prejudices and behaviors taken in from parents and significant parental figures. and behaviors. attitudes.Structural Analysis of Ego States The Parent Ego State is the set of feelings. which are remnants of the person’s past significantly from childhood and childhood decisions c . attitudes. emotions. behaviors which are direct response to current here-and-now reality. P A The Child Ego State is the archaic feelings. The Adult Ego State is those feelings.

Taught concepts P A Thought concepts Felt concepts c .

Functional Representation of Ego States .

Parent Ego States .

Contamination Parent Contamination Child Contamination Double Contamination .

.Egogram --Jack Dusay  Amount of psychic energy in a person remains constant.  It is distributed amongst different ego states.

It is a basic unit of social discourse or communication.Transactions A transaction is a combination of transactional stimulus and transactional response. Complementary Transaction Crossed Transaction .

Ulterior Transactions Duplex Transaction Angular Transaction .

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Second •When a transaction is crossed. communication can continue indefinitely.Rules of Communication First •So long as the transactions remain complementary. a break in communication results and one or both individuals will need to shift ego states in order for communication to be re-established. Third •The behavioral outcome of ulterior transactions is determined at the psychological level and not at the social level. .

 Recognition Hunger: A need to have one’s existence as an individual recognized. emotional.  Structure Hunger: A need to structure one’s time to meet the need for strokes .Basic Hungers  Stimulus Hunger: A need for physical. intellectual contact with others.

Strokes fulfill our hunger for stimulus and recognition.Strokes  Stroke is defined as a unit of recognition.  Types of strokes:  Verbal/Non-Verbal  Positive/Negative  Conditional/Unconditional “A negative stroke is better than no stroke” .

Time Structuring .

Life Positions .

Ego States & Life Positions .

and culminating in choosing an alternative. . others and the world.William Shakespeare  Life scripts consist of a set of decisions that are made by the child in response to the parental messages about self.Script “All the world is a stage and all men and women the actors” -. reinforced by the parents. justified by subsequent events.  Script is a life plan made in early childhood.

” “Its OK to be open and take care of your own needs.” “You are only OK if you hide your and wants from people.” Try Hard “You are only OK if you keep trying hard to do things.Drivers The “Do” messages of how to please our parents DRIVERS Be Perfect PARENTAL MESSAGES “You are only OK if you get everything right.” Hurry Up “Its OK to take your time.” ALLOWERS “It’s OK to be yourself.” Please others Be Strong “You are only OK if you please others.” “It’s OK to make mistakes.” “You are only OK if you do everything right now.” .” “Its OK to do it.” “Its OK to consider and please yourself.

Games A Game is an ongoing series of complementary ulterior transactions progressing to a well-defined predictable outcome. Why People Play Games? • To satisfy their stroke needs • To reinforce their life position • To further our script • To structure time .

• A victim may be in search of rescuer who will confirm the Victim’s belief “I can’t cope on my own.The Drama Triangle --Stephen Karpman Persecutor • A Persecutor is one who puts others down and belittles them.” Rescuer Victim . • A Rescuer responds by offering help from a one-up position. without verifying whether help is needed. and puts others down.

Goal of Transactional Analysis Awareness Spontaneity Intimacy Autonomy .

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