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A music magazine is a magazine that focuses on music and other aspects of music such as music culture.

Main Image of a famous music singer/rapper who is in the public eye with his name clearly stated underneath.

It then gives a quote from inside the magazine of why Dizzee Rascal is on the front of the magazine and what is aim is, which is to spread joy around the world.

2. What content (text/copy/writing/articles/stories) would you expect to find in a music magazine? Inside the magazines youd expect to find articles about different music artists and bands and stories about them that had occurred that week, different genres will have different content.
Here you can see the contents page of NME magazine a famous music magazine with a list of famous artists with a brief explanation underneath of what they have been up to.

There is also a main article in the middle of the page that shows the story that the magazine obviously feels is the most important.

3. What images would you expect to find in a music magazine? You would expect to find images of famous music artists and bands and musical instruments that they play or pictures of the artists CDs.

Here is an image of a member of the band that is being wrote about, he is playing the guitar.

There is also an image of the lead singer of the band as he is an important member of the band.

4. Identify general characteristics/ Features that you would expect to find in all music magazines.

All the magazines have a masthead on the front page, which is big and bold and takes up roughly a quarter of the page. They also have a main image which is in the centre of the page and should be of an artist or band and should also be the right genre for the magazine. They also have coverlines which give the reader an insight as to what is in the magazine. Barcodes are on the magazine so that they can be sold.