SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Disclaimer: These sample questions are for self-evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the actual certification exams. Answering the sample questions correctly is no guarantee that you will pass the certification exam. The certification exam covers a much broader spectrum of topics, so do make sure you have familiarized yourself with all topics listed in the exam competency areas before taking the certification exam.


1. Why would you need to change the data source for your query?

Please choose the correct answer.
a) b) c) d) O O O O

To change the universe connection of your universe To use the production universe instead of the test universe To use different objects from the universe To change the order of execution for existing queries

2. You set the drill option "Prompt when drill requires additional data". Now you drill outside the scope

of analysis on your report. How does Web Intelligence respond? Please choose the correct answer.
a) O

It prompts you to choose a hierarchy level and waits for your response before retrieving the data. It notifies you that it needs to retrieve additional data to complete the drill and retrieves the data. It inserts a prompted query filter in the query and reruns the query. It inserts a prompted report filter on the report and refreshes the report view.







3. Your report contains a table.

What happens when you drop a dimension object into a blank part of that report?

Please choose the correct answer. To where can you copy a formula used in a document? Please choose the correct answer. To clarify the date you add a string so that the formula is now: ="Sales Report from "+CurrentDate() Which formatting capability is disabled for the cell? Please choose the correct answer. A new block is created. a) b) c) d) O O O O To another block on a report To the Available Objects panel To a conditional formatting rule To the universe . Which character should you use to reset the result of the RunningSum() function for either a break or a section? Please choose the correct answer. (comma) % (percent) 5. a) b) c) d) O O O O _ (underscore) . An error message is displayed. a) b) c) d) O O O O Format cell Hide cell Align text Format number 6. (semicolon) . You insert the function CurrentDate() into a cell. 4. A new report is created. a) b) c) d) O O O O A new section is created.

Break the table into multiple table blocks. a) b) c) d) O O O O Generate a running sum in multiple table blocks. Where in Web Intelligence do you view merged dimensions? Please choose the correct answer. Which data sources can you access directly using Web Intelligence? Please choose the correct answer.7. 10. Generate subtotals in one table block. 9. Open the Document Summary panel. Insert the pre-defined cell Query Summary in the report. a) b) c) d) O O O O In the Report Map panel In the Available Objects panel In the Input Controls panel In the Document Structure and Filters panel . Open the Query panel. How can you see general report information such as the document author and the document creation date? Please choose the correct answer. Remove repeated values in one table block. Which tasks can you accomplish using breaks? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. a) b) c) d) O O O O XML files Relational databases Business Explorer (BEx) queries WebPages 8. a) b) c) d) O O O O Select the Query Properties button.

Solutions 1 a) Incorrect 1 b) Correct 1 c) Incorrect 1 d) Incorrect 2 a) Correct 2 b) Incorrect 2 c) Incorrect 2 d) Incorrect 3 a) Incorrect 3 b) Incorrect 3 c) Correct 3 d) Incorrect 4 a) Incorrect 4 b) Correct 4 c) Incorrect 4 d) Incorrect 5 a) Incorrect 5 b) Incorrect 5 c) Incorrect 5 d) Correct 6 a) Correct 6 b) Incorrect 6 c) Incorrect 6 d) Incorrect 7 a) Incorrect 7 b) Incorrect 7 c) Correct 7 d) Incorrect 8 a) Incorrect 8 b) Incorrect 8 c) Incorrect 8 d) Correct 9 a) Incorrect 9 b) Correct 9 c) Incorrect 9 d) Correct 10 a) Incorrect 10 b) Correct 10 c) Incorrect 10 d) Incorrect Want to learn more? Contact SAP for more information. .

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