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TASK FOURTEEN: Music Magazine Research Research Summary Use this for help but by far not enough. SYNOPSIS: This task encourages you to summarise what you have learnt during all your research and the starting of your planning. You need to really think about what you have done and how this has helped you come up with a concrete idea for your magazine. You could look as far back as your preliminary task. TASK: Create a post summarising what you have done so far, what you have learnt and how far you have come since starting. How far you take this task is entirely up to you, however a few paragraphs IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. This work should take between 2-3 hours.

Completed on Tuesday 23rd / Wednesday 24th October

PRESENTATION: You decide buy NO POWERPOINTS What you learnt? This comment should link to your own planning of your magazine. GRADING: A/A* - the research and presentation will be excellent. Terminology will be used extensively. B/C the research and presentation will be good. Terminology will be used. D The research and video will be proficient. It will be complete but the detail may be limited.

E Work will be complete. Attempts will be made to complete the work and some magazine representational discussions will be evident.

Mrs Fudge AS Media Studies