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Citations: (R)667.25
AsOfDate: 12/31/95

From the Compilation of Regulations through 12/31/95.

Sec. 667.25 Termination of an institution's participation in the

title IV, HEA programs.

(a)(1) If a SPRE determines that a referred institution

should no longer participate in a title IV, HEA program, based
upon its review, because the institution is in violation of State
standards, or based upon a report or review of that institution by
a nationally recognized accrediting agency or peer review system
under Sec. 667.24, or has not complied with the SPRE
requirements such as those listed in Sec. 667.23(g), the SPRE
must provide the institution with the opportunity to contest that
determination in accordance with procedures the Secretary has
approved for that purpose under Sec. 667.26.

(2) If the SPRE still concludes, after affording the

institution the opportunity to challenge the SPRE's initial
determination under paragraph (a)(1) of this section, that the
institution should no longer continue to participate in a title IV,
HEA program, the SPRE notifies the Secretary of those findings
and that determination.

(b)(1) Upon notice by the SPRE that the institution

should no longer participate in a title IV, HEA program, the
Secretary immediately terminates that institution's participation in
that program and notifies the institution, the SPRE, and the
appropriate accrediting agency of the effective date of that

(2) If an institution's participation in a title IV, HEA

program is terminated under this section--

(i) The institution may not appeal that termination to the

Secretary; and

(ii) The institution may not reapply to the Secretary to

participate in that program until 18 months have expired from the
effective date of its termination.

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1099a-3)