INPUT STIMULI Focal stimulus: motor vehicle accident.

Contextual: pain, fracture, fear, anxiety nervousness Residual: fast driving, rainy day

CONTROL PROCESS: COPING MECHANISM Regulator: difficulty in ambulation, inflammatory response, partially depended on self care activities. Cognator: Dependency to move, emotional disturbance due to lack of finance, anxiety

EFFCTORS Physiological function: Patient remains in bed. He eats calcium rich foods. Cooperates in applying casts. He takes medications properly. Self concept: He is anxious about the time of prognosis and enquires regarding period of hospitalization He is depressed due to increased dependency. Role function: From the role of provider to the family to the role of consumer. From caring member of the family to the recipient of care. Interdependence: the family accepts him as he is. And values as he was

OUTPUT He moves with the help of crèches. He ventilates and clarifies himself about prognosis. Accepts the love and affection shown by family members and effects the same on them.


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