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WRT216 50sec

WRT216 50sec

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Published by Tyler Thorne

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Published by: Tyler Thorne on Dec 10, 2012
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1 VIDEO Tyler Thorne 50 sec tv ad WS: of BOB sitting at a table in a restaurant all alone. NARRATOR (V.O.

) Are you tried of your date standing you up? BOB Yes! NARRATOR (V.O.) Well then you need insta-date! MS: Bob BOB Whats that? NARRATOR (V.O.) Dont know what insta-date is? Let me tell you. Quick cut to scene with Bob and JENNY talking to each other. Once the voice over is done they hug and say goodbye. Quick cut to Bob at a resturaunt. Bob puts his hands to his face to rest his head on. MS: Bob has an idea and smiles. NARRATOR (V.O.) Say there is a girl that you like, and you finally get the courage to ask her out. NARRATOR (V.O.) You get to the resturaunt and she has left you high and dry. NARRATOR (V.O.) But dont worry my good friend there is a soultion. NARRATOR (V.O.) Insta-date to the rescue! NARRATOR (V.O.) Just press the button and POW! Instantly there is a nice date right in front of you. You are going to love insta-date. BOB Thanks insta-date. AUDIO

CU:Bob’s face

CU:Insta-date being pulled out of his pocket. MS: Bob presses the button. Quick cut to Bob’s new date (piece fo fruit). Quick cut to Bob smiling.

2 VIDEO Quick cut to product information with pricing and the telephone number to call. AUDIO NARRATOR (V.O.) (very fast) Product is still in testing and you should consult your doctor before use. Common side effects include but are not limited to over eating, and a feeling of satisfaction. Try insta-date today!

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