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Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms

Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms

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Published by: johnpoulianakis on Nov 26, 2012
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Time. It is dependent on movement and yet different from it. Whereas movement shows diversity in
direction, time proceeds always and only in one direction. Time is known only in relation of before and
after like a movement in a straight line and at a uniform rate. It, thus, can be expressed only in a series of
continuous quantities (al-kamm al-muttasil, q.v.). Bodies are in time, not in their essence, but because they
are in movement and movement is in time. Time belongs to the category of the created beings, but it is
nowhere except in itself. So far as this world of ours is concerned it is measured and made known by the
movements of the heavenly bodies. See also dahr and sarmad.


The planet Venus or its sphere ( falak, q.v.); see also al-kawakib al-sayyarah.

zauj al-zauj

"Pair of pair": a number, say 64, which is continuously divisible by two till the dividend is one.

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