A Quick Reference Guide to the Dual Credit Admissions Process For High School Students And Their Parents

1. Forms. Interested students must meet first with their high school counselor to determine eligibility. If eligible, the counselor will provide the student with a Dual Credit Admissions Packet. 2. Complete the packet and gather the required documents, including an official high school transcript. 3. Bring the packet and all documents to the high school counselor. Students at some high schools may also need to bring them to a Navarro College Registrar. 4. Testing. Take the Accuplacer or another TSI approved exam, unless the student has qualifying scores on the THEA, 11th Grade TAKS, SAT, or ACT Exam. 5. Register for classes. Some schools do all registration through the high school counselor’s office; other schools will require students to complete the process at a Navarro College Campus. a. Bring your Dual Credit Admissions Packet to the Dual Credit Coordinator’s office at Navarro College. b. Consult with a Navarro College Dual Credit Coordinator, who will help students complete course registration. 6. Financial Obligations. Students are responsible to pay for their tuition, fees, and books. a. Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. Tuition and fees are based on the student’s residence status and the number of hours taken.

b. Students taking a Dual Credit course at the high school campus during high school hours may or may not have to buy a text book, depending on the course and the agreement with the school district. Information about textbook availability will be provided by the instructor of the course. c. Students taking courses at one of the Navarro College Campus locations are responsible for purchasing the required books. 7. Dropping Courses. Students should consult with a counselor and review their options before deciding to withdraw from a course. It is the responsibility of the dual credit student to fully complete the drop process at both campuses. a. Students should first see the high school counselor and complete the drop process on the high school campus. This procedure is very important to be certain that the student will still meet high school graduation requirements. b. The student must also meet with the college counselor to complete the drop process for college records at the Navarro College campus. c. A student who does not officially drop a course will still be considered enrolled. This situation will result in the student receiving a failing grade which will become part of their permanent official college transcript. d. The refund policy and final drop dates are listed each semester in the course schedule. Withdrawing from a college course may also negatively affect future financial aid. 8. More Information Online. http://tinyurl.com/EllisDualCredit or follow the links at http://www.navarrocollege.edu/ to Locations>Waxahachie>Dual Credit.

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