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A delightful romp through the Canada-China Trade Deal, featuring Vancouver's finest actors. Spam our PM here if you like. Bell estimated to mark up their Internet service by 6,452%. Is it time to boycott paywalled sites? Online discourse should be regulated by government (please comment via Facebook). Don't constrain law enforcement in the cyberworld, bro. When Toews says "cyber systems" does he mean "Internet"...? TL;DR Shopping Malls don't qualify as public space. Relevant episode of The Agenda here. Much ado about Nexus. Scumbag Mobilicity's bait and switch. Who needs Netflix with 10 petabytes of free culture? New hockey channels (and another paywall). Lucas cedes control of Star Wars franchise to Mickey Mouse. Project Tyler is not a reality show. So much for journalism school... Zomg, identity theft!!1! Worth paying for? 2 Skinnee J's and "Irrestible Force", from their 1996 (!) EP Sing, Earthboy, Sing!

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Going Mobile
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