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Published by: Mohammad Nizar on Oct 04, 2012
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1 a) X - lens Y - Vitreous humour Z - Optic nerve Answers Marks



3m Total – 6m

K (ii) Secondary consumer .M b) ( I ) 4 correct-2 m 2-3 correct-1m 2m L M N K (c) Food chain 2m K N M L 1m .2 a) iron block .sink Wooden block -float 2m b) X W Z Y 4 correct – 2m 2 – 3 correct – 1m c) X Air 2m W Z Y 2m Total – 6m 3 a) (I ) Producer .

Y has nucleus / X has no fixed shape .White blood cell Y . 2m 1m 1m 1m 1m Total – 8m 2m 2m 2m 1m 1m Total – 8m . Y has biconcave shape.d) (Population) L decreases / N increases / K decreases 1m Total -6m 1m 1m 1m 4 (a) (i) lime water turns chalky / cloudy / milky Temperature in the gas jar increases / rises (ii) Carbon dioxide (b) (i) (ii)  Anhydrous Cobalt chloride paper Bicarbonate indicator (c) Fuel for aircraft water 1m 1m 1m Total – 6m 5 (a) ( i) To increase the voltage ( ii ) (iii) 240 V 1m 1m X : Step –up Y : Step – down (b ) ( i) The number of turns of wire in secondary coil Q is higher ( than in primary coil/P)/ vice versa ( ii ) The output (voltage) is higher / The voltmeter reading increases (c) P1 . (b) ( i) Blood group O (ii ) Agglutination of blood will occur.To prevent the handphone from blows out/ damage / not function / burn/ explode Reject: Handphone can last longer 6 (a) (i) X .red blood cell (ii) X: To kill microorganisms./ body protection / fight against diseases / prevent from infection Y: Transport oxygen ( to the whole body) (iii) X has no nucleus.To reduce the voltage P2 .

7 (a) (i) Clothes in condition A dried faster because the weather is hotter/temperature is Higher/ light intensity is higher Clothes in condition B dried slower because the humidity is higher/ temperature Is lower (ii) The higher the temperature the faster the clothes dried // vice versa (b) (i) Time taken for cobalt chloride paper to change colour(minute) 10 25 1m 1m Set A B 2m (ii) The time taken for cobalt chloride paper to change colour is shorter if the temperature is higher/ vice versa (iii) The higher the surrounding temperature the higher the rate of evaporation (c) Volume of water (d) Hanging clothes and drying hair using hair dryer 1m 1m 1m 2m Total.9m 8 (a) (i) X is more stable than Y (ii) The bigger / wider the base area. the higher the stability (iii) X is more stable because X has bigger base area/ X is more stable because X has lower center of gravity/ Reject: height/taller/ shorter (b) (i) 60 (ii) Graph 1mark – for correct points plotted 1 mark – for bar chart ( the same width and has space between graph) Reject: histogram 1m 1m 1m 1m . the higher the stability / The lower the center of gravity.

// vice versa (d) Controlled variable Manipulated variable Responding variable Base area Length of stick Mass of weight 3m (e) Stability of object is the mass of weight (to topple the object) 1m Total11 END OF MARKING SCHEME .2m K L M N1m 1m ( c) The longer the length of stick the less stable the object is.

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