Bill Number 1 (Bill Number) 2 3 4 ENROLLED, An Act, 5 Relating to due process; to prohibit the State of

6 Georgia and its political subdivisions from adopting and 7 developing environmental and developmental policies that, 8 without due process, would infringe or restrict the private 9 property rights of the owner of the property. 10 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF GEORGIA: 11 Section 1. (a) As used in this section, "political

12 subdivisions" means all state, county, incorporated city, 13 unincorporated city, public local entity, public-private 14 partnership, and any other public entity of the state, a 15 county, or city. 16 (b) The State of Georgia and all political

17 subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations 18 that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict 19 private property rights without due process, as may be 20 required by policy recommendations originating in, or 21 traceable to "Agenda 21," adopted by the United Nations in 22 1992 at its Conference on Environment and Development or any 23 other international law or ancillary plan of action that 24 contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the 25 Constitution of the State of Georgia. Page 1


(c) Since the United Nations has accredited and

2 enlisted numerous non-governmental and inter-governmental 3 organizations to assist in the implementation of its policies 4 relative to Agenda 21 around the world, the 5 State of Georgia and all political subdivisions may not 6 enter into any agreement, expend any sum of money, or receive funds 7 contracting services, or giving financial aid to or from those 8 non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations as 9 defined in Agenda 21. 10 Section 2. This act shall become effective on the

11 first day of the third month following its passage and 12 approval by the Governor, or its otherwise becoming law.